Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gettin' nervous!

Well I have to say Gracie and I are getting kind of nervous! We have our first agility trial of the season coming up. I haven't done a trial since October of last year, and Gracie has never competed before.

My 'comeback' trial is April 7th. And Gracie's debut trial is April 14th.

We've been practicing hard and doing pretty darn well.

Mom says I'm faster now than I was before I broke my paw - that's good, but makes for different challenges. Gracie is paying lots more attention to Mom when she runs now - all she needs to do is get her weaves down and she'll be in great shape! She thinks she's gonna beat my butt! Ha!

Gracie is staying with Cosmo (and play with the pack) when Mom and I go to our first trial - it's gonna be an 'all about me' day!!!! Mom thought she owed it to me our first day back. And Gracie will have loads of fun.

We may be nervous, but we are real excited too. Can't wait until a week from Saturday!

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