Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hiking over the weekend!

Last Sunday we took the opportunity to enjoy the pawsome weather we've been having here to take in a nice hike up the ridge again. Instead of going up the ridge where we went the previous weekend, we decided to go up the ridge on the other side of the property and explore up there.

Here's a bit of our walk on the trail on our way there. Just some awesome views this time of year and lots and lots of leaf crunching, BOL!

We got off the trail on the other side of the property and climbed up and up and up. We made it up to about the same height as we did the past weekend, and found some rocks that form a long ridge line up the mountain, just on the other side of the property. Pretty cool just like last week.

Gracie wants to know if this pic makes her nose look big, BOL!

This time we stayed up on the rocks for a while, just hanging out, enjoying the peace and quiet. Then it was time to make our way down. This is a more dense part of the woods, so there were lots of sticker bushes and Mum got some scratches. Lot and lots of downed trees in this area too, we went under, but Mum had to go over. Lots of squirrels everywhere I had to bark at and look out for. I think they have some kind of document management system with each other to alert them I'm coming, they taunt me so!

On our way down the ridge Mum stepped in a couple of really deep (well when you're walking they seem deep) holes and fell a couple of times. She didn't think anything of it until the next morning when her back was sore. Now it's Tuesday and she's feeling better. Good thing because we're doing USDAA this Friday and Sunday, she has to be able to run me speedy butt! Duh!!! So I'm taking good care of her.

Lots of storm rolled through here yesterday. It's so weird to see 50 foot trees swaying in the strong wind. The trees around her are sooooo tall! We walked in the pasture yesterday afternoon. Definitely a day to watch for falling limbs.

Other than yesterday, the weather here has been amazing, in the 70s and sunny, dry for days. We're hoping in a couple of weeks that we're going to venture out to some neighboring national parks and do some exploring!

Hope you're having a great week!

Enter to win a free agility course!

Our good friends at AffordableAgility have a cool contest going on! If you get Clean Run Magazine you probably saw it.

Here are the details:

Click here and go to their website and enter for a chance to win a free 19-Piece Agility Course including 6-weaves, tunnel, some jumps and lots more. Looks like a great way to get started with agility, or add to your present course equipment (if you win of course)!

Drawing for the prize will be held in February 2011, available to US and Canadian residents only. Go get your dibs in early!


Mum, Gracie and I have been spotting a couple of deer around here lately. We'll come up on them during our hikes up the ridge, or grazing in the pasture. But they always seem to run off before Mum can get a decent pic.

The other day Mum went out on the back porch and she saw one run down the small hill near our cabin, dang no camera! So she went inside to get the camera, because they always seem to travel in pairs here, and she hadn't seen the other one yet. Just as she stepped out again on the porch she saw the other one looking at her up the hill from our cabin. (You've got to click the pic to get the full effect).

Finally she got a pic, not a good one, but a pic nonetheless! This one is a beauty, we think she's the same deer that we got a long distance pic of early this spring. The other one she saw earlier this morning was the baby, all grown up! No need for natural male enhancement with this baby, cause she's a girl!, BOL!

We're still trying to get a better pic. Nice thing is there isn't any hunting on our property, no guns allowed. But we are still going to pick up some orange vests for us on our next trip into town!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Enjoying chicken feet!

You remember that we talked about the great organic farm where we've been getting chicken necks, backs, breasts and feet, right?

We'll Mum finally got out the video to show you me eating one of the chicken feet.

Ok, ok, they are funny to look at and some of you may be going eeeewwww!!! But I have to tell you I am in love!!!

Many say they are a super source of natural unprocessed glucosamine and chondroitin which would be great for me and DOG knows I need that :)

Gracie and I have races eating them. Dang she always beats me, but she's got a big mouth, never needs those diet weight loss pills 'cause she eats so fast, it would never have time to stick, BOL!

We have to say, they pass the Johann test, fur sure! So here I am eating and crunching away...sorry for the dark quality of the vid, it's hard to find good light in the cabin sometimes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dog Olympic Games!

The Dog Olympic Games were held in Lignano Italy this week (October 15-17) and included Agility, Disc Dog, Dog Dance, FlyBall, Dog Mobility, Swimming, Water Retriever, Obedience, Nature Testing and Rally Obedience.

The games are an International festival of dog sport and culture, where the main purpose is to participate rather than to win. Competitions were held on Friday and Saturday while the finals were held on Sunday.

Here are a few vids from the event!

Some Disc Dog - Tomaz Subic & Casper - Final Medium:

Winner in Agility Medium - Martina Klimešová & Kiki:

Di Censo Ludi & Falco in the Tunnel Cup Final:

Michele e Zeus - 1st place Specialty Carry Elite:

Looks like it was a fun few days! Lots of activities, lots of competition. Looks like the best weight loss supplement to me, BOL!

And special thanks to MemoDogBlog for reporting on the event!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The SquidPaws contest!

Hey! You know that Squidoo Lens that I built last week, "A Day in the Life of Johann: An Agility Dog Living in the Mountains of Tennessee"?

We got a little surprise yesterday that it was selected as one of the 13 finalists in the SquidPaws Dog Day Afternoon Quest!

The prize for winning the contest is a $25 gift certificate from FetchDog, one of the companies that we are an affiliate. The winner is determined by the number of 'likes' to the page at the end of the contest, which is October 20, that's tomorrow!

