Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh...oh! New Nina Ottosson toys now available in the US!

Oh...oh! Check this out. Three new Nina Ottosson Intelligent and Interactive Dog Toys/Puzzles have arrived in the US!

Dog Finder - With the Dog Finder, the dog learns to look for treats by sliding blocks (in the shape of bones) in four different directions, using paw or nose. A block can only be lifted by sliding it to the end of its track. Under the blocks there are compartments where treats can be hidden. You can place one or two blocks in each track. Using one block is a great way to introduce your dog to the Dog Finder. As skill improves, put two blocks in each track. This game is tough and hard wearing. It has anti-slip feet on the bottom and can be cleaned with soap and water or put in the dishwasher. Skill level = intermediate.

Dog Twister - With the Dog Twister, the dog looks for treats by moving one block after another in a clockwise or counterclockwise circle. To increase the difficulty of the game, you can lock the blocks in position by inserting the bone-shaped pegs in place. There are compartments under the blocks where treats can be hidden. Also dishwasher safe. Skill level = intermediate/advanced.

And the new Plastic Dog Casino - With the new Plastic Dog Casino your dog or cat looks for treats by pulling out the flaps in different directions. In each flap there is a compartment where the treat can be hidden. Increase the degree of difficulty by locking the flaps using the bone-shaped pegs on top.

You can find all the Nina Ottosson toys through JohannTheDog.com!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rehab and keeping in shape tools and info for the canine athlete!

With my iliopsoas pull, dislocated toe, back strains, shoulder soreness, and broken foot we've done a lot of searching around for resources to help me keep in better shape for agility and rehab from my injuries - everything from hill, woods and long distance hiking, to exercise ball work, core strengthening tricks, treadmill, hydrotherapy, wobble boards, chriopractic, accupuncture, massage and more.

Since Mum has been doing all this research and been utilizing many tools and activities to help keep me in better shape, I have stayed in better shape. Haven't had a major incident in well over 18 months (knock wood) since we started a full program of conditioning and strengthening.

We don't profess to be experts in this line of information, but we have done a lot of reading on the subject, and put together tons of research links to continue reading and learning, and to help me stay in better shape; information we wanted to share with you, that we've either used or have read about and are interested in, so that you can be more informed in finding the right tools and information to help keep your dog athlete in better shape, and find help with your rehab needs.

First, I'd like to share the Squidoo Lens I made on Canine Athletes. It has a lot of our research links all in one place and covers everything from articles from Chris Zink on canine fitness, and Suzanne Clothier on why 'fluff can't go hup," to Dr. Gillette's articles on gait analysis, to articles on canine conditioning, massage, injury prevention, stretching and common injury information for agility dogs. There are even links to rehab facilities, videos of stretching, and some of my work on my treadmill and exercise ball. This lens is a tool we update regularly and refer to often to bone up on information, or research something new to us.

So, let's get started...


Some of the great conditioning, strengthening and rehab tools on the market range from exerise balls, treadmills, wabble boards, hydrotherapy machines, to books, DVDs, ice, heat and magnetic therapy packs, and more.

Here is just a sampling of some of the great products on the market we have found that can help your pup stay in the best shape possible, and where you can find them.

Clean Run has an amazing assortment of physical therapy, conditioning, and fitness products. (With this link be sure and select all in the drop down to see all the products.)

We particularly like the new Canine Icer - ice, heat and magnet wraps. (Again, be sure and click the drop down for all to see all of the products). They have wraps for groin (for that nasty iliopsoas), carpel, shoulder, hip, and more.

Also on the top of our list is the FitPAWS Peanut Balls, good for many size dogs, and great for working core strengthening and general muscle development. They also have the new Balance Pods that can be great for working specific isolated muscle groups. When I was getting over my broken paw, Mum used bricks for the same purpose to help me work specific muscle groups, after loosing a lot of mass. Clean Run also has a few other tools, like Balance Domes, Balance Discs, and the FitPAWS Egg Balls.

