Wednesday, July 02, 2014

ADCH YoYo, It's official...and you can just call me the Snooker Cooker!

Look what I got in the mail!

Yep, it's official, I got my ADCH; and my Snooker Master and Snooker Champion titles a couple of weeks ago. And just yesterday I received my Snooker Bronze title!

How cool!!! Mum is so proud of me...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hiking Minnehaha Falls!

After our hike to Tallulah Gorge, we all (Gracie, Me, Rocco and his Mum (from To Dog With Love)) got back in the car and headed into the deep of the Chattahoochee National Forest to a place we had read about called Minnehaha Falls.

See the inscription on the railing, I think they spelled it wrong don't you? Ooopsie!

The drive there was a little confusing as our GPS went out once we reached a certain point in the forest, no cell signal. But we managed to find it after taking only one little detour.

This had been later after a few big rains here in the mountains, and one of the roads was in the way of a free flowing creek. Mum dutifully stopped the car in front of this stream and took a look. Most of it looked very shallow, but one area looked deeper. She grabbed a long branch and made her way to the deep end and tested to see how deep it was. Yep, a-ok! Our Rover will make it through. And off we went.

The trail was only about 1/4 a mile which means we didn't get in a lot of hiking on this day trip, but we did get to see some awesome falls. Here is the first sighting of falls, a nice little drop with a great little wading pool that I just had to investigate.

Yep, water feels fine!!! 

Gracie and Rocco had to have a little drink. Mum doesn't usually let us drink from streams unless they are high in the mountains and are very free flowing. How's it taste guys? Nom!!!

Again, I just had to investigate, check out the little vid...Oh watch out, there's a drop off there!


Mum, Gracie and I got a little ahead of Rocco and his Mom, we turned left and headed up the trail just about 20 feet further and wow! What a sight! Take a look.


The falls are named for Minnehaha, a fictional character in the epic poem 'The Song of Hiawatha' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 

'And he named her from the river,
From the water-fall he named her,
Minnehaha, Laughing Water.'

On the way back we had to try and get a threesome shot, and thanks to Rocco's Mom having some new and different yummy treats, we indulged, dutifully!

I'll leave you today with this amazing shot. Yep that's me at Minnehaha Falls!

Till next time...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Today I am 10 years old!!!

Today is a milestone day for me, I am 10 years old and it's my birthday!

Some say that I'm 56 in human years, some say 53. But I don't feel a day over 25, that's fur sure.

Last year I posted about all the things I have accomplished over the years, from herding sheep, to getting my MACH, to living in several states, to being featured in a coffee table book, to tracking and finding my kittie bro, Wiggy and lots, lots more.

Also, last year I set some goals for myself; a few more items for a bucket list, if you will.

I'm proud to say that I accomplished three of them this past year, from getting my ADCH to catching a squirrel to sinking my teeth into a whole chicken.

There are just a couple of more items on my bucket list with lots of years left from running free on an ocean beach to playing with a little bro.

So I guess I'm going to have to rethink my bucket list and add more things, like maybe making a cameo appearance in a feature film or spending three full days with just my Mum and have her all to myself....who knows? Much to ponder....

Do you have any bucket list items for your dog?

Friday, June 20, 2014

My second agility trial in PIII USDAA!

Just a few weeks after my first agility trial at PIII, it was time for my second one.

This one was held near Canton, just about an hour from us. Friday was Masters only, Saturday Masters and then Advanced/Starters and Sunday Advanced/Starters only.

Friday was a very short day and Mum entered me in Jumpers and Snooker. Saturday we were entered in Gamblers, Snooker and Standard. Gracie was entered on Saturday in Gamblers.

The day started with Jumpers. After the last trial, Mum tried to be more sure of where she was going to be, where she would do a front or blind cross, etc., so that my lines would be nice and she would be out of my way (as that was a problem last trial). There were some nice turns, some nice straight-a-ways (which I love). We had a nice run and I ended up with a Q and 1st place.

