Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bad things happen in threes!

Well - it's been pretty tough for Mom this past week. First she couldn't get the lawnmower to work, then the ice maker in the fridge went bad, and when we got home from the trial yesterday the air conditioner in our home wasn't working.

She got the lawnmower working after some tweaking. Then she did some research on the Internet on ice makers and ordered a part from She installed it herself with the help of some grunting, a little cussing and a lot of sweat and we have ice! But she just can't figure out what's wrong with the air conditioner, just a little too complicated.

Luckily it's been cooler this weekend, and she didn't have to pay the extra 80 bucks for a weekend house call. But it's expected to get 85 degrees tomorrow. So we have to get someone here tomorrow to fix it or we're gonna spoil!

Ok, somebody tell her that things happen in threes! Isn't that what they say? Good things and bad things - isn't that right???

That means we're do for three good things now, right??? Awe, sure - we can make up our own rules, can't we?

1 comment:

  1. Ugh! When it rains it pours! Yes three good things are in order now, maybe winning the lottery could be one. ;)


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