Friday, May 25, 2007

Keeping fit!

Being in dog sports - I'm considered an athlete! Yep, that's right, an athlete!

So Mum treats me like one. She watches my diet, makes sure I get the needed exercise daily for conditioning, massages my sore muscles, gets me chiro adjustments, and warms me up and cools me down after my runs. She's a good Mum.

Here is one of the sites that Mum uses to research information on keeping me in top condition - They have a great library of information, as well as links to the best holistic organizations on the Internet. And Mum got a great book to help with our massage sessions:

Canine Massage

Mum runs with me, and I mean, she runs with me! And, she's having to run faster and faster as I get faster and faster. So she works on conditioning herself too. Sprinting, muscle building, stretching with Yoga and more. But she could do better.

She's thought about looking more into calorie intake and may look into a free calorie counter.

Calorie counting could help her know more about what she eats - along with eating the right foods. She's always been pretty good about eating the right foods - lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, whole foods and breads, no sugar and so on. Adding the calorie counter could be a nice way to get more information for her to make more informed decisions.

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  1. Fit fit fit! It's very important, I'm glad your Mom does all those things with you. :)


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