Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leaf rustle...errr wrestle!

Well the leaves are really falling!

And I have to tell ya, when you live in the forest with lots of trees you gets lots and lots of leaves.

So we had a little fun zoomin' in 'em the other day.

Good thing, 'cause it's been raining and the leaves are all wet and gooey, but I think that will be a whole lotta different fun, don't you? Beats Coding Educator Jobs that's fur sure! BOL!

Hope all our friends up North and East are staying safe with the snow!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Agility Practice!

Lucky us, we got to go to agility practice two weekends in a row! Woofs!

This past weekend, Mum, Gracie and I drove to Norcross to a place that had run thrus. Here's a quick run down...

It was a nice building and the floor wasn't slippery at all. Loved that.

They had a nested course set up with an Exec STD and Jumpers, Nov STD and Jumpers all in one. Mum had both of us run the Exec STD course. She likes to run Gracie on more difficult courses because she focuses a little better when she's busier, and Gracie loves the DW and Frame. She modified it just a tad to be a little more novice friendly for her, like taking the tunnel after the DW instead of pulling toward a jump to the right like I did. She wanted me to run STD because we get to work on the DW and teeter, the obstacles we don't have at home and need more practice on.

I ran this course twice, then ran it again backwards, sort of....same with Gracie. So three runs for each of us during the two hours.

Gracie did pretty well on the focus stuff, came back to Mum every time even though she was wound tight as a drum before her first run...believe me she was way, way over even her top. (See that look in her eyes, that's the over the top look; the 'Mum can't snap her out of it look'  :).

It was a great test for a trial like environment. On her first run, she ran well, wouldn't stop to do her weaves, ran well again, then lept off the teeter, and ran into the chute where she got all tangled up. All that chaos seemed to actually calm her down a little and bring her back to reality; and the rest of her run was great.

So her next run is the one in the video, much better. Gracie never likes to stop and take the time to do the weaves, but she actually did about 2/3rds of them after Mum put her back in them. Good girl! Then her last run she ran this course backwards and...well, it was very nearly perfect. She did her weaves and everything!

Mum was really happy with her DW. She had started training Gracie on a running DW before we moved these past two times, but was having a lot of issues with her being so bouncy; and getting her to understand to keep her body low and nose down. So Mum started working on a 2o2o with her over the past two months to help her better understand the yellow and work on her nose touch to target. An odd plan, but it has seemed to really, really work. She made all her contacts on all her runs and seemed to really get the idea that she has to run it thru. One of her DW's was just amazingly speedy, and really nice into the yellow. Wish we had that one on tape!

Mum was super happy with my speed, I was raring to go every run. There was a somewhat difficult weave entry in my first run (I think that's the first one on vid) when Mum didn't front cross before; she likes to test me on those. Passed with flying colors!

Mum was pretty happy with my DW speed too, especially after the slow DW at our last trial. Guess what? No rubber this past weekend, but rubber at the last trial. Guess we need more rubber practice.

My weaves weren't super great, but not too bad. They had the type of weaves that have a very wide base, not my favorite since I'm a little guy. But I dealt with it. I was running so well coming out of the tunnel after the dogwalk that Mum had to layer some jumps when I was going up the frame, but it worked really well.

Mum was really happy with how we all did. She's a little rusty on the handling, but I'll whip her back into shape in no time. So here are our runs:

What a fun day! Looks like there is another run thru op coming up next Tuesday closer to us that we'll probably go to. Getting ready for the USDAA trial next month and maybe one in December. Woo, hoo!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little hiking and a trip to Blue Ridge!

The weather here on the Mountain has been amazing for well over six weeks now. Every day has been a sweatshirt kind of day, sunny and very pleasant..

Last weekend we woke up and Mum said...'we're getting out of here!" Yeah Mum! You have been working way too hard lately.

So we drove to one of our favorite places to hike, Aska Trails. The drive there was just amazing. Lots of the leaves are turning and makes driving the winding roads around here so breathtaking.

