Friday, January 05, 2007

Two more days!

Well, only two more days and I get new xrays to see how my paw is doing.

If all is well, I'll get my bandange off! Yippee! I've been putting weight on my soft bandage a bit, Mom loves seeing that. If I'm cleared it's on to rehab for me -- including hydrotherapy (yeah, I get to learn how to swim, finally).

It's been raining here a LOT -- and she has to double bag my bandage before I go outside so it doesn't get wet. Boy are we both sick of that! 8 weeks of bagging, EVERY time I go out. That's got to be at least 500 bagging episodes. No wonder my ears go back with she comes near me with those things! BOL!

I'll keep you posted! And have a good weekend!

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