Sunday, April 08, 2007

The results are in!

First, I want to tell everyone that I SOOOO appreciate all your thoughts and well wishes for my 'comeback' trial. I could hear you cheering me on all day!!!

Secondly, I (oh, yeah, and Mom) didn't let you down!!!

We qualified in both of our runs on Saturday at the Columbus OH All-Breed Training Club AKC Agility Trial; earning ourselves a real nice Double Q! (Q=qualifying run)

The day started very early, rising at 3:00 AM. Then the long, three hour drive to Columbus OH. We got there about 7:00 AM just in time to get measured. Thank goodness my last measurement was under 16 inches. So I'm now official and can ALWAYS be assured I will jump 16 inches. Yeah!

We got our course maps and studied them. Mom walked our standard course and then we waited a couple of hours until our run. Mom and I were a little nervous - since we hadn't done this for about 6 months. But I think we did great for our first trial back. The courses were kind of easy (but don't tell the judge that!). We finished with plenty of time to spare and I wasn't even up to my fastest running.

Result of our first Standard run? Q!!! Yeah!!!

After our standard run, we got our jumpers course map, and studied again. Mom walked the course (but they don't let me see it until I run). Then we waited another hour or so until it was our turn.

Then we were up. I didn't run as fast as I have been, but we did well! Mom almost trashed the last jump when she stumbled, but she recovered nicely. Whew!!!

Results of our Jumpers (with weaves) run: Q!!!

Here are the videos, hope you enjoy! (And please, don't make fun of Mom's running, she tries so hard to keep up with me, BOL!)

We got home near 5:00 PM and picked up Gracie at Cosmo's house. They sure had a lot of fun!!!! And Gracie got a great parting gift from Cosmo, Brindi, Sadie and Darby -

Yes, we absolutely love the pic, what a good looking bunch of gals!

But, wait, OH LOOK IT'S A BOBO!!! They gave Gracie a BoBo! Wow, she's always wanted one of those! Can you say jealous!

You gals are the best!!!! And thanks so much for taking care of Gracie and keeping her out of my hair all day! (and night!).

We got home and we were beat!! What a long day for all of us. But a rewarding one, for sure!

So, here I am with my two Q ribbons!

It sure was just about the best time ever!!! What great satisfaction (and relief) to know that:

1. I'm over my injury
2. I can still remember how to run agility
3. Mom can still remember how to figure out course maps, courses and the best path for me!
4. That I have great friends that support me (and Mom)
5. And that Mom and I have much more to look forward to!!!!!


  1. Hi Johann,

    Im so glad you are feeling better - being sick is no fun is it.
    Those ribbons look great - you must be really good at agility.

    I really like your blog - can I add it to my favorites?

    Luv Chuck

  2. WOW! That's awesome, congratulations on a spectacular comeback!


  3. Hi Johann! Congratulations on your comeback! My dog Moxie just made a comeback after recovering from a broken leg too. She thinks you are handsome! Great video!


Thanks for barking in!

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