We got to the trail head and decided to take the two mile trail this time. We headed in and saw where some folks had left their walking sticks...just think that is so cool!

The scenery was stunning in some places, photos just don't do them justice...

Mum tried to get me to pose, but I was much more interested in getting going...lets go!

More great scenery...

After our hike...we decided to take a little trip and head into town. Blue Ridge is a really fun little tourist town with an entire downtown full of all kinds of fun shops. It's Apple Festival time around here and leaf changing time, so it was kind of busy, even though we didn't get there until about 3 PM on Sunday.

Blue Ridge is also a really dog friendly town. We saw lots of dogs on leash, even a booth set up for pet adoptions. Several of the stores Mum wanted to go into allowed us to come in as well. We especially liked stopping into the Blue Ridge Adventure Wear. They stock all of Mum's favorite brands...Columbia, Life is Good, Keen, Teva and more. Mum has worn holes in the bottom of all her hiking socks, so we helped her pick out some new Wigwam Hiking Socks. She can't wait to try them out. Gracie is wonder if they have any liquid image summit series goggles, awwwwww she would look so great in them too, but they didn't :).

They have a really fun logo, here's a pic of our sack...neat huh?

The folks at the store were super nice...loved dogs and wanted to give us the treats they keep on the counter. We did a few little tricks for them and sat patiently as all kinds of folks walked by us through the little store. It was very crowded. Mum was super proud of us! Gracie didn't split anyone's lip trying to kiss 'em, and I didn't even bark once in the store, BOL!

It was a really fun day...

Mum says that if the weather holds...we're going to Fort Mountain next weekend. We hear they have lots of vistas to hopefully see lots of leaf color and miles of hiking trails too!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our first snake here in Georgia!

We found a snake in our fenced back area! It's the first one we've seen since we've been here in Georgia.

Mum was hanging out on the back railing, watching me do my duty, when she looked down and saw what looked like a snake skin!

The snake was so straight and so still that she didn't think it was alive. She didn't have any idea what kind of snake it was, so she remained calm, got me to come inside and went right back out with the camera. After taking a few photos, she got a stick and the plan was to get it on the stick and put it down the lane, but then it started moving! It's alive!!! She wanted to beef up the rv insurance and get that thing outta here!

It slithered under the deck and got away. Well, maybe it will take care of some of those little mice that have crept into the cabin lately, darn it, BOL!!

She looked it up on the Internet and asked some of her Facebook fans if she was right, yep; she was. It's a little rat snake, a young one. And someone thought that it was so docile because of the cooler nights we've been having.

Darn, no more mice to chase in the cabin :(

Gettin' in the stick groove!

Mum has been gathering up sticks for kindling for our wood stove, which is going to be one of our heat sources here at the cabin for when it gets super cold.

Have to say that I just can't help myself. Every day when we go out to the back yard, I head on over to the stick pile and pick out my favorite for the day.

Then I have to run around the yard with it held high and play a little keep away from Gracie. Keeping away from Gracie's snotty nose for one thing - sure hope it's not the sticks food allergies austin that are causing all that snot! More on that later...anyhoo, sometimes Mum will play a little fetch with me too, love that!

So here we are - me and Gracie - having a little stick fun.

It's so fun that even Gracie is starting to get in on the act!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dog Agility Games and USDDN World Championships!

The USDDN Disc Dog World Finals were held last weekend at the Dellinger Park in Cartersville, GA.

As part of the event one of the local training facilities set up The Dog Agility Games. We heard about it last week and thought it would be a great day to get out and get in a little practice and get Gracie running in a new place again.

They also had lure coursing at the event, lots of vendors and folks from all over the World, even some of our blogging friends from across the pond!

Mum took some photos with our point 'n shoot of some of the competitors in the Disc Dog Championships. It was very loud with all the music (you would have thought that all the car speakers in the place were on, BOL)! But it sure was fun watching them and meeting some of the competitors and talking with the spectators. Great folks and talented pups! You can see all the results here.