Our next run was Snooker. I remember this one well, as the oddest thing happened. We did three sevens (seven was a two jump and tunnel combo). But for some reason one of our reds wasn't counted and we ended up with 37 points. No other dogs in the small group qualified, so we got another SQ. What the DOG?! Ok, this is getting a little too ironic at this point (as I got a SQ on my first PIII Snooker run a few weeks ago, after struggling for years to get those 2 SQ's in championship).

We headed home and did a few things around the cabin and got to bed early as Saturday was going to be a very long day.

We got there very early and my first run was Snooker again. This one was going to be long, so Mum thought it would be a good op to test out our timing. 6 was a tunnel jump combo, 5 was a tunnel jump combo, 7 a teeter and the other numbers were jumps. We planned four reds with a 6, a 7 and 2 5's, starting with the jump in the lower left, which would give us 54 points if we made it all the way through.

I wasn't running as fast as the previous runs and two of the jumps ended up being figure 8's (like you do sometimes at practice jumps?), so the entire run took more time than we thought. I made it through the final six, but didn't get the last seven (a teeter) for 47 points. And I was just about to put my foot on that dang teeter too. Oh well, it was fun and good enough for a SQ and 1st place.

OMD! Do you know what that means? I already in two trials and four Snooker runs have my 3 SQ's for my PDCH (if we decide I want to go for that title). Now we really talking situational irony, wouldn't you say?

The next run was Gamblers, and we were looking forward to it. I love gambles, they allow me to be independent!

The gamble was  a parallel jump on the line, coming back in a bit to the left to the tunnel entrance, which headed out to the frame and then a jump beyond. Mum knew I had a good chance at this as I love my frame, I do, I do!

We gathered up points on the dogwalk twice, got in a teeter and the tire, some other jumps and then headed into the gamble, and bam I got it! How fun was that! Another Q and a 2nd place with 44 points.

Next up was Standard. Nothing extra difficult and we ended up with another 1st and Q.

You know what that means? Yes, I went 5 for 5 with 4 1st places and 1 second place. Wow! That hasn't happened since I was a youngster. What fun!

Gracie did very well too! Mum didn't enter her in anything except Gamblers this weekend, as she got a little freaked out at the last trial in Standard with that doggone teeter. So Mum decided to make Gracie's Gamblers run uber fun and it was. It was so fun to see Gracie run with abandon, fun, fast and furious, and still gather her self up and get the gamble for a second place and a Q. What a good Girlie!

Team YoYo and Gracie went 6 for 6!

Sadly our next trial and only trial the rest of the year is last of August/first of September. Mum has been thinking about doing a little AKC with us again, just to keep a little more fine tuned since there are fewer USDAA trial near us this year.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gracie found a Wolf Spider: Dangerous but not lethal!

Not too long ago, just a few days before Gracie had that run in with the Copperhead Snake, Mum saw Gracie pawing at something on the ground.

She didn't think too much of it because Gracie finds these huge beetles sometimes and behaves exactly the same way. But being were we live with lots of 'dangerous' stuff, Mum thought she better go and check it out.

When Mum got up close, she saw that Gracie was pawing at a huge, huge spider! It's really difficult to tell how large it is in the photo, but it was just at 3" from tip of the leg to tip of leg. The biggest spider Mum has ever seen in her life!

Of course she got Gracie away, not knowing yet if it was a dangerous spider. Then she took a photo, took us inside and got on the interwebs to investigate.

Turns out it's a Wolf Spider, listed 9th on the list of The 10 Most Dangerous Spiders in the World. (A word of caution, this link contains some graphic photos of people with spider bites).

Wolf Spiders like the woods, and they like to spend their time in wood piles, leaf litter, anywhere their food source may be. Although it's the Wolf Spider is poisonous, its venom is not lethal. 

