Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wow, great Show N Go!

Gracie, Mum and I went to the Show N Go at Pawsitive Partners yesterday. It's an indoor facility with new cushy Astroturf type of floor, much better than their previous matted flooring, So we thought we'd try it out, and get some needed show practice for Gracie. There were about 40 or so dogs there. We got there at about 9:30 AM. I went first.

Mum decided to do the excellent level run, since there were a few 'obstacles' - a discrimination, nasty tunnel entrance and a 'have to slow me down' weave entrance - things we wanted to work on. We started off through the tunnel, then hit the dogwalk/tunnel discrimination. Mum led out a little and lined herself and me up perfectly to take the dog walk - good! We have running contacts, so Mum had to barrel it, and I was pretty hyped up. She can be out laterally from me, so it saves her some steps, but she still shortens her stride when I get near the contact - so I can get that darn thing. We hit it.

Then it was on to the tunnel, a-frame, a couple of jumps to the teeter, then table. All good. Then a jump to a nasty tunnel entrance. She tried to keep me out from the wrong entrance with an RFP, but couldn't do it - so we tried again, nope didn't work that time either. So she threw in a front cross on the third try - worked like a charm. Then it was back to the jump to a 180 to the weaves, worked well, when she said easy and had me turn into them. then a jump to the tunnel, and a wide pinwheel. We finished pretty good!

Then it was Gracie's turn. Well, most of you know that Gracie had major focus issues at her last trial - she ran off all four runs. YIKES! She's been good in practice, but competition environments are her nemesis. So this was a pretty good environment to test her out.

Mum's goal was to not use treats in the ring if she didn't have to - or the 'secret weapon', the plastic baggie that she shakes. So, they tried that. Gracie took the first two jumps at supersonic speed, then ran off. Mum got out the baggie and got her right back. So she set her up again, and she ran the first four jumps, A-frame, front cross to a tunnel, then Gracie was to head back up the dog walk and got distracted. Mum called her back and sent her up the dog walk - good girl. Then a quick turn into the tunnel, two jumps to the teeter and then table. Nice! Then, a jump to the tunnel, back to the jump and that nasty 180 into the weaves. Gracie headed a bit for the table instead, but came right back when Mum said 'come weave'! Then Gracie started getting the zoomies - but, she took all the right obstacles - jump, tunnel and tire. Wow she can be really, really fast - Good girl!

Mum was pretty proud of Gracie - but still kind of concerned she still has to use some lure with her. It's gonna take some time. Gracie has another run, so there was more chances to try her out.

Then it was my turn again. Mum did the open level course this time to work on speed. I flew through the entire course, pretty much full speed, made every obstacle and contact, had great weaves and finished with some applause! Wow, I got applause, cool!

Then it was Gracie's turn again. Mum did the excellent course with Gracie for this one. She started off great, wasn't at zoomie speed (thank goodness), but was moving very well. And she focused right up until the time she took the tire that was near the entrance. She still had five jumps to go, but she left the ring to go play with an Aussie. But within seconds, Mum called her back into the ring and she went right to Mum. Mum gave her a treat for that one! Good girl. She took off for the last five jumps like a pro.

Overall Mum thought it was extremely successful. And we had the very best time. Mum, Gracie and I love to run - we think it's in our blood. What a great day. We hope that Pawsitive Partners does more Show N Goes!

We went home, rested up a big, Mum did some yard work - then we took a nice walk around the neighborhood. Fun! We love holidays.

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