I'm a small guy, so Mum ordered a human exercise ball for me which works great. But Gracie is more BC size, so we are looking at getting a Peanut Ball for her.

Clean run also has a slew of DVDs and books (click on the drop down for all) that can help you learn and know how to use some of these tools, including  the Get on the Ball DVDs to help you learn the proper ways to utilize exercise balls. There are also books on stretching, massage, building the canine athlete and more. There is also a Strengthening the Performance Dog: Video on Demand for only $9.95. It's the same video as the DVD, but at a much lower cost. My overall favorite book is The Agility Advantage by Chris Zink, one of the stables in our dog library.

Dogwise also has a lot of books and DVDs on stretching, massage, accupuncture, accupressure, reiki and more.

So, what else is out there? Treadmills are becoming more and more popular for helping to condition, and rehab the canine athlete. I use a human treadmill, because I am small and can get a full stride on the belt. That's what we have found and read that is key to working out on a treadmill. If your dog is larger, you will need to look into a treadmill just for dogs, because the belts are longer and can accommodate the longer stride you'll need for a larger dog. You can read more about training your dog to walk on a treadmill from our Squidoo lens.

There are several dog treadmills on the market, all pretty much comparable. One of the companies that we are associated with, AffordableAgility.com, is offering the PetZen Dog Treadmill (now at a sale price, as well). They are more expensive than most human treadmills, which you can easily find used on Craigslist, local eBay, or similar site. But the dog treadmill is a must for any larger dog.


Here are a few informational resources to get you started in learning about various modalities. Just not room for everything, but like my Mum always says, one thing leads to another.

Canine Massage - The benefits of massage are great. It can promote good circulation and flexibility, and alleviate arthritic pain. Other benefits include aiding in surgical recovery, helping pets heal from emotional or physical traumas, and improved muscle tone.

Canine Acupuncture - Acupuncture is a deep, internal therapy that works by inserting tiny needles into various identified points on your dog's body. It originated over 3,000 years ago as part of a holistic healing system called Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine holds that all animals (and humans) have a "life force" called qi that moves through the body through pathways called meridians. Specific points on these meridians that are located close to the surface of the body, then, can be accessed via small needles or lasers to re-establish balance in the movement of the qi.

Canine Chiropractic - Veterinary chiropractic also known as Animal chiropractic, is an emerging subspecialization for Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs) and Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) to provide spinal manipulation, manual therapy and other holistic and conservative techniques for animals. In concert with conventional veterinary care, use of veterinary chiropractic reflects the use of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine which continues to grow within the veterinary community. Proposed benefits of animal chiropractic include, enhanced performance, function and quality of life.

Other modalities (with links for more information) include: acupressure, laser light therapy (like Vetrolaser), magnetic therapy, homeopathy, chinese medicine, flower remedies, color therapy, nutrition and more.

Facilities, Practices and Organizations

One thing we've learned is that when us pups get an injury, sometimes it can be very difficult to get a correct diagnosis. When I got my iliopsoas pull, it was difficult to find out exactly what was wrong with me, so that we could proceed with a course of treatment to get me well.

Here is a listing of some of the top canine rehab facilities and organizations in the country that we've found so far to help you find a helpful path to diagnosis and treatment.We know there are more great facilities out there, so if you have information you would like to share with readers of this post, please feel free to leave a comment!

Veterinary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group - One of the first resources we found was Dr. Sherman Canapp's website for his practice. Dr. Canapp wrote a great article in Clean Run on the iliopsoas, which helped us learn a lot more when I got my pull. Dr. Canapp has written several articles on dog agility injuries in Clean Run. You can see a few of them on Dr. Canapp's website.