These spiders don't build webs to capture their pray, they are ground spiders, or as some call hunting spiders, as they hunt for food on the ground. They can climb and swim. Despite their name, they are solitary creatures, unlike Wolves who live in packs. 

They eat ground based insects and other spiders. With eight eyes they have excellent vision to watch for their prey. They wait and then 'hunt' them down, scurrying along the ground. They even have great night vision, and some say that if you shine a flashlight at them at night, their eyes shine back at you like a cat's.

Wolf Spiders aren't initially aggressive, but will bite if they feel they are in danger. They move very quickly, but this one was caught immediately by our fence (you can see the grid of the fence in the photo). So it was trapped. Mum was very glad she got there when she did to get Gracie away and avoid a nasty bite.

So not only do we have the Brown Recluse Spider, but we now have to watch out for these buggars. But good to get to know them and whatever danger they pose.

They say for this type of bite, you should immediately pack it with ice to reduce swelling. Then keep the patient calm so as to keep the spread the venom at it's most minimum throughout the body while transporting immediate to the emergency vet. The most dangerous is if your dog (or human) is allergic, so it's best to immediate seek a vet and wait it out for a few hours. 

Mum is sure glad she didn't know all this when she was taking care of it, she would have been all stressed out like the day of the Copperhead!

Friday, June 13, 2014

My USDAA and AKC title pin box!

Yep, that's it, the latest version of my title pin box (with USDAA and AKC) after achieving my ADCH.

Seems complete now.

Oh wait? Maybe Mum will have to start one for my PACH and PDCH. What do you think?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Indian Trail Trees!

See this tree? Neat huh?

What we didn't know when we first moved here, and learned thereafter, is that this is a very special tree.

There are 1,000's of these types of trees reported all over North Georgia and Arkansas, with some even reported in Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and all over the eastern United States.

"There developed a custom of marking trails through the forests by bending saplings and securing them in such positions that their directions of bend indicated the directions of the routes to be followed. A line of similarly bent trees thus established a continuous uninterrupted route of travel which could readily be followed. 
After being bent, the young trees were fastened by one of several methods. Sometimes the trees were weighted down with a rock, sometimes a pile of dirt was used, and often the tree was tied in position with a length of rawhide, a strip of bark, or a tough vine. The various methods used in each case were dependent largely upon the custom and ingenuity of the individual performing the work, and the materials at hand."
There are reports that Native American elders from numerous tribes have confirmed their ancestors bent the trees. Other interviews have been done with descendants of early pioneers who also passed down parts of the story. The Trail Tree Project is an attempt to determine if these atypical looking trees are a part of a vast trail marked by Native Americans.

One of our neighbors here on the mountain stopped by not too long ago and told us that there were two more trees on our mountain up here, one next to his cabin and one up further on the ridge.

Very interesting!!! What do you think?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Giveaway: Tackling blow coat season with #PetHairSolutions from FURminator!

It's that time of year, yep, it's blow coat season!

Even our indoor kitties are experiencing heavier amounts of shedding this time of year. Combine that with all the sticks, dirt, little pebbles, leaves and more that Gracie and I bring into the cabin, you've got a good idea of what happens to low hanging tummies of older neutered kitties....yep, mats!

That's why we turn to FURminator pet hair solutions to tackle the extra fur and mats that accumulate on Wolfie and Wiggy.

And they really don't mind a good comb out with the FURminator deshedding tool, it keeps them from getting a hairball, it keeps them a little cooler in the summer months, and keeps the fur flying to a minimum too!

A little action with the FURminator and they are happy little campers at our cabin in the mountains. Using the FURminator shedding solutions products helps reduce shedding up to 90 percent, cool huh?

One of you, one of our lucky readers, can win your choice of FURminator deShedding solutions products! All you have to do is follow the instructions in the widget below to enter to win! We'll announce the winner in a future blog post, or you can check back here in the comments.

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This post is sponsored by FURminator. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about FURminator, but you know that Johann The Dog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. FURminator is not responsible for the content of this article.
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