So we had this big idea last night!

If we win, we'll donate the gift certificate to one of your favorite dog rescue/shelter charities! They could use it to buy a few things for the pups, or they could use it for a drawing to help raise needed funds, buy some office furniture, or however they need to help the pups!

So here's how to enter! Just leave a comment in this blog post, with your email address and tell us a little about your shelter/rescue. (You can send your email addy to me (click on the email link on the right sidebar), if you are shy, but don't furget to leave a comment). Deadline is midnight tomorrow night. We'll draw a winner from those leaving comments on Thursday of this week!

If you'd like you can also head on over to my Squidoo Lens and press the 'like' button in the upper left hand corner of the lens. (Note: you have to have an Squidoo account to like a page, but it's super easy to sign up. If you aren't registered and click on the 'like' button it will prompt you to register. And who knows, maybe you'd like to make a SquidPaws Lens for your pup, it's fun!).

So get cracking, BOL!!!

Note: We don't know exactly how we will receive the gift certificate if we win, if it's exclusively made out to us or just a generic gift certificate. But be assured if we win, we'll either get the gift certificate and pass it on to the shelter/rescue of our winner, or we'll figure out another way to get it to them. Oh, and your shelter has to have a 501(c)3 non-profit designation, k?

Me again!

Mum's been playing with our new camera again...

The other day we got up and it was 65 degrees in the cabin, kinda chilly from what we've been used to on those 90 degree days!

The nice thing is it's warming up nicely later in the day, in the 70's to almost 80's. Just the best weather ever for walking around the pasture or hiking up the ridge! No need to check the Stove Pipe on the fireplace, BOL, we don't even need it yet!

This chilly morning, I took a nice warm spot in the sun puddle of the office. Ahhhhh....feels good! Kinda got that zen thing going, contemplating the meaning of life...

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Squidoo Lenses!

Mum made a couple of new Squidoo lenses last week and we wanted to share them with you!

Earlier this year when we were doing a photo shoot for the Rescue Dog Photo Book that's being shipped this week (can't wait to get it!), Mum was looking around the room where the shoot was and found a skateboard. She's always wanted to teach me to ride on a skateboard, so while we were waiting for the photographer to set up, she taught me how to ride it! Dang was it fun!

So we created this lens, "How to teach your dog to ride and have fun on a skateboard!" to tell you all about how Mum taught me!

Then, we saw that Squidoo was having a little contest with their new SquidPaw theme templates. The contest runs this week and if you win you get a cool gift certificate from Fetch Dog, one of our affiliates.

So Mum and I created "A day in the life of Johann: An Agility Dog Living in the Mountains of Tennessee" in the SquidPaws theme and submitted it to the contest. It was super fun sharing our story about why we moved her, and how much fun we are having and how much Mum is using it as the best fat burner, BOL!

We also shared lots of new photos on the lens too, and gave a pretty good account of what a typical day is like for me.

Hope you'll check 'em out! And if you get a chance visit all my lenses!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New favorite photos!

Mum took this photo of Gracie the other day with our Blackberry. It's become one of her new favorites!

The BB doesn't take the best quality photos, they get kind of pixelated. But the neat thing is that they give off that oil painting kind of look that Mum loves sometimes!

And here's Mum's new favorite photo of me, me me!!!

She took this one with our new little point and shoot, in our office. The sun was shinning in on me and she just thought I looked so calm and sweet (so unlike me, BOL!). She did just a bit of photoshop on it to get the window out in the upper hand corner.

Click the photos to bigify for the full effect.

We've been taking a whole lot of photos with our BB and our new point and shoot. Pretty soon we're gonna need a flash drive and a new 1T external drive to keep all these photos on, BOL!

Lots of fall color starting to pop out for more photos coming soon. The mountains in fall color are just amazing!

Tree frog!

Look what Mum found on our back door the other night!

It's a Green Tree Frog, also known as hyla cinerea. We think this guy (or gal?) was a youngin' because he was only about an inch long or so in the body and his feet were very bright. After they are full grown, they are just a tad bit bigger and their feet aren't quite as fluorescent.

We found a cool website to help us identify all kinds of frogs in Tennessee. You can even listen to the sounds they make through the .wav files. Here's the sound of the Green Tree Frog. Very cool!

Not too long ago, we were walking the pasture when this little 'thing' took a hop right in front of me. At first Mum thought I stepped on a piece of bark, but then we saw it hop was a Southern Cricket Frog. Here's the photo example, courtesy of Walter W. Knapp, on the State of Tennessee frog site.

During the heat of summer we would hear a chorus of frogs singing throughout the night, along with the crickets and the Cicadas.

Friday, October 15, 2010


This has been all over the Internets, but still I had to share! 'Cause you know how much I love tricks!

This "White Knuckles" video from the group OK GO is just amazing. They are known for their super fun videos...we actually came across their Here it Goes Again video a couple of years ago when we were writing up our "How to Teach your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill" Squidoo lens, 'cause they do this dance on treadmills, BOL.

The first time we saw their new video we were amazed. But after learning more about the video we were even more amazed. This video was shot in one take, after 124 takes it was take number 72 that was the keeper. The dogs were trained and directed through the folks at Talented Animals in CA. You can read all about the making of the video on their blog, it's a very interesting read.