Canine Sports Productions  is Dr. Christine Zink's website. She is the author of one of my favorite books - The Agility Advantage. Her website has a couple of articles on canine fitness. Chris Zink, D.V.M., Ph.D., is a consultant on canine sports medicine, evaluating canine structure and locomotion, and designing individualized retraining and conditioning programs for canine athletes. She is the award-winning author and presents Coaching the Canine Athlete® seminars worldwide to rave reviews.

Canine Rehabilitation Institute - Dr. Canapp is a member of this faculty, along with Dr. Zink. The Canine Rehabilitation Institute's sole purpose is to certify and train veterinary and physical therapy professionals throughout the country. You can also search on their website for certified local practitioners in your area.

TOPS Veterinary Rehab  - Laurie McCauley DVM, a veterinarian certified in acupuncture and chiropractic, is the founder of TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation, one of the most advanced and respected rehabilitation clinics in North America, located in the Chicago area.

Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals - Dr. Debbie Gross Saunders is a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner and licensed physical therapist with more than 16 years of experience in the field of canine rehabilitation. She specializes in the performance dog and owns Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals, a rehabilitation and physical conditioning center for canines. Dr. Saunders is also a key faculty member at the University of Tennessee’s Certificate Canine Rehabilitation Program.

The University of Tennessee has a certification program in canine rehabilitation, as well as a list of certified resources throughout the world. Also the The Small Animal Rehabilitation Clinic at UT's College of Veterinary Medicine is leader in the area of physical rehabilitation of small animals.

Animal Rehabilitation and Wellness Hospital in Raleigh, NC offers rehabilitation services, wellness and conditioning, orthotics, prosthetics and assistive devices.

Animal Rehabilitation Center in Windsor, CT. The goal of their canine facility is to restore normal function to dogs with orthopedic or neurological impairments by improving their physical condition.

Canine Physical Rehabilitation Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University. The Center provides, underwater treadmill, terrestrial treadmill, low-level laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage therapy, gait training and more.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - Includes databases on many diseases which can affect canine performance, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and cardiac murmurs.

American Canine Sports Medicine Association - Information on the dog as an athlete, and medical and surgical problems of canine athletes.

There are two organizations with websites that provide searches for holistic veterinary practitioners - the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine (which also has a listing for chiropractors, acupuncturists and more.)

Again, if you have other links and facilities that you would recommend, feel free to add them in the comments section. And to see more visit my Canine Athletes Squidoo lens.

My Program

We get a lot of questions about what I do to keep in shape for agility, now that we've participated in rehab several times and have put together a well rounded program. So I thought I would share what we do to keep me in shape, in hopes that it can help others.

In addition to utilizing several of wonderful tools to help me stay in better shape, like the exercise ball and treadmill, I also participate in other activities.

Hiking, weather permitting, is one of the best activities we've found for helping me keep in better shape. Jumping over logs, running on uneven surfaces, getting stuck in a little mud, climbing hills; these are all things that really work and build many of my muscle groups. During our hikes we also do some long distance walking on a path to help me build endurance. This past summer we were doing 5-7 mile hikes2-3times a week.

Tricks are also something that we do on a very regular basis that are recommended and designed to help work various muscle groups. Begging (which works my core very effectively), push ups, turns (right and left), maneuvering through various obstacles like ladders and poles on the ground, walking on soft uneven surfaces, working on stairways, etc.

When needed, I also get chiropractic to keep me in alignment and healthy, as a preventative. Also Mum has learned from several books how to stretch me out after a good work out, how to most effectively warm me up before activities, and how to massage me to keep my muscles loose, flexible, and in better health. Acupuncture, reiki and acupressure are also great practices that can help us pups (humans too, BTW), although I don't personally participated these practices very often.

Another activity that I have participated in is hydrotherapy. To help me build back up after my broken foot, I went three days a week for three weeks. I highly recommend it, as it was very significant in helping me building up much of the muscle mass I lost after being in a cast for two months. And it's something that Mum wishes I could do on a regular basis. But it is expensive. Swimming is a fantastic way for pups to not only get and stay in great shape, but also great for rehab, if you have access to a safe pond, swimming hole, facilitiy or the like.

