Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My friend got her AD!!!!!

This is my friend Willow. We are having an anniversary this month - it is two years ago this month that we started our first agility class together. Seems like just yesterday!

Willow is a great gal, and we get along very well. I really enjoy crating/tenting with her at agility trials.

When we started competing last Spring, we ran in the same runs and were always first and second place. Then last Summer her Mum had to delay their trialing because of some stuff going on. We missed them, but now they are back trialing almost as much as we are! Yeah!

And there is another milestone to celebrate this month! Willow got her Agility Dog title in USDAA this past weekend.

Way to go Willow - we are proud of you and your Mum! Looking forward to many, many, many more trials with you!

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  1. Yay for Willow! I love her name, too. Very fun. Hey Johann come on over to Tip Tail and you might find something about you. ;)


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