The other cool thing, but certainly not amazing to me, is most of the dogs are rescues, just like me and Gracie! So here's the video...

Just this week this video surfaced of outtakes from the making of the video. So you can really get a sense of what a challenge it all was to make the original, because they make the final video look so simple, fun, entertaining and seemless. No exit signs for these guys, they are keepers!

And one more can watch the full take, #72, here in raw form!

OK GO is donating the net proceeds of the sales of their video from their website to the ASPCA. They have specifically earmarked a fund to support rural, volunteer-run animal shelters in America, just like the Southside Animal Shelter where I came from.

You can buy the video at whichever price you like starting at $2, and you can buy it as many times as you like...the profits are going to save animals!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some more fun hiking...

Had to tell you about our latest big hike. Since it's gotten cooler, the ticks and chiggers have magically disappeared and it's a whole lot more fun hiking for us.

We went on a long hike last weekend and got to go off trail. Going off trail means we are climbing the mountain pretty much, weaving in and out of trees and brush, climbing and climbing, and making sure we don't step in any big holes, or fall down any ravines. Mum's been really proud of both of us as we're getting really good at the 'this way' command she taught both of us.

That means that we have to go on the side of the tree that she's on, instead of going on the other side of the tree and get our leashes all tangled up. I've had it down pat for a while, but Gracie really had to learn it this year, and she's getting really good at it too.

We hiked up the mountain to the top of the first main ridge, which was so cool! We hadn't been there before and found that it was mostly rock at the top. Looking beyond and further up the mountain, it was a lot more woods, just going up and up and up!

Once we got up here we just hung out for a while, listening to all the wild life and the absence of sound too. After we had been out for about 1.5 hours, Mum thought it was time for us to start heading back. It's difficult to go straight down, like we came up because it's so steep, so Mum had to plan out how to get back by going down and sideways. So she turned on the GPS on our BlackBerry got out the compass and figured out a way.

She did pretty well, 'cause we ended up at the furtherest end of the trail we usually walk, going toward the ponds. We ended up walking for about 2.5 hours, and Gracie and I were still raring to go! Mum just wanted to put on some ugg boots, and kick back with some pizza!

So much fun. Can't wait to see what hike we do next!

Poor Skunk!

We headed out on our walk the other morning, got through the pasture and headed near the road where I like to walk the rails. On our way there, we started smelling this weird smell. Mum knew what that smell was, but I hadn't had the privilege of smelling it before.

You guessed it, skunk!

Had to look around for a bit to see where the smell was coming from, then I found it. Poor guy got hit smack dab in the middle of the road. He's sure gonna need a free directory submission for anyone to remember him now. Must have gone pretty quick, cause he didn't let out the big skunk smell, like Mum has smelled before.

Later in the afternoon, of course Gracie and I pulled, and pulled to check on the poor little guy...well, he was only half there now, guess who got him?

You guessed it again, vultures! Here's one of them flying over near us. Those birds are the biggest birds I've ever seen, and we got pretty close to a couple of them. They weren't scared of my barks at all, bold they are!

Of course all I wanted to do was herd them, even though they were bigger than me!

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's time for Cynosport!

The 2010 Cynosport® World Games will be held this week at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center in Louisville, Kentucky, October 12 - 17, 2010.

The event will feature the national USDAA Dog Agility Championships with competitors vying for top dog in the Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championships, the $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase® and SplashDogs® Super Vertical, Lap Dog and Pro/Extreme.

The Cynosport® World Games also feature many pet-related vendors and other exciting dog
sports like dock jumping and lure coursing where you can get some "paws-on" experience with your own dog.


Tuesday, October 12 app. 3:00 PM

Dog Agility European Standard

Wednesday, October 13 9:00 am–5:00 pm

USDAA® Dog Agility (multiple rings)

Thursday, October 14 9:00 am–5:00 pm
USDAA® Dog Agility (multiple rings)
  • Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Team Preliminary Rounds
SplashDogs® (3 waves) & Super Vertical Qualifying

Friday, October 15 9:00 am–5:00 pm

USDAA® Dog Agility
  • Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Team Preliminary Rounds
  • 6:30–8:00 pm
    • USDAA® Dog Agility Championships Finals
    • Performance Grand Prix Championship Finals
SplashDogs® (3 waves) & Super Vertical Qualifying

Saturday, October 16 9:00 am–5:00 pm

USDAA® Dog Agility
  • USDAA® Dog Agility throughout the day
  • 6:00–9:00 pm
    • Junior Handler Showcase
    • USDAA® $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase®
    • Performance Speed Jumping National Finals
SplashDogs® (3 waves) & Super Vertical Finals

Sunday, October 17

USDAA® Dog Agility 9:00 am–4:00 pm
  • Dog Agility Masters® International Three-Dog Team Finals
  • Performance Versatility Pairs Finals
  • Veterans Showcase
  • Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Finals
  • Junior Handler Final - 11:00AM
  • Lap Dog Final - 11:30AM
  • Splash Division Final - 12:00PM
  • Junior Division Final - 12:30PM
  • Senior Division Final - 1:00PM
  • Pro/Extreme Division Final - 1:30PM
Each day:

Vendors/Exhibits Trade Fair - get that barcode scanner ready for some great shopping!
Activities & Demos that you and your dog can participate in include:
  • Course-a-Lure
  • Doggie Do-Right
  • Dock Jumping
Times and Admission Fees:
Tickets are available at the gate or at, doors open at 9:00 AM.

