Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Around the dog blog-o-sphere!

We are always finding fantabulous stuff visiting our dog blogging friends. Here's some cool stuff we found this week:

I so want to do this! Course-a-lure. Here's our friend Chase trying it out the first time. I am soooooo envious!

Check out this new game, we're going to try. Guess others know about this game, but we didn't! From our new friends at Resq Tails.

Our good friends at Fetch Dog have a great vid posted the other day. This one is Puppy's first swim - above and under water. You sure can see how great swimming is as exercise...Check it out!

If you're pup chows down on TimberWolf Organics - this is a must see. Some pups are getting sick and certain varieties are being pulled from shelves.

Seattle pups need to check out this site - it's all Seattle Dogs, all the time!

Oh no, I got off the front page of Best Animal Bloggers at the Blogger's Choice Awards - those darn cats are beating me!!! If you have a chance, I would surely appreciate it if you could head on over and vote for me and get me back on the front page!!!! (You'll need to register, but I've never received any spam from my registration).

Be sure and run over to Wire Wise and enter the 2008 Summer Dogs With Blogs Paw-Limpics! It's a photo contest to promote global peace and friendship! You can bet you'll see me entered in a few events! Hurry the contest ends July 31st!

Curious Animals is a blog we love to visit. Check out this pic - a Giraffe and Squirrel in love!

I love discovering new dog blogs - here's a new one we found - Fanny's Clicker Dog Blog. They focus on clicker training with dog sports, they do tricks like us, and they are currently working on running contacts using a plank. Interesting...

With the weather beginning to become unbearable, be sure and check out these articles on heat stroke prevention and treatment for dogs - here, here, here and here! And if you can, spread the word about keeping cool dogs out of hot cars with your local media!


  1. Wow! What a feast of information this post was! I've got a new game to play and two great new blogs to keep an eye on. By the way, the lure chasing video doesn't seem to be available. I was keen to see it. I assume it what we call 'lure coursing' here - a machine runs a plastic bag around a field and the dogs chase it. Fabulous fun for them.

  2. By the way, went over to vote for you and it said I'd already voted. But that was ages ago!

  3. I loved the Course-a-lure video. My little Jack Russell got to do a course like this last year. It was a blast to watch live and now on video. Thanks for all the great info.


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