Before we walked around we had a great time playing some of the agility games we've never played before, and meeting lots of new friends.

My first run was some kind of gamblers type of game. Well, I was so anxious to run that I broke my start line stay before Mum could even get in the gamble area, BOL! She didn't care, it was for fun. But she did try getting into that box again and sending me out to obstacles, but by that time we were all confused and I just decided to take anything in somewhat of a direction Mum seemed to be sending me. Comedy of errs that's fur sure, but fun none the less!

Mum was happy to see that I was happy and fairly speedy, much more that at my last trial, where I just wasn't myself at all.

My second run was a snooker course. Dog did I need a new handler! Mum is way too rusty for snooker, but she had a good plan just didn't direct me too well into the weaves, so I looked at her a lot, but she was super happy with how I did. I got first in both of my runs.

But the big news was that Gracie ran. After seeing Stuart Mah a few weeks back we got some good tips on training with Gracie. Mum has been trying them out, and working with them. It's been a challenge (we may have a separate post about all this), but seems maybe some of it has been working...because Gracie ran and ran pretty darn focused!

She wasn't very confident and she wasn't speedy because of that, but what Mum saw was that she was thinking, and thinking about what Mum wanted. Now that's a big, big improvement! And the fun part is she got second place :). So here are our runs from the weekend.

Really fun day and such great weather! Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Zukes Rabbit Mini Naturals!

Right before our last agility trial the super nice folks at Zuke's sent us their new 'flavor' of Zukes Mini Naturals for free to try out.

What new flavor do they have? Wild New Zealand Rabbit!! Oh yeah!

I have to say that even with a few rabbits caught in our fence that both Gracie and I have surprised over the years, this was the first time I actually got my taste buds on a rabbit and I have to say they are pretty dogggone yummy!

We love Zuke's! Their Mini Naturals have been a staple in our agility trial and training bag for years, as well as our hiking pack. Mum likes them because even though they are small, she can still break them in two to give us a big old jackpot - treat, treat, treat, treat, treat!!! And even in their pure form they aren't too big for a nice treat for making that tight turn around a jump; or a good 'pick me up' on a long hike.

Be sure and visit their website; if you hurry, you could give them a little info and receive $1 off a bag or boxed product of Zuke's at your local pet store!

Thank you Zukes for sending us a bag to try out for free, we sure do appreciate it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2012 IFCS World Championship US Team Selected!

Following the conclusion of the USDAA Cynosport World Games this past weekend the 2012 IFCS World Championship US Team was named and announced.

The US Team consists of:

Dana Pike Chamberlain and Tangle
Daneen Fox and Masher
Andy Mueller and Crackers
Kevin Brown and Hunter
Maureen Waldron and Mickle
Jean Lavalley and Cheer
Stuart Mah and Ares
Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble
Dudley Fontaine and Sweet
Mia Grant and Vic
Terry Smorch and Presto
Dudley Fontain and Maverick

The 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, May 11-13, 2012, at the Watt Arena at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center.

The 2012 event was awarded to the United States by the IFCS General Council. In the twenty-five or more year history of dog agility, this is the first time such a world team agility event has ever been hosted in the United States.

The US Team selection process.
2012 IFCS World Agility Championships website 
IFCS US Team Website

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cynosport this week!

The United States Dog Agility Association Cynosport World Games are this week running Tuesday, October 11 through Sunday, October 16 at Broadbent Arena, Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky. Admission is free.