Important links:
UPDATE on live streaming: Live streaming is scheduled to begin tomorrow (Saturday). Streaming will be done through (, rather than on the USDAA website. A live stream only deal costs $16.95, and $19.95 for the Finals events on demand for two months (VOD will begin up to three days after the event, but may appear sooner). In addition, the on-demand package includes a discount for the future purchase of a DVD of the event. Click the link for more info.

We'll update this post with more info and results as they come in.


Tuesday, October 11
European Standard - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Zip/I. White, 2nd Crackers/A. Mueller, 3rd Mambo/C. Gibson
16" - 1st Luka/A. Deacon, 2nd Taser/J. Pinder, 3rd Funky Monkee/K. McCann
22" - 1st Ace/K. Kirkpatrick, 2nd Ting/E. Lynch, 3rd Jester/D. Peel
26" - 1st Renny/B. McKnight, 2nd Maze/S. Peardot, 3rd Tirade/T. Brown

European Standard Performance - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Eve/J. Julyan, 2nd Morgan/D. Brown, 3rd Winn/C. Mosley
12" - 1st Neil/J. Meyer, 2nd Tori/B. Rogers, 3 Sydney/B. Bicksley
16" - 1st Kiba/R. Demascio, 2nd Kona/D. Wilkins, 3rd Tango/J. Simon
22" - 1st Derby/H. Kaluza, 2nd Kestrel/C. Bates, 3rd Scorch/J. Eizember

Wednesday, October 12
Team Gamblers - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Winnie/D. Paul, 2nd Tommy/M. Foster, 3rd Flip/S. Birdsal
16" - 1st Rush/J. Nyes, 2nd Gator/J. Rohling, 3rd Austin, K. Wells
22" - 1st Ares/S. Mah2nd Ronan, J. Gerhard 3rd Core/Y. Kato
26" - 1st Xtreme/J. Crank, 2nd Seri/R DeMascio, 3rd Jett/C Mrakovich

Performance Gamblers - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Panda Bear/L. Womer, 2nd Java/D. Savo, 3rd Winn/C. Mosley
12" - 1st Sparkle/P. Gagnon, 2nd Skye/L. Michael, 3rd Bucky/G. McMonagle
16" - 1st Remy/T. Smorch, 2nd Tango/J. Simon, 3rd Cressa/D. Thomas
22" - 1st Fable/R. Sanders, 2nd Jive/C. Jones, 3rd Ski/A. Andrle

Veterans Gamblers - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Splash/S. Crank, 2nd Candy/M Weintraub
12" - 1st Cody/J. Ault, 2nd Rocko/C. Hess
16" - 1st Nova/M. Skelton, 2nd Lucy/S. Scariot, 3rd Reilly/C Dyer

Grand Prix Performance Quarterfinals- Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Ruby/V. Besthof, 2nd Otterpop/L Hartwick, 3rd Winn/C. Mosley
12" - 1st Skye/L. Michael, 2nd Bruce/L. Fearn 3rd Neil/J. Meyer
16" - 1st Tango/J. Simon, 2nd Cajun/B. Pinder, 3rd Chassis/A Montagano
22" - 1st Scorch/J Eizember, 2nd Ivie/E Hurt, 3rd Fantom/S Davis

Thursday, October 14
Team Standard - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Crackers/A. Mueller, 2nd Letti/S. Permann, 3rd Devo/T. Smorch
16" - 1st Funkee Monkee/K. McCann, 2nd Rush/J. Nys, 3rd Taser/J. Pinder
22" - 1st Verve/C. William, 2nd Rumble/J. Hutchin, 3rd Maizy/M. Barry
26" - 1st Feature/S. Garrett, 2nd Whip/S. Tovino, 3rd Yankee/O. Chaiko

PV Standard - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Eve/J. Julyan, 2nd Tobi/D. Paul, 3rd Lexi/B. Carlson
12" - 1st Ice/K. Holik, 2nd Spec/J. Lavalley, 3rd Neil/J. Meyer
16" - 1st Beacon/K. Oilschlager, 2nd Kiba/R. DeMascio, 3rd Juice/M. Topps
22" - 1st Jive/C. Jones, 2nd Ivie/E. Hurt, 3rd Riggs/E. Armstrong,

Steeplechase Quarterfinals - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Flip/S. Birdsal, 2nd Ghost/C. Conaste, 3rd Letti/S. Permann
16" - 1st Riot/K. Gaydos, 2nd Breeze/A. Stocum, 3rd Moxie/J. Schor
22" - 1st Gina/T. Humphrey, 2nd Rise/T. Cesarek, 3rd Zella/L. Mitchel
26" - 1st Dewley/P. Drom, 2nd Tony/G. Baker & War/K. Seiter (tie) 4th Streak/J. Ajoux