Occasionally, I will get some tightness and soreness in my core muscle group. When that happens Mum takes me to my soft tissue specialist for a quick tune up. She will work on troubled muscle groups and perform some laser light therapy.Works wonders.

As a general rule, I participate in a regular program of conditioning and strengthening through many or all of these activities, some on a daily basis, some on a weekly basis.

During the occasional times I may have pain and swelling, we've been using Traumeel. I can't take the usual prescribed pain medications because of my sensitive stomach. So, we've found Traumeel, a homeopathic remedy for pain and inflammation (made for humans) but works wonders for dogs as well. It includes arnica and other homeopathic ingredients.

Mum will give me the pills (for 16 lbs, I take one to two a day), and will rub the ointment (not gel) on specific problem areas. You can find Traumeel at pretty much any health food store. Or you can get it through JohannTheDog.com in the first aid section.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you have other information, links or thoughts, please feel free to leave them in the comments for others to read and learn!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun vids!

BOL!! We found a couple of pretty funny vids making their ways across (what my friend Suzy calls) the ethers.

Check this one out! Mum thinks it looks just like her Grandpa, that would be my human Great-Grandpa. Mum remembers him well even before her first communion invitations went out...too funny!

We were outside the other day when kittie bro, Wiggy, dashed through the door and encountered about 12 inches of snow, BOL!! He always shakes his paws when he steps in snow, silly boy. Mum had to go out and get him, stuck in the snow. So when we found this new Simon's Cat, of his first snow encounter, we had to share!

Then, there's Pavlov's Dog, another one making the Internet rounds. Guess you better take Pavlov's dog pretty siriusly!


Sbocco Studios | MySpace Video

Gettin' their prizes!!!

Hey, you guys remember Johann's Howling Howliday Giveaway that we did last December? Well, folks have been getting their prizes in the mail, and starting to blog about them. We couldn't resist sharing some of the photos and blog post links.

Check out Peyton, spotty dog, gettin into his bunch of loot! Peyton was the first place winner in the Giveaway.

Friend Ludo, got his package clear across the pond. Here he is wearing one of the prizes, his EzyDog Element Coat. Looking good Ludo!

Second Place winner, Kaley Corgi, got her bunches of loot in the mail and blogged about it the other day. Visit Kaley's blog to see what they're up to!

Also great to get an email from Lilly that all her stuff arrived safely! Check out Lilly in her new Dog Tag Art collar, and visit her blog for some other cool stuff she won.

Wow, have to say if I got all that loot and treats, Mum would have to put me on diet supplements, BOL! Oh, and we're still a little ways away from reaching goal on raising a few bucks for my former shelter, The Southside Animal Shelter. If you or someone you know can spare a few, it sure would be appreciated! And we thank everyone who already contributed! You RAWK!!!

Dreaming of Summer!

I don't know about you, but I am starting to dream about summer! I like the snow, but too much is just too much. I wanna get out there and get some tricks, hiking and agility.

We really started dreaming about summer when we saw this video, too fun!

Come on Summer, or at least Spring! We wanna play and Mum needs a little quick weight loss, BOL!

Nice little YouTube channel they have there to subscribe to. We liked their little teeter toy! Check that out here. And looks like their are also big fans of the Nina Ottosson Intelligent Dog Puzzles, just like us. Here's a vid of them workin' the Dog Fighter.

Fun stuff!

New rubber surfacing kits from Clean Run!

Dog walk need a make over? How about your frame, teeter or table?

Just available this week from Clean Run are rubber surfacing kits for dog walks, a-frames, tables and teeters for USDAA, AKC, NADAC and more. You can see most of the kits on JohannTheDog.com in the Agility Equipment section, or go to the Clean Run what's new page to see them all.

