Sunday, June 28, 2015

Black and White Sunday: X-Ray!

Look ma, no arthritis, even at 11 years old! And if you missed out on all my birthday party action, be sure and click here for all the fun, photos, toys, games and more!

And we'll have more info on these x-rays coming soon, stand by!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pawty Time: Super fun, activities and a BarkBox for my 11th Birthday! #BarkBoxDay

This post is sponsored by BarkBox, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping to share our experience with BarkBox, but Johann The Dog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. BarkBox is not responsible for the content of this article.

Yesterday was my 11th Birthday!

And you know what birthdays mean, right?!? Pawty time!

So Rach, Gracie and I spent part of the day doing some things we absolutely love.

We hiked a little around our mountain before it got too hot. We played a little agility in the yard.

It was a pretty low key day, just hanging at home with Mum. And we had an absolute blast.

Gracie enjoys our hike!
After our hike, Mum got out our kiddie pool and let us dunk for treats, yes, that's right treats!

Wait, where's the treat? Oh, it's a goner, already sucked up by the pupper!
One of the big parts of the day was opening my presents. When your 11 you have pretty much everything you need. You'd think right?  But oh no, it isn't so!

Just a couple of weeks ago the nice folks at BarkBox® asked if they could send me one of their boxes to try out. The box was delivered late last week and Mum had to hide it in the closet so none of us (including kittie bro Wolfie) wouldn't get in to it. Yep, you could smell good stuff from outside the box.

Today she let me at it and boy did I go at it!

It includes several of my and our new and old favorite things, including:
  • The new Nina Ottosson small soft Dog Pyramid treat puzzle toy (which makes much less sound when it spins around to get the treats out. Rach will love this one).
  • A Silly Bums crinkle squeaky soft toy (Gracie loves soft little toys for agility rewards).
  • A Jax and Bones Rope Toy that's eco-friendly (and you know how much we love that, Rach's gonna love this one too).
And some healthy, made in the US, treats including:
  • A package of Hare of the Dog Rabbit Treats (whoa! Rabbit?).
  • An Etta Says Turkey Chew (nom!).
  • A package of Petya Superfood Protein treats (who doesn't need a little pick me up?).
  • An Organic TurboPup bar (which will be great for our next big hike!).
Guess I'm going to have to share....oh well, happy to share with my best buds.

After the festivities we took a break on the back deck....too much fun was had by all! This photo reminds me of a song from the 'Wonders.' 'Come on, come on. There's a party going on. Come on, Come on. We'll be rockin' 'till dawn!'

BarkBox is really cool. It's a subscription service that allows you to select monthly subscriptions for a box based on your dog's size that includes toys, treats, chews and sometimes cool gadgets. You sign up and they send you a new box every month.

No worries taking some chances, because if you don't like one of the products it's no pawblem! They will replace a damaged or disliked product with no fuss, no muss.

We like 'em because they are so selective about the products they include. They concentrate on eco-friendly, healthier, made in the US items that fit perfectly with our lifestyle.

If you'd like to try BarkBox (we know your dog wants you to!) here is a 10% off coupon code good for 10% off any new subscription, as well as free shipping in the US. Go fetch!

Check out BarkBox:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Black and White Sunday: I'm gonna be 11 years old!

11 years old!
One Year Old!
Can you believe it? I'm gonna be 11 years old on the 25th of this month. What a ride it is!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Black and White Sunday: Happy Hiker!

It's big hiking season here, and we've been able to go on some pawsome hikes so far this Spring. Love it! 

Oh and BTW? Don't miss my Summer Reading List recommends for those lazy afternoons after a good hike...perfect back porch summer reads featuring dogs of course!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Johann's Summer Reading List: It's all about the dogs, of course!

It's that time of year! Time to hit the back yard and enjoy the nice weather and a good book....after a nice hike or a little dog agility of course!

Today I wanted to share with you my recommended summer reading list; a list of great books perfectly suited for dog lovers.

From a few mysteries from favorite authors to some new educational tidbits, we've got a great selection of books that we think you will really enjoy this summer.

So let's get started!

We're already 50 pages in to a review copy of the new book from Spencer Quinn and the latest in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series entitled, 'Scents and Sensibility.'

When a mysterious case of illegal cactus smuggling comes to their attention, Chet and his human P.I. companion, Bernie Little, find themselves in a prickly situation in this eighth book in the New York Times bestselling mystery series.

Written in Chet's voice, (because dogs are the smartest of them all you know) the entire Chet and Bernie Mystery Series is a fun filled, action packed, doggone great adventure and the latest in the series is surely to please those who love a good mystery. You can pre-order now for July 14th delivery.

Arriving August 15th is a revised version of the book, 'Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs.' From Lew Olson, author of the first version of the book (which we have in our library) published in 2010, this new version contains additional information on special care and feeding of pregnant, newborn, performance, and toy breed dogs as well as senior dog considerations and the safety of the raw food diet for dogs.