Grand Prix Performance Semifinals - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Eve/J. Julyan, 2nd Morgan/D. Brown, 3rd Toby/D. Paul
12" - 1st Rock-It/B. Davis, 2nd Sierra/L. Fearn, 3rd Neil/J. Meyer
16" - 1st Tango/J. Simon, 2nd Kiba/R. DeMasci0, 3rd Juice/M. Topps
22" - 1st Jive/C. Jones, 2nd True/J. Denerea, 3rd Josh/A. Koenig

Veteran Standard - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Splash/S. Crank
12" - 1st Rocko/C. Hess
16" - 1st Lucy/S. Scariot, 2nd Nova/S. Scariot, 3rd Ally/S. Jossely

Friday, October 15
Grand Prix Quarter Finals - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Devo/T. Smorch, 2nd Rufus/S. Scariot, 3rd Kimi/N. Wei
16" - 1st Sizzle/K. Holik, 2nd Tag/J. Prekop, 3rd Gator/J. Rohling
22" - 1st Diva/B. Boyette, 2nd Perk/G. Baker, 3rd Sonic/T. Arnold
26" - 1st Feature/S. Garrett 2nd Robbie/A. Canova, 3rd Stinger/D. Snellem

Team Snooker - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Tommy/M. Foster, 2nd Matthew/K. Gaydos, 3rd Duncan/A. Benacquisto
16" - 1st Sizzle/K. Holik, 2nd Blaster/J. Crank, 3rd Hemi/E. Evans
22" - 1st Zing/J. Eizember, 2nd Kara/F. Ferraiu, 3rd Opal/J. Kolva
26" - 1st Cisco/R. King, 2nd Feature/S. Garrett, 3rd Presto/T. Smorch

Veterans Snooker - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Candy/M. Weintraub, 2nd Splash/S. Crank, 3rd Chapps/C. Barker
12" - 1st Lacey/A. Stocum, 2nd Zuma/J. Tice, 3rd Cody/J. Ault
16" - 1st Reilly/C. Dyer, 2nd Ally/S. Jossely, 3rd Spider/J. Gerhard

PVP Snooker - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st 2nd Toby/D Paul, Piper/A Brawner, 3rd Judy/A McLean
12" - 1st Neil/J. Meyer, 2nd Splash/T. Stone, 3rd Rocky/S. Moon
16" - 1st Juice/M. Topps, 2nd Roxy/C. Schmidt, 3rd Maya/C. McClain
22" - 1st Cali/S. Kraus, 2nd Kestrel/C. Bates, 3rd Ganesha/R. Thorpe

Steeplechase Semi Finals - Course - Full Results
26" - 1st Robbie/A. Canova, 2nd Feature/S. Garrett 3rd Solar/D. Peel
22" - 1st Zing/J. Eizember, 2nd Steeple/K. Terrill, 3rd Maizy/M. Barry
16" - 1st Funky Monkee/K. McCann 2nd Favor/L. Orton-Hill, 3rd Luka/A. Deacon
12" - 1st Masher/D. Fox, 2nd Flip/S. Birdsal, 3rd Tantrum/J. Dunn

Performance Grand Prix Finals - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Eve/J. Julyan, 2nd Morgan/D. Brown, 3rd Tobi/D. Paul
12" - 1st Rock-It/B. Davis, 2nd Neil/J. Meyer, 3rd Sierra/L. Fearn
16" - 1st Tango/J. Simon, 2nd Juice/M. Topps, 3rd Kiba/R. DeMasci0
22" - 1st Josh/A. Koenig, 2nd Jive/C. Jones, 3rd/Ski/A. Andrle

Performance Speed Jumping Semifinal - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Eve/J. Julyan, 2nd Toby/D. Paul, 3rd Saige/D. Sims
12" - 1st Neil/J Myer, 2nd Ice/ K. Holik, 3rd Spec/J. LaValley
16" - 1st Kiba/R DeMasci0 2nd Smart As/P. Hope 3rd Sketcher/M. Caron
22" - 1st Jive/C. Jones, 2nd Scorch/J. Eizember, 3rd Derby/H. Kaluza

Saturday, October 16th

Team Jumpers - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Tantrum/J. Dunn, 2nd Flip/S. Birdsall, 3rd Kona/M. Padgett
16" - 1st Taser/J. Pinder, 2nd Rush/J. Nyes, 3rd Funkee Monkee/K. McCann
22" - 1st Wally/S Peardot, 2nd Zack/L Mitchell, 3rd Crush/M. King
26" - 1st Feature/S. Garrett, 2nd Scream/A. Braue, 3rd Solar/D. Peel

PVP Jumpers - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Eve/J. Julyan, 2nd Lexi/B. Carlson, 3rd Tobi/D. Paul
12" - 1st Sierra/L. Fearn, 2nd Sparkle/P. Gagnon, 3rd Chase/D. McBride
16" - 1st Juice/M. Topps, 2nd Tango/J. Simon, 3rd Pilot/N. Lauerman
22" - 1st Skillett/ K. James, 2nd Zippity/A. Greiner, 3rd Fable/R. Sanders

Veterans Jumpers - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Splash/S. Crank
12" - 1st Rocko/C. Hess
16" - 1st Nova/M. Skelton

Grand Prix Semifinals - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Tantrum/J. Dunn, 2nd Masher/D. Fox, 3rd Devo/T. Smorch
16" - 1st Funkee Monkee/K. McCann, 2nd Smitten/M. Miller, 3rd Dylan/A. Benacquisto
22" - 1st Zack/L Mitchell, 2nd Encore/S. Garrett, 3rd Verve/C. William
26" - 1st Solar/D. Peel, 2nd Presto/T. Smorch, 3rd Scream/A. Braue