Also available is a new book "Making Rubber Skins for Agility Equipment." This book provides start-to-finish instructions for making your own rubber skins for agility equipment. It includes all of the formulas you need for measuring and mixing the rubber as well as specification for placing slats on contact equipment. The resulting skins are compliant with AAC, AKC, ASCA, CPE, DOCNA, NADAC, UKI, and USDAA regulations.

Or if you don't feel like making your own skins out of rubber granules? In that case, you can purchase Rubber Surfacing Pre-made Skins that are ready to apply to your equipment from Clean Run and Max 200 Performance Dog Equipment.

Very cool! Now all I need is a dog walk, frame and table and some joint health supplements and I'm good to go!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yep, more snow fun!

Like most of the eastern Midwest, we've been getting snow, after snow, after snow. Mum continued to shovel out to our potty place, and on nice sunny days we partake in some snow rompin'.

The other day we woke up to some pawsome hoar frost. That's when it so humid, that frost just sticks to everything. Make for some beautiful winter scenes. Here are our River Birches, all covered with the stuff.

With all the wind we got this cool little drift. Must explore!

Who can resist a little snow tackle, now me!

Wait, Gracie, are you OK?

Oh yea, now she's after me!

But I fake back!

Dang, she's got me!

After our romp, Gracie runs over to start making snow angels. With all this activity we sure don't need any best weight loss supplements. BOL!

And I just take it all in....all this snowing is kinda challenging, but has it's advantages, fun!!!!


Even though I'm definitely not a show dog, sometimes I like to watch shows like Westminster.

Big congrats to The 2010 Best In Show award winner "Ch Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot," a.k.a. "Sadie," a Scottish Terrier. Sadie is a triple crown winner, winning Best in Show at the prestigious National Dog Show, the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship dog show, and now Westminster. You can read more about Sadie's win from the LA Times (photo courtesy LATimes).

If you missed some of the action the past two days, you can watch videos on the USA Network Site. Bet with all that activity none of them will need any fat burner, BOL! Here's a link to all the breed judging videos from this years event, if you want to take a gander. I embedded the video for Shelties (below :) If you want to see all the group judging, here's that link. We also expect they'll have the video up for the Best in Show sometime later this week, here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Around the dog agility blog-o-sphere!

A few tidbits of information from around the Dog Agility blog-o-sphere!


We're getting close to the April 1st date when mixed breeds will be allowed to compete right along side purebreeds in AKC agility and other companion events. To find out more information about the program, to enroll, get details on entering rally, obedience and agility, and more visit the AKC Canine Partners page on their website.

This is new, now when you do a search for companion events in the AKC events section, there is a checkbox that indicates you can limit searches to those allowing mixed breeds. A quick search for Indiana for the year (that's where we live) shows seven events so far in Indiana during 2010 that will be including Canine Partners in their agility trials. Kudos to the those clubs for allowing all dogs to compete!

We've read in several groups and boards that the Top 5 mixed breeds will be invited to the Invitational (along with the Top 5 of each AKC breed), December 4-5 in Long Beach; as well as go head to head with purebreds at Nationals beginning in 2011.

Activity is heating up for the upcoming AKC National Agility Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Ford Truck Arena and Mustang Arena at Expo Square, March 26-28. Visit the AKC website for information on judges for the championships, the Judging/Ring schedule, running order, and how you can volunteer for the event.

A few competition changes will occur this year including:
  • All dogs must compete in their measured jump height class or in the 26” jump height class.
  • A minimum of 6 dogs will advance in each jump height class to the Finals round regardless of how many dogs were competing at the jump height.
  • The National Agility Championship Titles will only be awarded to final round winners with a score of 100.
  • There will be a 4” jump height class during Friday’s International State Team Tournament competition.
  • AKC announced that dogs competing in the Preferred agility classes will be eligible to compete in the 2010 AKC National Agility Championship. The Preferred and Regular class dogs will compete for separate awards at this event. In order for dogs to compete in the Preferred Class at the 2010 AKC National Agility Championship they must only compete in the Preferred classes from March 1, 2009 through November 30, 2009.

