Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wow, what a bummer!

We found out today that the results that were given to the USDAA for our Advanced Gamblers run back the end of last April were wrong, even though the club results said we Q'd. So we didn't get that final Q in Advanced Gamblers after all.

We're still kind of new to all of this so learn from our mistakes - be sure and check your results very carefully at the trial, they may not be what the club says.

And to add to that, we already entered another USDAA trial for this coming weekend and moved up for two runs in Masters Gamblers, and it's too late to move back in this trial to Advanced.

So we have a dilemma. Do we go on without the Advanced Gamblers title and continue to compete in Masters, or do we pull from our Gamblers runs this weekend and loose the money so we can get our Advanced Gamblers title at another trial, or do we run anyway for the practice, but make sure we don't Q and then go back to Advanced at the next trial. Hmmmmmm......


  1. Hmm I don't know. Can you send your ribbons or papers to the USDAA to see if they will honor a Q?

  2. We found out by contacting the USDAA today that the timer most probably wasn't set correctly to the 16" height time for the gamble when we ran. So when we ran it gave us an extra second for the gamble, and we Q'd at that. Then the club sent in the info that it was a Q. But when USDAA entered the results it showed that we were over time less than a second.

    So it really is a NQ. Sad, but so.

    Mum hasn't completely decided what to do this weekend. But we'll probably run the Masters Gamblers, and if we get the Q, great, if not, well then we'll see about the next trial.

    'Cause really - is it that important to get the Advanced Gamblers title - when we have all the Q'd to move up to Masters anyway? Hmmmmmm......

  3. Oh poop. Well, I guess that makes sense. It's kinda like thinking you've Qd and then picking up your sheet to see you got a dropped bar or something. Hrmph. I am not familiar with USDAA titles and moving up. So you can get the Qs to move up, but not have the title? Interesting.

  4. In USDAA there are standard runs (like AKC runs) and then there are games - snooker, jumpers, gamblers and pairs.

    If you get the three standard run Q's and one Q from each of the games you can move to the next level.

    Or, if you choose, you can get three Q's in each of the games and get the game title too.

    That's what I thought I had the Advanced Gamblers Title. But now I get to try this weekend! Yeah!


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