Performance Speed Jumping Finals - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st Eve/J. Julyan, 2nd Furby/K. Wilson, 3rd Ruby/V. Besthoff
12" - 1st Neil/J. Meyer, 2nd Skye/L. Michael, 3rd Sparkle/P. Gagnon
16" - 1st Juice/M. Topps, 2nd Driven/K. Moureaux, 3rd Kit Kat/L. Vojtech
22" - 1st Kestrel/C. Bates, 2nd Derby/H. Kaluza, 3rd Jive/C. Jones

Steeplechase Finals - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Masher/D. Fox, 2nd Tommy/M. Foster, 3rd Kona/M. Padgett
16" - 1st Luka/A. Deacon, 2nd Funkee Monkee/K. McCann, 3rd Rush/J. Nyes
22" - 1st Zack/L. Mitchell, 2nd Steeple/K. Terrill, 3rd Maizy/M. Barry
26" - 1st Feature/S. Garrett, 2nd Scream/A. Braue, 3rd Icon/C. Fosty

Sunday, October 17th
1st - Sizzlin Screamin Rushin; Sizzle/K. Holik, Rush/J. Nyes, Scream/A. Braue
2nd - No Recess for Feature & Presto; Recess/K. Cullen, Feature/S. Garrett, Presto/T Smorch
3rd - Running in the Right Direction; Xtreme/J. Crank, Wonder/L. Mecklenburg, Finesse/L. Kucharski

Performance Versatility Pairs Final - Course - Running Order - Full Results
1st - Seller Power!; Juice/M. Topps, Stellar/L. Mecklenburg
2nd Remy can Tango; Remy/T. Smorch, Tango/J. Simon
3rd - Kiba Driven; Kiba/R. Demascio, Driven/K. Moureaux

Performance/Veterans Rekoons (Backward Snooker) - Course - Full Results
8" - 1st - Boomer/K. Bowden, 2nd Harley/M. Reznits, 3rd Apple/M. Friedman
12" - 1st Ty/M. Foster, 2nd Dodge/E. Blanchard, 3rd Pekoe/T. Pryce
16" - 1st Reagan/C. Dyer, 2nd Demo/E. Blanchard, 3rd Reilly/C. Dyer
22" - 1st Fable/R. Sanders, 2nd Riggs/E. Armstrong, 3rd Keegan/L. Elkins

Rekoons (Backward Snooker) - Course - Full Results
12" - 1st Giordo/R. Newman, 2nd Crackers/A. Mueller, 3rd Tiki/M. Plinck
16" - 1st Hemi/E. Evans, 2nd Rodeo/J. Thomas, 3rd Krusher/S. Bols
22" - 1st Maizy/M. Berry, 2nd E-Z/M. Berry, 3rd Rio/T. Salmon
26" - 1st Stuie/R. Sanders, 2nd Rayz'R/M. Sloat, 3rd Dylan/D. Proe

Veterans Showcase - Course - Running Order

Dog Agility Masters Three-Dog Team Finals - Full Results
1st - No Recess for Feature & Presto; Recess/K. Cullen, Feature/S. Garrett, Presto/T Smorch
2nd - Sugar Skulls; Pilot/T. Hirsch, Rowdy/C. Hornor, Molly/B. McKnight
3rd - Sable Sensations; Siesta/B. Bicksler, Winnie/D. Paul, Reese/D. Sims

Performance Versatility Team Finals - Full Results
1st - Slick Skillett; Slick/L. Bowers, Skillett/K. James
2nd - Stellar Power; Steller/L. Mecklenburg; Juice/M. Topps
3rd - Bomb Proof; Skid/A. Anderson, Cassie/D. Besche

Veterans Team Finals - Full Results
1st - Reilly with Chris Dyer
2nd - Nova with Meagan Skelton
3rd - Lucy with Susan Scariot

Grand Prix Finals - Course - Running Order - Full Results

12"- 1st Masher/D. Fox, 2nd Tantrum/J. Dunn, 3rd Zip/I. White
16"- 1st Taser/J. Pinder, 2nd Dylan/A. Benequisto, 3rd Rush/ J. Nyes
22" - 1st Encore/S. Garrett, 2nd Drifter/R. Demascio, 3rd Maizy/M. Berry
26" - 1st Solar/D. Peel, 2nd Wonder/L. Mecklenburg, 3rd Presto/T. Smorch

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Videos - YouTube Channels

Rob Michalski (largest variety and selection of vids, including winning championship vids)


Karen Moureaux - Dog Sport Photos

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Our trip to UT!

Wanted to update you on our trip to UT a week or so ago.

My first run of the trial was so pawsome, but after that first run I started refusing jumps and not bouncing in my weaves like I do when I'm feeling good. So Mum wanted to get me checked out.

We headed up to Knoxville Monday last arriving at about 9:00 AM. Rainy day, actually lots of downpours. And around these mountains lots of run off that was kind of a knuckle biter for Mum. But we got there safe and sound, just in time for my appointment.