News from USDAA regarding the final regional dates and qualifying period for 2010.

USDAA Regional Dates include: Qualifying events for the 2010 tournament season run from September 14, 2009 through September 10, 2010.

SE Regional - June 4-6 - Perry, GA
RM Regional - June 18-20 - Farmington, UT
NW Regional - July 9-11 - Auburn, WA
SC Regional - August 13-15 -Fort Worth, TX
NE Regional - August 27-29- Logan Township, NJ
SW Regional - September 4-6 - Prunedale, CA
NC Regional - September 10-12 - Rochester Hills, MI
TBA - Spain National Championships
TBA - Japan National Championships
TBA - Latin America Regional Championships, Mexico

2010 USDAA Cynosport® World Games Agility Championships:
October 12 - October 17 - Louisville, Kentucky

The tournament season for the 2010 championships has been reset to run from September 14, 2009 to September 12, 2010, which now includes the second weekend of September. Qualifications earned at U.S. events falling between these dates shall apply to eligibility for the 2010 Cynosport World Games. Note, however, that because of the extension to September 12, persons qualifying the weekend of September 10-12 will be under the gun to get entries in so that they are received by the Tuesday,September 14, closing date for this year's Cynosport championships. Further details will be available this summer.

The 2011 season will begin September 15, 2010.


One of the most sought after annual updates and reviews of dog food is now available for 2010 from Whole Dog Journal. With a $20 subscription from Whole Dog Journal you get 13 issues of their news, along with the Dog Food report, well worth the price for the wonderful information, reviews, and latest in health and wellness for your dog. And the nice thing is you won't have to look into those best diet pills, BOL!

Also enjoy watching Silvia run her dogs. Here's one of her new pup, Bi, in one of their first trials. Check out the speed on that dogwalk, and the nice save on the weave poles. Nice!

I thought this was really great! A few days ago the ASPCA held their 5th Annual Talent Show to showcase eight dogs, all available for adoption at the ASPCA, and their handlers showing off their unhidden talents for a panel of celebrity judges. What a creative bunch! Here's just one of the vids, go to their YouTube channel to see more.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Table games!

Now that there's so much snow and salt on the walking areas, and only so much snow romping a dog can do, we are doing lots of indoor fun games.

One of these games we're sharing today happens to be one of our favorites. It's Table Games - a great game, not only to help agility dogs get faster downs and sits on the table, but for any dog looking for some fun.

Here's a little vid of me and Mum playing Table Games. She also set up a small tunnel and then a target after, so I could run a little sequence right in our living/dining room. It's a little dark 'cause we filmed it in our camera nite vision at night to see what it would look like.

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow fun!

Like most of the Midwest and East Coast, we got dumped on Friday and Friday night! We didn't get near the snow fall that the East Coast got (only about 6 inches), but looks like we may be getting another 6 inches today!

The neat thing was that on Saturday, it was nice and sunny and kinda warm, about 35 degrees. So of course Gracie and I had a blast in the snow!

First thing we had to do was take it all in...

Gracie loves to bury her head in the snow drifts...silly girl!

Then it was zoomie time...Gracie is right on my heels!

Watch out Gracie, I'm gonna get ya!

Woo, hoo!!! Gracie is having a good time! (This has to be one of Mum's absolute favorite pics of Gracie, EVER!!!! Siruisly, no Photoshop!)

After a nice romp in the snow, Gracie wanted her treat :)

And I took over one of my favorite spots...the back of the couch, up a little high, so I can keep an eye on everything!

Hope you all had as much fun as we did this weekend!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Air Bud: Golden Retriever Special Edition out on DVD!

I don't know about you, but I just love football. Mum too!

