Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Training tonight!

We're off to training tonight. Can't wait! Gracie goes first, and it's so not fair. But at least it's a little cooler when I get to run.

Gracie and Mom are going to work on focus while running. Last week she did great - when Mom had the 'secret weapon' - the little empty zip lock bag. So they are going to continue with that and treat at the end of the run. Gracie is very motivated by food and will always come to Mom when she has food - but she needs to focus on Mom even when she doesn't have food. Hope it goes well for them. And Mom has some more ideas up her sleeve.

Mom and I want to work on speed and working away. We've got a few USDAA trials coming up and we're in Masters Gamblers now which is going to be much more difficult. And we'd like to work on some discriminations. We had a bit of trouble with that last week.

For speed Mom is going to work on revving me up, leading out, and letting me work away - 'cause I've started to really like to be much more independent in my runs. She likes that too - makes for a much more fun run for both of us. And she's going to drive and push me much more and take some risks. We did that at the trial last week and my time was great - as well as being pretty darn accurate.

Only downside - sure hope it doesn't rain!

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  1. Focus focus focus! So important! :) The empty ziploc bag thing is a great idea. :)

    Hey, and I am tagging you, too. http://www.tiptail.com/2007/05/16/seven-random-facts-list-meme/

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