Friday, June 29, 2007

Free stuff!

I'm always looking for Freebies - free sticks, free food droppings when Mum cleans the kitchen counter, free treats from Mum's buds at agility trials.

There's a website, called, where you can find access to all kinds of free stuff from coupons, maps, product samples, pedometers, markers, stuff for little kids - all kinds of fun and useful stuff.

I was particularly interested in the pet section, of course! So I went there immediately. When I visited they had a link to a new puppy kit and a couple of other interesting items. I wasn't interested in any of the free food samples, 'cause I'm REAL picky about what I eat, but they had other pet offers available.

We picked up a couple of coupons in the coupon section - always looking for ways to save money. And we explored the business section and may up for a few paper samples to try out. We're gonna keep checking back to see if there are other items we can get for free as their site updates.

The neat part about this freebie site is that the links go directly to the offering company and you don't have to sign up for anything, wow! That's easy. Some of the companies with the offers may have you sign up or take a survey, but it's still easier than other freebie sites.

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