Dr. D got me up on the table and started by listening to my heart...I think she listened for over five minutes! Got Mum kind of worried, but she assured us she was just be very thorough.

Then she started poking on me...she checked my toes, my paws, my leg joints and muscles. Then she started from my head and poked on me all the way down the the tip of my tail.

After poking on me for over an hour, she asked Mum to show her our warm up and cool down routine that we go through before extreme exercise, like running agility. Mum went through my warm up; everything from my trotting, to jogging, to begs, downs, sits, begs to stands, spins (left and right) and then more jogging. Mum also went through my cookie stretches (nose to hip) and my putting my front paws on her legs to stretch out. She really liked our warm up routine and said it was exactly what she would do (all designed to warm up the muscles and get the blood flowing, but no passive (or forced) stretching.

Then she had Mum go through our cool down routine, which consists of walking and trotting after a run until our heartbeats and breathing are back to normal rates. Then Mum takes me back to my crate for a little rub down. She rubs my spine in quick front to back strokes, rubs my neck in circular motion, has me do some of my warm up routine, and then has me lay on my side and has me stretch out my back legs, while gently rubbing my thighs and massaging my back muscles on either side of my spine. And stretching out my front legs as well. Then she ends with a good overall down the spine rub and some raindrop finger movement over the larger muscle groups. Then has me walk around a little more. When we get home I get an overall relaxing massage. She liked this cool down routine too, but....

During the full exam, Dr. D found that the muscles that attach to my hip, the middle gluteals, on my lower back were super tight and knotted. She gave me a chiro adjustment in my neck, which made me yip, then adjusted my back, which felt really good.

Then she spent over 45 minutes teaching Mum some new massage techniques that will help
work out those muscle knots in my mid gluts, to add to all the other massage techniques that Mum has been using on me over the years. She was very, very specific about how Mum should do these new techniques, and Mum had to show off what she learned on Dr. D and then on me, like a test, BOL! BTW she passed :)

So we've been working the massaging a lot over the past week, and I have to say that I'm feeling better. I'm standing a lot straighter (top line) and the knots are beginning to subside a bit. Although Mum is noticing that they become more prominent after our long hikes, and she has to work on me longer after those.

Guess time will tell if all this is working, so Mum is looking into a USDAA trial in late October for us to get in some Snooker and Gambler runs. She doesn't want to overdue me with five or so runs a day, so we'll just enter a couple of runs, and those are the Q's I need for my ADCH.

Mum talked with Dr. D about where we've been practicing, even though we haven't gone since the trial. The place where we practice has rubber stall mat flooring, which is pretty slippery. Dr. D and Mum talked about practice, and both decided that the only way I can practice there if is I run straight, no turning allowed. So we're not sure yet what we're gonna do about practice now.

The best part was that Dr. D said that I can certainly get over this lower back (which affects my iliopsoas) tightness with concentrated effort...and in no way should Mum limit me once we get the tightness out. So the good news is that the prognosis is pawsome! And Dr. D says I have a long agility career ahead of me! Woot!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Championships Results from this past weekend!

This past weekend were the finals of the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge at Purina Farms in Missouri.

Dogs qualifying in the Eastern and Western regionals held earlier this year, competed for top IDC dogs in agility, disc dog, 30 pole weave up and back challenge, Jack Russell Hurdle Races, and dock diving. You can see all the info and results here.

Set your DVRs to tune in to NBC on Saturday, January 15th, 2011 at 3:30pm EST to see all the action from the National Finals event. (NBC needs some thank you cards for airing the event, great exposure for dog sports! Woofs!).

Here are the Final Results:

30 Weave Up And Back
1st - Joker & Amber Abbott
2nd - Rumba & Chris Libs
3rd - Teak & Ken Fairchild

Large Dog Agility
1st - Rumba & Chris Libs
2nd - Artemis Terra & Catherine LeCours
3rd - Phoenix & Wendy Alexander

Small Dog Agility
1st - Slider & Kim Simons
2nd - Rogue & Stephen Carazo
3rd - Jacques & Hope Hillabrand

Diving Dog
1st - Jordan & Sean McCarthy
2nd - VB & Lise Ann Strum
3rd - Smoke & Melissa Ness

Freestyle Flying Disc
1st - Shack & Shunsuke Hirai
2nd - Soaring Sienna & Preston Dean
3rd - Diva & Donna Schoech

Jack Russell Hurdle Racing
1st - Huntmoor Diamond & Joy Owens
2nd - Cruise & Nanette Chernick
3rd - Maverick & Jason and Lorri Jones

This is Preston Dean and Soaring Sienna, the second place finishers in the Disc Dog competition:

And this is Shaun and Shack the first place finishers in Disc Dog:

More Disc Dog videos here. We'll keep an eye out for dock diving, hurdle races, agility videos and post if we find them.

Here's info on how to enter next year's regional events.

It's almost Halloween time!

It's almost time for Halloween!

Over the past years we've gone to the agility training place in Indianapolis for a super cool agility Halloween party. This year, since we're living here in Tennessee, we're not sure what we're gonna do, but whatever it is, we'll be celebrating!

We wanted to share some of our super cool info, so all our dog pals can have a super fun Halloween too. Be sure and check out our Throw a Great Dog Howl-o-ween Pawty Squidoo Lens, we updated it and added in some of the coolest Halloween stuff you'll find anywhere, including the pupular dog rider costumes and yummy treats!

