Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Challenging Days!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

We've been snowed in today and yesterday, which to many may be fun times. But to me it just means I'm getting cabin fever!! It's pretty hard to play in snow that is 2x over your head!!! BOL!!! And I need more exercise!!!! That's challenge #1.

Challenge #2: How do you pee and poo in snow that's 2x over your head? You dig baby!!!

Challenge #3: Well I had a follow up vet visit on my broken paw on Monday. Seems I have a little nerve damage. They don't think it's permanent, thank DOG! But challenging nonetheless. It means that when I land on anything I get shooting pains up my leg. And it also means that I may have 6 more weeks of no jumping. I can run thank DOG, but no jumping, which many of you also know that means no agility. Will it ever be over!!!

Challenge #4: Gracie has been battling crystals in her urine for about 8 weeks now. Her urine ph is much better this week, but she has to have another test done in the next few days, to see what the NEXT course of action is for her.

Challenge #5: Gracie's trainer has been away for a couple of weeks and had to cancel her agility classes; now with the weather we're going on three weeks of her missing class. Talk about cabin fever! Gracie needs her job back and soon for all of our sanity!!!!

Challenge #6: I want to personally wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day but it's physically impossible. Hopefully this will help me reach many of you!!!! I'm grateful that I have you all as friends. Hope you have a great day!

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