Friday, January 12, 2007

What's your favorite treat?

Hey, have you guys ever tried these!

They are Yummy Yams. They are my new favorite treat!

What's your favorite treat?


  1. Hey Johann,

    Great to see you have switched to Blogger - now I can leave you comments :-)Your blog is looking really great.
    I hope that your paw is going to be okay - I can't imagine having been in a cast for that long :-( I would go crazy !
    Take it easy buddy - don't overdo it. Get back into things slowly, okay ?


  2. oooo! new treats! i luv to try new treats.

    my favorite treat of all time is frosty paws. haf you ever had that?

  3. Ohhh, Frosty Paws. Never had that, but I always wanted to. Sounds yummy, I'll give it a try. Thanks Ivy!


Thanks for barking in!

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