Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Awww - we can dream!

Mum and I started our website - - initially for fun, for us and our buds, and to see if we could build a website.

Then someone told us about affiliate marketing. Well, we were spending a lot of time searching the Internet to find just the right gear, food, supplies, and more for both of us, and for our active lifestyle. The idea of affiliate marketing and putting all our favorite dog gear on one site really appealed to us - and to lots of dog folks that we talked to.

After some research, we added the shopping section of our site so that we could easily find what we liked and and what we heard other active pup families would like, so that a very wide variety of products would be visible and available all from one Internet location. Sure makes searching a whole lot easier. And we hear from our customers that they think so too!

But, Mum and I have a dream - to someday move our affiliate site to a site that sells product directly. But, as we all know, that means inventory, warehousing, shipping/receiving, and a total revamp of our website to include shopping cart software, oh, and well money! We're not quite ready for that.

We're currently toying around with the idea of offering just a few products directly that would supplement what is currently on the site. In that case we still would need shopping cart functionality on our website. So, occasionally we look into solutions that offer such a service. Today we looked at AShop Commerce which offers a total solution - website design, ecommerce software, and even affiliate solutions. They will be someone to consider as we continue to dream........awwww, dream.......

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