Sunday, October 25, 2009

Car pet safety kit!

You know how much of a pet car safety advocate I am, especially after having come through a bad car accident with only a few bruised ribs.

That's one of the reasons I wrote up a Squidoo lens on dog car safety a couple of years ago.

So when I found out that the nice folks at had this really cool car pet safety kit, we just had to order one.

Bark Buckle UP is the recognized leader and experts in pet travel safety. They tour the USA and Canada educating and promote awareness for pet safety while traveling with pets. We first met them when we both did an interview for a Canadian newspaper about the dangers of dogs riding in cars unrestrained last year.

We received our kit the other day and it is going to be very handy for, you know, just in case. The best part is it comes with a car window decal that can alert first responders that there are pets in the car and direct them to look in the glove box for information.

The kit then contains individual and personalized pet emergency cards you can customize for each pet that allows you to add in a photo, contact info, emergency contact info, descriptions and more. Now all we need is some mechanical breakdown insurance, you know, for more just in case, BOL!!!

The kit with one info card is free, then it's only $1.00 to add additional cards. So our entire kit for all four of us four-leggers was only $3.00, plus just a tad for shipping. We received the entire kit in an envelop.

We highly recommend heading on over to their site and picking yourself a pet safety kit for your car, 'cause, it's so comforting to be prepared!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The best hike yet!!!

This past week we had a couple of great weather days. Mum was thinking that they may just be some of the last nice days of the year. So, we were determined to get in some good hiking.

On Wednesday, we headed to the River Road Park and hiked along the White River. Have to tell ya there is some pawsome hiking there! We hiked for about 2 miles along the river, then headed back, so we got in about 4 miles total.

Here we are headin' out from the parking area! Gracie was just a blur throughout the entire hike.

We took a brief stop at the canoe launch to take in the river.

Then we were off!

Before we got on the path, we ventured into the dense to get another good look at the river.

Then we got on the path. It was gorgeous! The leaves were falling like snow, and the slightly muddy path was covered with leaves to keep us drier. The path was fairly steep and slopped since it was actually the river bank from years ago when the river was wider.

Mum had to walk with one leg shorter than the other the entire hike, while Gracie and I zigged and zagged, up and down, back and forth through the entire hike. Sometimes all three of us jogged on the steep ups and down. Fun stuff!

Have to say you get in some good body work going up and down, over logs and stuff. Mum is getting pretty amazed at my abs lately. None of us need any type of appetite suppressant to keep in shape lately, all the hiking and body work we've been doing is really strengthening my core.

Mum had to take a pic of this moss growing on the north side of the tree. She remembers from when she was younger that this is how you tell which direction is which, so you don't get lost :). The moss was pretty much right on every tree we saw.

We got into the dense area again, and the squirrels were everywhere! Mum really had to plant to keep us reigned in. And Gracie was screaming her fool head off. I, of course, was barking wildly.

After we calmed down, we took a little break and I rested my bum on an old rotten log...nice and cool.

During our break we just stayed still, listening to the leaves fall, if we could hear any critters, making sure we took it all in...

Then we headed down the path again. Gracie was wild on the entire hike. For some reason this time it seemed like a very new and overwhelming experience for her senses. A few times she got crazy manic and a bit on the frantic side.

She'd get spooked at the littlest thing. So Mum helped her work through it, helped her investigate whatever was spooking her, so she could gain some confidence. I was proud of her...Gracie learned a lot about the world on this hike.

After the hike in the woods, we got on the walking path and ventured down for about another half mile and back. Look what we found? A Wooly Worm!

A wooly worm is actually the larvae of the Isabella tiger moth. It’s a fuzzy caterpillar with bronze and black stripes. Folklore says that the more black, or the longer the black ends, the more sever the winter is going to be. Looks like 50-50 to me. I think that means normal, which the Farmer's Almanac says too for our area is this coming Winter. Guess time will tell :)

Weather prediction tomorrow looks a little good for hiking again! Gotta get in as much as we can before deep winter sets in. Hope you are having a pawsome weekend!