We like gathering around in front of the TV, watching them battle it out on the field. So we were super excited when we found out that Air Bud: Golden Retriever Special Edition DVD was being released this week, just in time for the Super Bowl!!! The nice folks at Disney Studios sent us a free DVD, so we could tell ya all about it.

The Air Bud movies are one of Gracie's favorite movies to watch, our's too. Being the TV watching dog she is, we often get our tv stands situated and put a dog movie on to keep her entertained. Air Bud is one of her favorite movies, so gathering together and watching Air Bud: Golden Retriever Special Edition from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment was a super treat!

This time out, Buddy, the hoop-shooting, hotshot canine, tackles a new sport—football. When his teenage owner (played by Keven Zegers) reluctantly becomes the school’s new quarterback, Buddy catches the spirit and joins the team. Soon, the two find themselves leading the Timberwolves to the state championship. But victory hopes are sidelined when two sinister Russian circus owners take a bite out of everyone’s plans and dognap Buddy for their star attraction. (Oh...don't worry no spoilers here! :)

This special edition DVD features exclusive all-new bonus action: Sports Channel play-by-play quarterbacked by the Buddies, headed up by Budderball, and includes an Air Bud Sport Whistle Necklace – exclusive on-pack while supplies last.

So what are you waiting for? Get your football on!

Cats can be tricky!

The other day we saw a post by our Facebook friend, Kyra Sundance. She has a fun little program, where dogs can earn "Trick Dog" titles, and our trickin' pawrents can become a "Certified Trick Dog Instructor"!

Pretty cool that now we can get rewarded with a certificate for our efforts, along with all those yummy treats we get, BOL!!!

One of the participants going for his Novice Trick Dog Title was Tripawed. But wait! Tripawed isn't a dog, he's a cat. And what a tricky cat he is. I'm sure he won't have any problem getting a job and passing through credit repair services.

Check out his entry video for his Novice Trick Dog Title. This three legger, has it going on! Too cool!

Takin' the Toofer Challenge!

Some cool, ambitious buds are taking my Toofer Challenge in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, and brushing their toofers everyday during February!!!

Kudos go to....Shawnee!!!! Head on over to her blog and learn how to brush! She's got lots of instructions.

Also jumpin' on the Toofer Challenge bandwagon is....Yoda over at Barking Out Loud! In between his Twittering, of course :)

And...Heffner and Bess over at Life With Big Dogs, who are showing off befores and afters, and watching the tartar disappears, cool!

And Jules over at Run - Jump - Herd - Heal, is pawticipating in the Challenge, with Ike, Connor and Bug; dog that's a lotta brushin! Here's Ike sailing over a jump...gotta keep those toofers in fine shape for agility :)

And last, but certainly not least for this go around is Sid, the Catahoula, my Twitter bud. In between lifting weights, Sid is getting lots of tastes of the toofer paste.

Way to go all of you! Pretty soon, I'll have you all on my fitness equipment, walking on a treadmill, doing doggy sit ups, and workin out, BOL!!!

Remember, it's never too late to start a good brushing program, and it's not too late to pawticipate in my Toofer Challenge. Just grab one of my Toofer Challenge buttons in the previous post, link back to the original post, post on your blog, and then leave a comment letting me know your participating!

Hopefully I'll be posting lots more pics of pups joining in the Toofer Challenge, very soon!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Top dog Super Bowl commercials!

Ok...I admit it, I'm getting pretty excited about Sunday's Super Bowl! I'm even donning my favorite Colts Jersey over on Facebook and Twitter, getting ready for the event. Wonder if I'm going to need a check for rheumatoid arthritis after throwing so much, BOL!! Hey, look! I'm a Collie, Austin, Collie, that is!

In honor of this year's Super Bowl, I'm sharing some of my absolute favorite Super Bowl commercials featuring dogs! Over the years, dogs and Super Bowl commercials have gone paw in paw. Must be the demographic, or should I call it dogographic? Anyways, here are some of my absolute favs. Oh, and (sorry Saints lovers :) GO COLTS!!!