Dog Agility Schedule includes:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

9-5 EDT USDAA® Dog Agility (multiple rings) - Quarterfinals, Semifinals; Team Preliminary Rounds - Courses, Results

Thursday, October 13, 2011

9-5 EDT USDAA® Dog Agility (multiple rings) - Quarterfinals, Semifinals; Team Preliminary Rounds - Courses, Results

Friday, October 14, 2011

9-5 EDT - USDAA® Dog Agility (multiple rings) - Quarterfinals, Semifinals; Team Preliminary Rounds 6:30–8 PM EDT - USDAA® Dog Agility Performance Grand Prix Championship Finals - Courses & Running Orders

Saturday, October 15, 2011 

9-5 PM EDT - USDAA® Dog Agility Grand Prix Semifinals; Team Preliminary Rounds 6-9 PM EDT - Junior Handler Showcase; USDAA® $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase®; Performance Speed Jumping Championships - Courses, Running Orders

Sunday, October 16, 2011

9 -4 PM - Dog Agility Masters® International Three-Dog Team Finals; Performance Versatility Pairs Finals; Veterans Showcase; Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Finals

Live stream available: $15 for Tournament finals Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday; and VOD. Also available for Tuesday PM, Wednesday and Thursday 9-5 for one rings.

Important Links and Info:

Grouping List
Group Rotations
Running Orders
Live Stream 

USDAA on Facebook
JohannTheDog on Facebook


Performance Grand Prix Winners
8" - 1st Letti and Shelley Permann, 2nd Eve and Janelle Julyan, 3rd Keegan and Cheryl Morris
12" - 1st Race and Laura Dolan, 2nd Bruce and Laura Fearn, 3rd Kaboo and Jennifer Crank
16" - 1st Cressa and Denise Thomas, 2nd Streak and Diane Sanders, 3rd Slick and Lisa Marie Bowers
22" - 1st Tilt and Marie McLinn, 2nd Kestrel and Claudia Bates, 3rd F5 Tornado and Paulena Renee Simpson

2011 Performance Speed Jumping
8" - 1st Eve and Janelle Julyan 2nd Letti and Shelley Permann 3rd Giddy-up and Christine Rediker
12" - 1st Race and Laura Doan, 2nd Tori and Beth Rogers, 3rd Bruce and Laura Fearn.
16" - 1st Rosanne DeMascio and Kiba, 2nd Kim James and Disco, 3rd Anthony Montagano and Chassis
22" - 1st Ann Koenig and Josh, 2nd Molly and Bridget McKnight, 3rd Karen Gorman and Reno

12" - 1st Daneen Fox and Masher, 2nd Susanne Birdsall and Flip, 3rd Dana Pike Chamberlain and Tangle.
16" - 1st Jen Pinder and Taser, 2nd Melanie Miller and Smitten, 3rd Jen Pinder and Britain
22" - 1st Stacy Peardot-Goudy and Wally, 2nd Jeremy Gerhard and Ronin, 3rd Jessica Ajoux and Pirate.
26" - 1st Desiree Snellman and Pace, 2nd Daisy Peel and Solar, 3rd Stacy Peardot-Goudy and Maze

Grand Prix of Dog Agility
12" - 1st Dana Pike and Tangle, 2nd Andy Mueller and Crackers, 3rd Ivette White and Zip
16" - 1st Ashley Deacon and Luka, 2nd Jen Pinder and Taser, 3rd Jen Pinder and Britain
22" - 1st Finesse and Lisa Kucharski, 2nd Slyce and Kayl McCann, 3rd Jock and Lyn Kahn
26" - 1st Presto and Terri Smorch, 2nd Scream and Anne Braue, and 3rd Vic and Mia Grant

Team Overall Results
1st - Game On! (Team #055)
Jaxan - S. Anderson
Maze - S. Peardot-Goudy
Stinger - D. Snelleman

2nd Klink Flies Solo (Team #087)
Solo - J. Siegel
Jet - D. Sanders
Klink - L. Mueller

3rd Git R Done (Team #059)
Jester - D. Peel
Wally - S. Peardot-Goudy
Sizzle Ho - J. Hoye

All Results

Congratulations everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun time in the leaves!

Since Mum has been getting well for several weeks after a nasty head thing, we got behind on the yard work.

So last weekend, she trimmed up the shrubs in the front, cut all the grass in the front, and then started in on raking some of the leaves in our fenced in area in the back, there's no grass back there, just peat now that all the leaves are raked up.

What doe that mean??? You guessed it, leaf fun!

