Thursday, May 03, 2007

We gave a big thank you!

Today we went to visit Dr. John Stephan, my orthopedic surgeon from the Indianapolis Veterinary Specialists and the Animal Emergency Center of Indianapolis, to give him a big thank you for helping heal my broken metacarpal this past winter.

He's a very talented small animal surgeon, and one of the best around Indy.

He was pretty happy to see me, and to see me doing so well! Mom gave him a couple of pics of me and a nice letter that he can keep around - and she gave him my blue ribbon that I won last weekend when I got my Advanced Agility Dog Title. He said he would put it in his room with all his wins, cool! She told him how well I've been doing and all the therapy we did with Dr. Pilbeam at Pets & Vets. He was really interested in all the details. Thanks Dr. John for everything!

It sure was great to see him and the other staff at the clinic - especially since I wasn't injured this time, BOL!!!

Then Mom took me to Three Dog Bakery and got me some real great treats and a new Earth Dog hemp collar! Here's the style - Owney! Hope to get a pic in me in it soon.

Pretty good day - all the way around!

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