Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Traveling to trials and vacations!

We are planning on traveling to a few trials this year - with overnight stays. When we do, we're gonna try this site - Cheap Hotels - when we are price comparing for hotels, looking for reviews and determining which hotels allow pets.

With gas prices the way they are - grrrrrrr - we'll need to save all the money we can! At this site you can make hotel, car, air, vacation rental and vacation package reservations, nationally and internationally.

Hmmmm, vacation rentals! One of our dreams has always been to rent a really cool ocean side bungalow for a month or so, somewhere on the east coast - maybe Maine or South Carolina. Just imagine - waking to the sound of the surf breaking, breakfast on the lawn, walking, running and playing on the beach, lazy afternoons strolling the local sites, afternoon naps in the shade, dinner in town at an outdoor cafe, the surf, the sun -- ahhhh, sounds like really fun times!

This site could really help us out with all of that. They even have a search function based on location and if pets are allowed, which would make it really easy to find us a place. They have competitive rates and discounts on destinations throughout the world. And they have a toll free phone, 24x7, so we can make reservations anytime.

With their international info, we could even plan a really great trip to Italy!! Another one of our big dreams - spending a month there taking in the local sites, running free along the country-side, hiking, biking.

Or maybe we could try Ireland and get some herding in! That would be WAY cool! And, while we are there we might as well pick up a new brother for me and Gracie. Well, we're not quite ready for that and it's that's a few years away, but no harm in dreaming right?

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