Monday, April 23, 2007

We did it again!

This weekend, Mom, Gracie and I headed off for another agility trial - it was our first CPE trial. CPE trials are much different than our other trials - they are pretty darn easy! But it's good for those just starting out (like Gracie) and others that just want to have fun!

So Mom took me to get in some extra speed practice. And took Gracie to get her some focus practice. The weather was GREAT!!! 70-75 degrees and sunny. After last weekend of sleet and snow, it sure was a nice change of pace!

Gracie ran two runs on Saturday - she was pretty focused with Mom, only ran off once to give kisses to a bar setter. I ran one run on Saturday and Mom put me at 12 inch jumps to work on speed, rather than my usual 16. Well I got a bit confused and didn't pick up speed, but we got a Q and a 1st place finish. Wow!

Sunday Gracie ran two runs, poor thing was wacked out! She took a couple of jumps ran off from Mom and wouldn't come back - Mom had to carry her off the course. After that, Mom wasn't all too happy. She had been doing so much better. So it's back to the Ruff Love program for Gracie this week and working for her food. It helped them bond before, hopefully it will work before next weekend's trial.

Gracie is so fun loving, you can't help but love her. Mom gets a bit frustrated, but can't help but laugh at her too.

I had two runs on Sunday, Jumpers and Standard. My standard run was really great - fast, fun, flowing, and we got within 2.5 seconds of one of our favorite, and most admired, dogs out there - Buster Brown, an Am Staff! He is great - and we were so proud to be close to his time. Very cool. 1st place and a Q!

My jumpers run was pretty good, a little slower, it was getting hot and about 5:00 PM by that time. But I Q'd with a second place.

Here's my jumpers run!

We had a lot of fun! Weather great - sport great - friends great - Mom's sunburn priceless!


  1. Congrats Johann - what a great result. Your video makes me tired just watching it :-) Poor Gracie - I guess she needs to learn to focus alittle more :-)


  2. Nice run! Looks like a nice place, too. I love the video. :)


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