Thursday, May 31, 2012

Water hose time for the Gracer!

Oh, yeah! Gracie is one happy girl now, baby!

She finally got to play with the water hose again, now that our fence is up. And of course after a good water hose session, you gotta roll around and get all the dirt attached to your wet fur. Go Gracie!

I'm not as crazy about the water hose as Gracie is, but I do like to spend my time trying to herd her and bark at her as she runs around trying to catch the water stream, so we both get good exercise, BOL!

Now all we need is for Mum to check out for a chaise lounge chair, so she can kick back and watch Gracie get her water zoomies on!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mum got our fence up!

Wheee! Mum finally got our fence up!

She worked on it Memorial Day weekend. It took her 10 hours over three days....she worked so hard!

First she laid out the stakes, five feet apart. Then she started pounding them in, all 37 of them.

Then she spend three hours raking out all the leaf matter, twigs, large rocks and such. And then she weed eat'ed the grass clumps.

On the final day she put up the netting and secured it into the ground and to the stakes.

And voila! We are now free running, free peeing, free pooing, dogs! Here's we are getting a little zoomie on...

Checking out how secure the fence is to this tree. Yep, she did good!

Gracie is sooo happy!

She's got her own little rock prop to see out into the forest!

We're super proud of Mum, she worked so hard to make us happy! Have to say that after three weeks on leash, I was starting to lose my zest. I like my independence, that's fur sure! I think Gracie and I need to thank Mum and get her some shari's berries, whadda you think?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lounging tree!

 Now here's a tree built just for taking a load off!

When I see trees similar to this, I often wonder just how it got that way? Was there something in the way for it to go straight? Did this start as just an offshoot years and years ago and was there another part of an original tree? Very cool none the less. You sure could take add a nice latex mattress and take a load off, don't ya think? BOL!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I got to try the new Nina Ottosson Dog Worker!

The nice folks at Pawlickers sent us the new Nina Ottosson Dog Worker to try out recently!

I have to say that this is the most versatile, wooden Nina Ottosson Puzzle and Interactive Toy I've tried yet!

This one is different as it has three different ways you can play to vary the skill level, so it's great for any dog. The first way (you can see it in the video) is to use just the pegs; the second way is to hide the treats under the outer pegs and under the spinning wheel; and the third way is to put it all together and hide the treats under the sliding pegs so that your pup has to turn the wheel to slide the pegs and find the treats!

So here's our vid showing all three ways to use the new Nina Ottosson Dog Worker!

Right now you can get the Nina Ottosson Dog Worker through the Pawlickers store on Amazon for $51.49 (that's a discount of 13% or $7.50) with free shipping!

With the heat of summer coming up, it's a great way to engage and 'wear out' your dog when you can't get out there for a nice long walk or hike! A tired dog is a happy dog, believe me I know. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We did it again to help the Grace-ster!

Yep, we did it again!! We moved last weekend to a pawsome new cabin, just about 10 minutes or so from our old place.

It's further up the mountain, but has all the comforts of home, including trash pickup! DOG, has Mum missed that.

So why did we move this time? Well, we found out after a repair job at our old cabin, that the place had mold. And it turns out that we are 95% sure it is the reason that Gracie and Mum got sick this past fall and winter.

So, let me show you our new place!

Here's the front of the new cabin...

And very importantly my, and Gracie's, rompin' area...soon to be fenced in, with a few pieces of agility equipment, our summer portable pool!

And here's the view from our back porch/deck, just off the living room and Mum's office room.

So back to the reason we moved...Mum was frequently sneezy, runny nose, and coughing a lot from fall into winter and early spring, which isn't like her at all. In February she had two days of 102 temperature and I really had to give her the YoYo comfort routine. And Gracie has had a snotty nose since last August that none of the several vets she's seen have been able to help her with.

Once we were able to open up the windows to the cabin in the Spring, both Mum and Gracie got lots, lots better! So that's when we became pretty darn sure the mold was the issue.

Dr. Harvey, the founder of  Dr. Harvey's, our super pawsome friend and Twitter bud for a long time, has been helping provide Gracie with a lot of immune system builders utilizing herbs and homeopathics. He has helped her a lot to keep potential infections away. With Dr. Harvey's help, all this time Gracie never lost her appetite or energy level and was even doing all her agility and hiking with us; and acted her same wacky self , except she had snot coming out of her nose, along with sneezing too.

We are super grateful to Dr. Harvey for helping us with Gracie. Since we've been in the new cabin for about a week now, she is 90% better! Still a little sneezing in the morning and a little snot. But we talked with Dr. Harvey today and just know that with a few more supplements she will recover completely very soon thanks to all his amazing help over the past months. (Hope Dr. Harvey Cohen doesn't mind that I shared his photo with you...that's the Doc with Daner in the photo to the left). When you get a chance go take a look at his amazing line of foods, treats, supplements and more; all healthy, safe and natural, just the way nature intended, and the way we like. Oh and check out the Power Patties, they are my most absolute favorite agility running treat!

So we are loving our new place so far. It's got lots of places to walk and hike right out our front door. And we are really going to be super happy when Mum gets the fence up. There are a lot of horse farms around here too, which are fun to see; folks around with all their equestrian apparel, and such. And Mum is loving having the trash picked up and having filtered ice and water from the fridge door again. And Gracie is back to her old tricks hitting the lever to get a quick drink, silly girl!
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