New agility (flyball, herding and mutts) shirts!

This weekend we got busy again designing a few more new shirts. This time we did some for agility, flyball, herding and mutts. DOG! This is fun and addicting!

My favorite design is the new Agility Rocks, 'cause you know how much I love agility. Mum's buying this shirt for herself today - navy blue long sleeve tee.

There are three total Agility designs - Agility Rocks! Agility Rules! and I'd rather be playing Agility! All of the designs can be imprinted on a wide variety of items from sweatshirts, to short and long sleeve t-shirts and in lots of colors for women (and plus sizes too :) and men, totebags, water bottles and more. Pretty soon Mum will go crazy and start getting into pet supplies, BOL!!!

Here are the three agility designs:

The flyball design is kinda fun too! It says "I'd rather be playing Flyball!" 'Cause I know anyone who does flyball would rather be doing that than anything else!

There are two herding designs - "I'd rather be Herding!" and "Do you know what I Herd?"

And last but certainly not least! It's Mutts! We did two designs for the mutts out there - "Mutts Matter" ('cause you know they do!) and "Mutts are Mighty.'

Hope you like 'em! And if you have a special request for a shirt design, let us know, maybe we can put it all together fur ya!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun & easy tricks from a distance!

Well it was raining the the end of last week so what happened? We got our dinner for doing some fun and easy tricks. And of course Mum got crazy with the video camera again!

This time Gracie and I did a few of our easier tricks from a distance without Mum close by.

Mum thought we did a pretty good job. She's calling it cute overload (but she's biased you know :).

Some of the tricks include: Bang, roll over, beg, beg with waving, waving with one leg and the other, shy, and hmmmm...I think that's it.

Hope you enjoy!

Weekends work!

This weekend Mum and I worked our paws to the bone (just kidding, we had a bunch of fun) putting together a new line of Raise A Green Dog gear!

Now we are offering some pawsome new designs on organic tees for men and women, organic totes, dog bowls, Sigg bottles, other totes, sweatshirts and more!

Above is a sample of the Reduce, Reuse, Repaw tees.

And on the right is one of Mum's favs, Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint.

Pretty soon Mum and I may move into creating equestrian apparel, just kiddin' ya again, BOL!! Here are the four other designs that can be added to all the gear, including my personal fav, "Save the Dog, Save the Planet!"

So head on over and check all the cool Raise A Green Dog gear. Yep, there a little higher priced, but they help us continue our good Green Dog work, and keep you showing off your green dogliness at the same time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And we were off again!

Saturday was a pretty pawsome weather day. So we ventured off to a new walking/hiking place. Well, it's not that new, Mum used to walk this path BD - before dogs. But when we head down this way we usually hike along the river bank, but it's been raining a lot lately, it was super muddy down there, and the river was higher, so we decided to take the walking path instead.

The location is River Road Park - just about a mile down the road from us, which makes it super convenient.

After a brief Gracie potty break, we were off. The entire path is about 5 miles long, back and forth to/from the car.

After a little stretch, we head around the tall grass field. Mum was thinking all along she would never find me or get me out of there. She did let me go in pretty far on leash, which was awesome. I found a field mouse and picked up a whole lotta burrs. When we got back Mum was pulling burrs outta me for about an hour. Didn't like it!

On the other side of the grass field is a little wooded area, then beyond that is the super exclusive Prairie Farms Golf Course. We like this path because even though its right up to a golf course, everywhere you look you see signs that say don't spray/don't mow. Yeah! Less chemicals!

We walked along...I enjoyed staying on the edge of the path in the muddy area of course, many more smells there, and Mum could stay on the path and stay nice and clean :)

Every now and then we would stop because there was some amazing, and I mean amazing, smell. Probably the remnants of some critter.

Further along there is a little bridge over a small stream. We saw these red berries, but Mum wouldn't let us go near them. We think they are wild currants, if Mum remembers correctly. (click to bigify).