In 2009, Pedigree launched a fun little commercial during the Super Bowl promoting dog adoption. And in 2000, Budweiser introduced a cute little BC into one of their funny commercials...it's all about motivation baby.

Over the years, Budweiser has become a staple in Super Bowl Commercials, featuring their famous Clydesdales. But in recent years, a Spotty Dog (Dalamation, you know) has been seen taking the limelight of their heartwarming commercials.

Here's the first time their Spotty Dog was featured in 2006.

In 2008 and 2009, the Spotty Dog takes more center stage in this sequel to 2006.

And my absolute favorite Spotty Dog Budweiser commercial from 2007.

Another one of my favs, being the herding breed I am is from Super Bowl XL in 2006, featuring the streaker, BOL!!!

One of the more famous Bud Light commercials that was banned from being aired during the Super Bowl, the famous, or infamous, Bad Dog Bud Light Commercial and another risque commercial from Bridgestone Tires, prepared for the 2008 Super Bowl.

Bridgestone Tires shot this commercial about a lucky dog for the 2008 Super Bowl, but decided to run it in movie theaters instead. And of course for the kittie lovers, the famous EDS Cat Herding video from the 2000 Super Bowl.

Hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl!!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sharin' some workin' photos...

We've been busy workin' away here at our home office. So we thought we'd share a couple of fun pics :)

This is me teaching Gracie the fine art of shipping out the good stuff we sell at JohannTheDog Direct. She's a pretty quick study, works well fur treats too, BOL!!!

And here's my kittie bro, Wolfie, keeping watch on the shelf above Mum's computer, making sure she's workin' hard. Silly cat thinks he can take all the glory for my agility ribbons. No way!!!

Mum and I were having lots of troubles getting email from my Palm Centro, so we had to upgrade. What a shame we had to get a new BlackBerry. Mum and I are loving it!

And of course she had to take a quick pic of me up close and personal. Now all we need is a bigger lcd monitor, so we can see my handsome mug 10x bigger, BOL!!! It doesn't seem to take as nice of photos are our Palm did, but we're still experimenting.

Keep those Toofer Challenge posts coming, we'll be sharing pics and links in the next day or so!!!

That's it fur now....hope you all are having a great week!

Monday, February 01, 2010

February is Pet Dental Health Month, take my toofer challenge!

It's that time of year again! Time for Johann's Toofer Challenge!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month - a great time to remember how important it is to take care of our teeth - or as I like to call them toofers - because our teeth are very important to us pups!

Did you know that "more than 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by the time they're three years old?" Yep, that's what Dr. Brook Niemiec, a board certified specialist in veterinary dentistry, says.

So just like last year we're puttin' on a challenge!

Even though I eat raw and my teeth stay super white and healthy, Mum still likes to brush my toofers. It's difficult sometimes in the hecticness of our daily lives for our pawrents to remember to brush our teeth. Even Mum sometimes furgets to head to that Grohe faucet, grab my toofer brush and toofer paste and get scrubbing. So here's the challenge....

I challenge you to have your pawrent brush your teeth every day during the month of February.

That's it!

What will this do? It will help your pawrents and you get in the good habit of brushing your teeth often, and cut down on that stupid oral disease stuff that our Docs talk about! And I bet we'll all have much better breath too - and be able to give lots more kisses to our Moms and Dads.

And what will I do? If you decide to sign up for Johann's Toofers Challenge, have your Mum or Dad take a pic of you getting your toofers brushed, post it on your blog, then leave a comment on this post to let me know you're participating. We'll post your pic, your name and link back to your blog - so we can show everyone your pearly whites! No big prizes, just fun!!!

And be sure and grab one of these buttons to add to your blog (and link back to my blog post) to show your support for healthy toofers for all!

So whata ya say? You up for a challenge? Get started and leave me a comment today!

Here's some a few sites with tips and information on brushing your pup's teeth:
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