The book traces the history of feeding dogs with the author showing when commercial dog food rose and took hold of the market. She discusses canine nutritional needs and provides research on how home-prepared foods can meet pets' needs better than commercial, processed dog food. Written with thorough information for the seasoned raw feeder, this guide can also be easily followed by any newcomer to home-feeding.

From British bestselling author Damien Lewis, an award-winning journalist who has spent twenty years reporting from war, disaster, and conflict zones. comes an inspiriting tale of Judy--an English pointer who perhaps was the only canine prisoner of war.

After being bombed and shipwrecked repeatedly while serving for several wild and war-torn years as a mascot of the World War II Royal Navy Yangtze river gunboats the Gnat and the Grasshopper, Judy ended up in Japanese prisoner of war camps in North Sumatra.

Judy's uncanny ability to sense danger, matched with her quick thinking and impossible daring saved countless lives. We are looking forward to reading the true story of  Judy: The Unforgettable Story of the Dog Who Went to War and Became a True Hero.

What summer reading list would be complete without a good dog training book! This summer we're reading a basic positive trainer book from author Victoria Schade, entitled, 'Secrets of a Dog Trainer.' This book touches on a variety of dog related behaviors and comes at them from a positive dog trainers perspective.

Since we have a lot of training things on our minds lately with Rach as a part of our family, new things are cropping up that Mum wants to make sure she understands. We are excited to read this book as the author gives pet parents a trainer's point of view, explaining why dog owners' instinctual reactions to their dogs' bad behaviors may not be the most successful. In an engaging, approachable way, she helps you understand "trainer think" — which stems from "dog think."

Meatloaf and Taser are at it again in the latest in the cozy mystery series by JK Brandon.

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend getaway for the neighborhood dogs and their owners. But when Taser, Meatloaf and the rest of the pack arrive at a cabin in the woods, nothing goes as planned. First, a storm and rising creek waters cut them off from civilization.

Then, on a dark and stormy night, bodies start hitting the floor. It's up to the dogs to find the killer among them before he strikes again. Sadly, the suspect list includes the humans they love and depend on. In the middle of their investigation, a four-legged killer arrives to stalk the pampered pets. Their only hope is to answer the... Howl of the Wild.

Well we know how dog people are, don't we? If you don't you will after you read 'Off The Leash,' a group portrait of dog people, specifically the strange, wonderful, neurotic, and eccentric dog people who gather at Amory Park, overlooking Boston near Fenway Park.

And it's about author Matthew Gilbert's transformation, after much fear and loathing of dogs and social groups, into one of those dog people with fur on their jackets, squeaky toys in their hands, and biscuits in their pockets.

And last but certainly not least! Don't forget about my book....well it's the book that Mum wrote, but she sure couldn't have done it without me!

Raise A Green Dog is a comprehensive book on how to raise a healthier, happier dog and help the environment at the same time. Packed full of information, Raise A Green Dog includes articles, tips and tricks from everything to help you create an organic lawn and garden for the health of your dog, to what healthier diets to select, to how to dispose of the ‘doo’ responsibly, to healthy homemade treat recipes, to making your own dog toys and other dog gear, and everything in between.

We hope you enjoy our list and enjoy your summer reads!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Black and White Sunday: Happy Birthday Wolfie!

Happy 21st Birthday to my kittie bro Wolfie (Wolfgang)!

Wolfie was the last of a little stray's litter born in my Mum's Mom’s yard in Indiana. He was the only one left as he would always run and hide from those interested in adopting. Mum was visiting one day and her Mom encouraged her to take a look at the elusive one. When she went to the back yard to see him he walked right up to her and rubbed my leg.

My GrandMom's mouth dropped open. Mum carried him to the front yard bench to decide if she wanted to take him home. Just then his kitty mom jumped up on the bench beside Mum...sniffed her, sniffed him, sniffed her and left. The signs couldn't have been clearer, Mum had to take him home.

To this day he only loves Mum and merely tolerates others. Over the years he's caught 100’s of mice on the hill behind our former house in Indiana and was trained to stay in my yard. Mum would say ‘boundary’ when he got to the lot line and he would turn around and go the other way. He’s only been sick one time in his life when he got salmonella from raw food and became anorexic. Mum finger fed him 20 times per day 'till he finally would eat on his own again. Before dogs he loved to sleep with Mum at night with his paw nestled in the palm of her hand.

Happy Birthday little one!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Black and White Sunday: Our friends are about to leave!

Remember from a few Sundays ago we had little ones for new neighbors?

They hatched soon after we shared them with you.

And over the past weeks they've grown and grown.

And here they are yesterday, getting ready for their flying lesson. The Momma bird doesn't share their nest at night anymore, it's way too full. And yesterday, she sat on the fence post and tweet, tweet, tweeted away, encouraging them to take their first steps. 

Last year we had a snake get to the nest before they were able to grow up. But this year Mum put down organic sulfer around the porch, the porch posts and the rocks around the deck and we haven't seen a snake yet this year. Looks like it may be working!

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