After a little further, we met a new bud! This is Connor (hope I spelled his name correctly). He and his Mom were walking the path, and we all instantly took a liking to both of them. You know how rare that is for me. It seems that I instantly take to my Sheltie kind, its the terriers that get me all riled up. Not that there's anything wrong with terriers at all!

Connor, Gracie and I sat and downed for treats (Mum brought along some of our kibble). We exchanged email addys, and then we were off again, planning sometime to hike all together.

Further on is the area where many of the houses are. Mum remembers this house well from when she used to walk here on her own. It's her absolute favorite house in the entire area. The color of the house in the pic doesn't do it justice at all. It's an amazing shade of green. Mum loved this color so much she painted her bedroom this green.

Off again...

Here's a nice (well as good as a phone camera will do) pic of the trail. The further in we go, the further into the woods along the river it goes.

Then we came to an area to go off road. We ventured down....We stopped here for a drink break. Our hikes are getting longer and longer, so now Mum brings water from home, since we use water filters at our house, and like to keep on the same stuff.

Saw some little blue wildflowers...just about the only thing we saw in bloom.

And finally, we made it to the river. It's really difficult to see in this photo, but the river is way down a high embankment, more like a cliff. Brought back some memories for Mum of her 'sliding down the cliff to the river days' near where she grew up. She would get some big boxes from her Dad's shoe store, cut them flat and slide down into the river. She loved it...may have to try it sometime, but not on such a steep cliff.

We walked on and on....about five miles. Then it was time to head home for dinner. We'll leave you with a hint of the Fall color to come :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More hiking!

Since I was feeling mucho better, and the weather was just pawsome on Monday, Mum worked super hard to finish up lots of work so we could go on a little hike in the early afternoon.

This time, we decided to explore around the big, big church. They have acres and acres of grounds and lots of paths and wooded areas to explore, and it's just a stones throw from our house. If you remember, that was the place where I took off after a bird off leash last year and scared the begeebees out of Mum.

So we ventured out, passing the pond along the way. Yep, they they are the ducks and geese, and of course, our friend the heron.

I don't know why, but every time I see a drain, I want to inspect it. On one paw, I'm super apprehensive about them, but on the other hand I just can't stay away. Remind you of anything?

After crossing the busy street, we were finally on our way. The beginning of our hike, we crossed a big open field, on our way to the good stuff. In the open areas of their land, the church has mowed a bunch of cross country running paths for the school kids. And some of them were out practicing today, so we stayed off the mowed paths, and kept to the open areas.

Then we finally made it to the wooded areas. Oh the smells were pawsome! And we know there were lots of racoons, bunnies and more around. This is the place where last year we saw the Red Fox, but he was no where to be found today.

We saw some Golden Rod, which some folks are super allergic to. Not us though.

More walking...

Came upon some MilkWeed, super cool how they just explode at a certain time of year.

We kept on the path, this part is the widest part.

Found some Bull Thistle in bloom. I think that's what it is. If Mum remembers from her younger years, it comes in a variety of colors. Here's the purple.

And the white...

Then we came upon an area where they had planted a slew of wild flowers. Reminds Mum of those canisters you can buy and sprinkle an instant flower garden. But it was beautiful!

Mum laughed when she took this pic, because that's about all the parts of me she saw for the two hours we were gone :)

We took a break in the shade, surveying where we had been. We walked all over their land. This view is from near the church which is up a big, big hill. Mum, Gracie and I raced to the top and down and up and down again, running as fast as we could :)

When we had walked the entire property, we headed back to our neighborhood and took one lap around the neighborhood, to check all the pee mails. Then when we got home, we found that the Hawk had feasted in our yard again. Poor bird :(

What a great day - well fur us, not the bird! Feels pretty darn good to feel good again. Mum feels the same, she worries too much about me, when I hurt. Thanks everyone for all your super great wishes...means a lot!
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