Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun Day!

Man did I have a fun day today! But it didn't start that way. Mom gave me a bath today. I totally don't like it, even though I show a good front and stand for a bath like a real good boy. But when it's over......I love to run around and get the zoomies and try to bury my face in the carpet. Mom totally laughs when I do that!

But then we got in the car and drove down to the training center where they were holding an agility trial. I used to train at that training center and I totally remembered the smells and the turns. So when we got within a half mile, I started whining like all get out. I knew where we were!!!!

We weren't running today, but Mom saw the chance for me to get in a measurement by an AKC official measuring judge. There kind of hard to come by, so this was a great opportunity. I barked out of excitement when we got in the building, but was a good boy all day long. I got measured - 15.25 inches - then we got to visit with some old friends we hadn't seen in months. I've been pretty cooped up with my broken paw and it was so great to see everyone. And we got to see them run. When I did - I barked again - total excitement!!! I just can wait to run again!!! Mom looked down at me when one of my friends was running and I was dripping saliva -- she laughed at me!!! It's OK Mom, I know you want it bad too!

Great day -- great to see friends -- and great to be around agility again. Looking forward to April!!!!

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