Monday, August 27, 2012

When the dog's away, the kitties will play!

Every morning Mum and I find this on the couch.

And every morning, Mum throws it back on the floor. The next morning, there it is on the couch again! So what's up with that?

Well, we've figured it out. When the dog's are away, the kitties will play...specifically Wiggy!

Wiggy loves this little ball, it's his absolute favorite. But he can really only play with it at night, when Gracie is in her crate downstairs (that's where she likes to keep an eye on things at night), and when Mum and I are upstairs in the human bed, sleeping away.

On rare occasions we've seen Wiggy grab the ball in his mouth and carry it around the cabin, so we're pretty sure this is how the ball appears in our couch every morning.

We think it's pretty cool that at 17 years old, Wiggy still loves to play with his toys, we think he deserves some trophies and awards for that! Go Wiggy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Chowin' down on raw!

If you know me, you know how much I love my raw meat!

A while back we posted a video about how excited Gracie and I get for our raw chicken backs and necks.

We got the raw chicken backs and necks (hormone free, anti-biotic free, of course) from Whole Foods. They were kind enough to order them for us a week or so ahead of time. Then when we stopped at the store to pick them up, they delivered them to our car since it was hot out and Mum didn't want to leave us in the car. And they packed them in ice for our a long drive back to the cabin. How cool is that! Great service.

Here's that vid again showing how excited we get!

After some online friends saw this vid, they wanted to see me eating one of my raw chicken backs. 

Mum remembers the first time she gave us some raw food. It was a raw chicken neck. They are small and may not be the right size for bigger dogs, but they are perfect size for me and Gracie. 

One of the things that sticks out in Mum's mind is how natural it sounds as we crunch the necks and break up the cartilage of the raw meaty bone. It's not like chewing Wholesale Leather that's for sure!

It may seem gross to some, but feels, and is, oh so natural to me and Gracie! So here's the vid of me chowin' down on my raw chicken back. If you're queasy about this kind of stuff, you may not want to watch, BOL!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The toad that made me sick!

See that little guy below? He made me sick!!!

Yes, you heard me, a toad got me sick. It's called toad toxin poisoning.

Never heard of it? Me either!

So here's what happened...

Gracie and I were out in the yard playing and wrestling. After that and a good little dip in the pool, we started sniffing around and Gracie found this toad. She sniffed it, did her 'back up, ears forward, head bob, trying to figure out what it was and what it was going to do, or what she could make it do' thing, bol!

She paw'd at it a bit and it tried to hop, but ran into the fence. Mum called Gracie off the toad to leave it be. So then of course I had to explore the little guy. I paw'd at it a bit and Mum called me off.

After a few minutes we were getting hot and decided to go in to cool off and Mum started fixing her lunch. Then all of a sudden I started to gag. Mum first thought that I had sniffed up some sandy dirt (which I've done before) and was trying to get it out of my nose and throat. So she didn't think anything about it.

Just about then I gagged up some foam. Hmm...Mum thought all that gagging may have turned my tummy a bit, no big deal, it's happened before. But then I gagged/threw up more foam, and then again and again! About eight times total. That's when Mum knew it was something different and remembered the toad.

And she remembered that she had read somewhere on the internet about toad toxin poisoning. So she got on the internet, did a quick search and got info. She washed out my mouth with the kitchen sink hose, then she got a little peroxide and put it on her finger and rubbed my gums with it. Then gave me some yogurt and voila, it stopped the gagging/vomiting!

She called our vet and told them what happened. They asked how I was feeling/acting right then and Mum said I was ready to go outside and get my zoomies on again. Our vet said, that means the toxin is out and I won't have any more symptoms or dangers. Good!

After I'm safe and settled, Mum goes outside without us to get the toad out of the fenced area and sees that it's injured, and dying. So she tosses it over the fence for another animal to enjoy a good meal.

We've played with toads in our yard before, but we've never hurt one. That's the difference!!! When they get hurt or injured is when some toads release a toxin to ward off prey.

Come to find out that larger dogs, like Gracie, aren't really effected by the toxin it's such a low level. But smaller dogs like me are! And the dangerous part is that if a small dog, like a Yorkie or Pap where to ingest part of the frog (along with the toxin) it can actually be fatal! Yep, that's right, fatal! Bet you didn't know that, did ya?

The good thing is that the toad toxin tastes horrible, so most dog's leave them alone; another reason you probably don't hear much about toad toxin poisoning. Interesting stuff, huh?

So that adventurous day was over, we cuddle into a good sleep complete with rustic bedding on the human bed. And then we woke up to another adventurous day the next day, more on that to come!

You can read more about toad toxicity on these sites: PetMD and Merck Veterinary

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turtle comes to visit!

The other day after a big, big rain a turtle came to visit.

He was on the other side of the fence (you may have to click to bigify) and just about drove us nuts! Cute isn't he? 

He retracted his little head as soon as he saw us coming. Maybe he was inside his turtle shell house logging in for some online life insurance,just in case, BOL!

Critters are so amazing. Squirrels, toads (oh, more about that real soon!), turtles, birds, bears, mountain lions, we've seen all of them up on our mountain. Just a tip, make sure you only see bears and mountain lions from the car, it's safer!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Gracie's favorite game!

It's Gracie's favorite game evah!!!

She finds jumping for a little container of water much more fun than a water hose.

As a matter of fact, this ability got her a $100 gig entertaining little kids at a birthday party back when we lived in Indiana.

When she's in her water zone nothing, and I mean nothing, will distract her from the next container of water.

Ready Gracie?

Oh yeah, she's ready! OK, here it comes!

Mum had a little fun and used the 30 pic burst function on our camera. Fun huh? Be sure and click to bigify the pic, it's like a ballet!

Here's Gracie getting her jump on! All we need is some dj bubbles and she'd be a big hit at any party!!! Music to our ears!

Thursday, August 02, 2012


It's been raining almost every day here. You know, that heat up in the afternoon type of rain then the sun comes out. One thing that all this rain has been doing is popping up lots and lots of mushrooms.

On our walk the other day up the road we saw tons of them. Even though Mum doesn't let us go near them, 'cause she doesn't know which ones are dangerous, it sure doesn't stop her from looking at 'em and taking photos.

This one was huge!!! Just about 12 inches long, even though it's hard to tell in the photo. Wow, it's almost as big as me!

And take a look at these! We've never seen these before.

We just can't believe all the different kinds Mum picks up in our yard every day....brown ones, red ones, brown and red ones, white ones, beige ones and ones that look like someone learned how to dye leather ones....oh, I could go on and on!

Remember! Some mushrooms, especially the death cap mushrooms are super toxic and dangerous, stay away!

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