Saturday, June 02, 2007

I've been redeemed!

Yep, that's right I got the Gamble Q today - and a 1st place no less! It was a very tough gamble; kind of like a figure 8 with two jumps about 8 feet from Mum and then two jumps going out and away, about 10-15 feet! Many weren't sure they would get it and many didn't.

But I did it! I've been redeemed and now I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY have my Advanced Gamblers title, yeah! We have another advanced gamble run tomorrow - so Mum and I are going to work on all kinds of fun stuff - see how many points we can get and how much I can work away. Should be fun!

Well my other runs today weren't so great - but I sure had fun in the first one! Took an off course away from Mum in our jumpers run - she was so surprised! Trainer J even said that Mum didn't do anything wrong that I was just asserting my independence - well I gotta sometimes, don't I!

Our first two runs were outside - it was hot, but bearable. Then our next three runs - standard, snooker and pairs - were inside. The building was steaming! It was about 90 outside and the building doesn't have air conditioning. YIKES!

And to make things worse the floor is astroturf, so it's pretty tough on my paw pads. Well, we ran our standard run, and I completed it, but wasn't focused at all! Mum thinks my pads were sore already, and the heat was getting to me in that building. We made it through the course with no faults, but ended up over time. Arrrggghh.

Then we had our snooker run. We were going pretty well, but I took the aframe twice in a row in the opening, so we were done. But it was Mum's fault, she bent over. After that run, I was gone and I mean gone. My paw pads looked like glass, so Mum put some Traumeel on them, felt better. But I was so done for the day. We pulled out of pairs and went home to rest up.

We had left Gracie at home, for the first time, since there wasn't very much crating space! Our very kind neighbor came and let her out once to go potty and play a little. But it was 5:00 PM when we got home and we had left at 6:30 AM, so it was a long day for all of us.

Just a while ago we talked with one of our buds that stayed for pairs and they were just driving home at 7:30 PM. Boy, am I glad we pulled out of pairs, Gracie would have never lasted in her crate that long, poor girl.

Well, we have four more chances for Q's tomorrow and of course loads of fun. It's supposed to be cooler and maybe isolated thundershowers. So we're hoping that it will be more comfortable. It got hot so fast here this year that we haven't even blown our coats yet! Yikes!

Off for some needed rest. Thanks for wishing us luck today!

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  1. Woo Hoo congrats on the gamble run and the title! Awesome! :)


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