Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sheep Agility?

Well, now I think I've just about seen everything - sheep doing agility? Guess so!

I always thought sheep were, well, not quite that smart. But it seems evidence is mounting to the contrary. Sheep 101: Smart Sheep has some interesting facts and research they have gathered to prove that sheep have some smarts after all.

Hmmm.....well guess if you put food in front of just about anything, it will do what you want. Especially if it's hungry, right?

Here's an interesting video someone sent me the other day. Just thinking, if sheep can do agility, now I know there is proof that ANY dog can do it!!! So there's no need to ask me that question any more; because all dogs are superior to sheep, right? After all, many of us herd them, they must obey!!! OBEY THE SHELTIE, OBEY THE BORDER COLLIE!!!

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