After a time of Gracie biting at the rake (Mum got her over that bad habit pretty quickly) and me barking at her for bugging Mum, we settled into a leaf pike and Mum got an official Fall photo of us. I think it's a keeper!

Yep, we had some outtakes, that's fur sure! BOL! (Ewewww, my sis is touching me!!!)

Then we had had enough of being still and decided to get our zoomies on, and wrestle in the soft pile of leaves...

Ah, ha!!! It's the official YoYo Death Grip, gotcha Gracie!

Gracie gave it up and did her 'ashamed' move on the Mum...that always gets her treats, especially when it comes with a wink.

Hey, where are my treats?

It's been a bit cooler, and Mum had to gather up some wood around the property after our leaf fun (since our cord hasn't been delivered yet) and we stoked up the wood stove in the cabin! Oh such a great cozy evening, watching a movie by the fire...Fun day!

Angry Birds makes me run for the hills!

Mum doesn't play very many games on the computer. But she did download one not too long ago. You guessed - Angry Birds!

Yep, she on occasion has a lot of fun with it, but the minute I hear those birds squaking and cheering I run for the hills! I don't like that noise...makes me really nervous. Very unusual for me; well kinda. I have the same reaction when Mum watches football on the TV. Mum thinks it has something to do with her yelling and stuff, BOL!

So Mum has been getting stagnant since we now have a fence. Gracie and I are getting more exercise than ever. But not Mum, no more walking four miles a day for her. And the hikes we've been taking about once a week aren't doing it for her anymore. So she's looking into a Wii for the winter to keep her in shape for my agility!

We came across a site the other day with gamestop coupons, maybe they will help us get a nice little discount. Me? I'm apprehensive...not sure I'm gonna like all that yelling, grunting and heavy breathing Mum's gonna put out exercising while I watch. Guess we'll see!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

FCI World Championships this weekend!

This weekend are the FCI Agility World Championships in Liévin, France, October 7-9, 2011.

Over 35 countries will be represented in three days of competition for individual, jumping and team.

The schedule is as follows:

Thursday 6th October 2011

Team Welcome Session
Team Training
Opening Ceremony

Friday 7th October 2011

Opening Ceremony
Jumping Individual Large - Judge : Rolf Graber - Running Order, Course
Jumping Individual Small - Judge : David Powell- Running Order, Course
Jumping Individual Medium - Judge : Rolf Graber - Running Order
Agility Team Small - Judge : David Powell - Running Order

Saturday 8th October 2011- Running Orders

Agility Team Medium - Judge : Rolf Graber - Course
Jumping Team Large - Judge : David Powell - Course
Jumping Team Small - Judge : Rolf Grabe - Course
Jumping Team Medium - Judge : David Powell - Course
Agility Team Large - Judge : Rolf Graber

Sunday 9th October 2011

Agility Individual Medium - Judge : David Powell - Course
Agility Individual Small - Judge : Rolf Graber - Course
Agility Individual Large - Judge David Powell - Course
Closing ceremony

Live stream of the event will be available for those not able to attend. Access on Thursday (training day) will be free; one day passes Friday through Sunday are 7 EUR (est. 9.34 USD); 3-day pass - 15 EUR (est 20.00 USD); vod for one year - 25 EUR (est 33.35 USD). (Prices are at press time). Click here to purchase. Enter code 'LIEVINLIVE' for 1 EUR discount for the live stream and 'WEBTV' for a 3 EUR discount for the VOD package.