And we wanted to share some super cool dog Halloween vids to get you in the scary mood! BOL! After all those treats those pups are gonna need some diet pills!

This one's pretty fun too! Check out Conan the kittie and his adventures, it's like a video scavenger hunt!

Hope you all have a pawsome Halloween!

Friday, October 01, 2010

FCI Agility World Championships 2010 going on now!

NOTE: For information on the FCI World Agility Championships 2011, click here!

This weekend, October 1-3, 2010 is the FCI World Agility Championships in Rieden, Germany.

Here are some key links to keep up with all the action! Let's get started:

FCI Schedule and Running Orders:
We'll update and repost the results here as they come in, or you can follow the results here:

Friday - Team:

Large Team Results Jumpers - course - 1st Spain, 2nd Sweden, 3rd Switzerland, 21st USA, 24 Canada (Final)

Medium Team Results Jumpers - course - 1st Finland, 2nd Slovenia, 3rd Czech Republic, 4th USA, 31st Canada (Final)

Small Team Results Jumpers - course - 1st France, 2nd USA, 3rd Latvia, 4th Great Britain, 18th Canada (Final)

Large Team Results Standard + Jumping Combined - course - running order- 1st Sweden, 2nd Spain, 3rd Russian, 7th USA, 28th Canada (Final)

Saturday - Individual Jumping & Remaining Team Events:

1st Dice & Jessica Martin, Sheltie, Canada;
2nd U2 GOLD & Joffrey Adyns, Sheltie, France
3rd Kvido & Veronika Krcmarova , Parson Russell Terrier, Russia
7th Wave & Marcy Mantell, Sheltie, USA
DIS Breeze & Anne Stocum, Sheltie, USA
DIS Kelsi & Dee Anne Gamel, Sheltie, USA

1st Dizzy & Natasha Wise, BC, Great Britain;
2nd Safea & Bara Sajdokova, Mudi, Czech Republic;
3rd Frodo & Jari Suomalainen, Kooikerhondje, Finland;
4th La & Silvia Trkman, Pyr Shep, Slovenia;
5th Rush & John Nyes, Sheltie, USA;
19th Sizzle & Karen Holik, Sheltie, USA;
30th Demon & Diane Goodspeed, Sheltie, USA

1st Hoss & Lisa Frick, BC, Austria
2nd Pray & Anja Lehtiö, BC, Finland
3rd Ferrari & Natalya Shternberg, BC, Russia
4th Elvis & Lyubov Zvorygina, BC, Russia
5th Encore & Susan Garrett, BC, Canada
31st Solar & Daisy Peel, BC, USA
64th Icon & Channan Fosty, BC, USA
DIS Scream & Ann Braue, BC, USA

Medium Team Results Standard + Jumpers combined (Final) - course - running order (in reverse) - 1st Finland, 2nd Belgium, 3rd France, 6th USA, 17th Canada, 20th GB (Final)

Small Team Results Standard + Jumpers combined (Final) - course - running order - 1st Russia, 2nd Japan, 3rd Slovenia, 12th USA, 26th Canada

Sunday - Individual Standard:

Small Individual Jumping & Standard Results (Final) - Standard course - 1st Dice (Sheltie) & Jessica Martin, Canada; 2nd Kvido (Parson Russel Terrier) & Veronika Krcmarova, Czeck Republic; 3rd Q (Sheltie) & Nadine Hunsperger, Switzerland; 45th Wave (Sheltie) & Marcy Mantell, USA; 65th Breeze (Sheltie) & Anne Stocum, USA; 66th Kelsi (Sheltie) & Dee Anna Gamel, USA

Medium Individual Jumping & Standard Results (Final) - Standard course - 1st Dizzy (BC) & Natasha Wise, Great Britain; 2nd Rush (Sheltie) & John Nyes, USA; 3rd Frodo (Kooikerhondj) & Jari Suomalainen, Finland; 4th La (Pyr Shep) & Silvia Trkman, Slovenia; 16th Demon (Sheltie) & Diane Goodspeed, USA; 34th Sizzle (Sheltie) & Karen Holik, USA

Large Individual Standard + Jumpers Results - Standard course - 1st Hoss (BC) & Lisa Frick, Austria; 2nd Dobby (BC) & Dave Munnings, Great Britain; 3rd Giò (BC) & Andrea Occhini, Italy; 4th Bu (BC) & Silvia Trkman, Slovenia; 5th Elvis (BC) & Lyubov Zvorygina, Russia; 6th Solar (BC) & Daisy Peel, USA; 75th Icon (BC) & Channan Fosty, USA; 94th Scream (BC) & Ann Braue, USA

Overlays - Guy Blancke

Side by side videos:


Daisy Peel and Solar - 6th place finish in the Individual Standard + Jumpers - here's their Standard run from Sunday:

Top Four Finishers in Medium Individual Standard (Sun) - Natasha and Dizzy, John and Rush, Jari and Frodo & Silvia with La.

FCI 2011

The FCI Agility World Championships 2011 will be held in Lievin France, October 7-9, 2011. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Very exciting! We also have word the FCI 2011 m
ay be live streaming the event free of charge, so mark your calendars! We'll have more info as becomes available.

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