The US Team includes:


Handler Dog Breed
Barb Davis Jahdo Skechers at Strathspey MX MXJ OF "Skecher" Shetland Sheepdog
Janet Dunn Sheeza Friendz’d Conniption MX MXJ XF "Tantrum" Papillon
Dee Anna Gamel NAC MACH8 Hilltop Kelsi Lee Kinsella "Kelsi" Shetland Sheepdog
Marcy Mantell NAC MACH6 Plail’s Few and Far Between CDX RN PT MXF TQX " Wave" Shetland Sheepdog
Alternate - Heidi Vania MACH2 Ivan Lee Glacial Reflection OF "Ice" Shetland Sheepdog


Handler Dog
Ashley Deacon NAC MACH3 Luka De La Brise "Luka" Pyrenean Shepherd
Karen Holik MACH6 Triunes Feelin Hot Hot Hot "Sizzle" Shetland Sheepdog
John Nys (absent) NAC MACH4 Bare Cove Blu Lite Special "Rush" Shetland Sheepdog
Maureen Waldron MACH3 Plail’s It’s All About Me!  MXF TQX "Mickle" Shetland Sheepdog


Handler Dog
Laura Jones MACH Kep "Kep" Border Collie
Daisy Peel NAC MACH Super Sun OF "Solar" Border Collie
Tori Self NAC Sagehill’s Change the World MX MXJ OF "Rev" Border Collie
Terry Smorch MACH3 Hob Nob Up tempo Night Flight MXF TQX "Presto" Border Collie
Alternate – Rob Michalski Sprite’s Haute Volee MX MXJ UD "Wings" Belgian Tervuren

Note: John Nys and Rush will not be attending because of a death in the family, our condolences go out to John and his family.

Important resources and links:

Thursday's Training Schedule - starts with USA at 8 AM
Results and updates from the AKC website and Facebook Page
FCI on Facebook
Live Stream
Seating arrangement for the event 
All countries participating
Running Orders
Play by Play

Judges include David Powell (link to past courses) and Rolf Graber (sample courses - 13, Course, Course, Course (standard) Course, Course, Course, Course (jumping)) has put together an amazing history of FCI from 2000-2010 in preparation of this year's event; complete with results, videos, photos and commentary . You can view the articles here (a great retrospective):

Rieden 2010
Dornbirn 2009
Helskinki 2008
Hamar 2007
Basel 2006
Valladolid 2005
Montichiari 2004
Liévin 2003
Dortmund 2002
Porto 2001
Helsinki 2000

General Video Links:
YouTube: cacyBC23; Agilika; diavolixITALIA

Comparison Video Links:
Tereza Králová & Nice vs. Lisa Frick & Hoss - Large Jumping (:21 sec difference)

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Jumping Large Individual - Full Results

4.ABU LAILA SAMIR and BRISA 282 (BRA) 3rd place

Vids: USA (4), Top 3 (3)

Jumping Small Individual - Full Results


Vids: Side x side - Cayenne vs Skechers (via Guy Blancke)

Jumping Medium Individual - Full Results


Vids: Silvia Trkman/La (1st)

Agility Team Small - Full Results


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Agility Team Medium - Full Results


Jumping Team Large - Full Results

2.UNITED KINGDOM (Great Britain)

Vids: Tori and Rev - US

Jumping Team Small - Full Results


Jumping Team Medium- Full Results


Vid: USA (3) 

Agility Team Large - Full Results


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Agility Individual Medium - Full Results


Vids: Ashley/Luka - 1st; Side by Side (via Guy Blancke - Ashley/Luka; Karen Holik/Sizzle

Agility Individual Small - Full Results


Agility Individual Large - Full Results


Support those we work with and keep us going!

Praying Mantis!

The other day when we were out in the back yard, I was sniffing the air knowing that there was something different in the area.

So what did I find? A really big Praying Mantis! Yep, it was so big that I could even smell it. This nice lady was well over 6 inches long!

Praying Mantis are very interesting creatures; helpful insects that feed on the bad bugs around Mum's little pot garden. Mum finds little ones around her tomatoes and jalapenos all the time. She likes to look at them, move to the right then move to the left, and watch their heads and eyes follow her back and forth. OK, my Mum is silly but she gets a big kick out it.

Larger Praying Mantis can even consume small reptiles and small mammals and birds, but we've never seen that happen. Antoher super cool thing about them is that they change color with the environment they are on, like this one that's brown because it's on the deck railing, but we see lots on shrubs that are green. Very cool little creatures.

So what do you think about Praying Mantis?
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