Thursday, June 14, 2007

A poem - about me??? Yeah!

We have a really good friend who likes to write poetry in their spare time. And they wrote one about me! Isn't that cool! Here it is:

My name is
Ask anyone they say, I’m the bomb
I have loads of energy and personality
And I go for the win in performing agility

I like the practices more than the trials
At practice we have more fun, it’s all smiles
At the main event, the stage is tense
All the dogs are gawking and run into the fence

The ‘flying things’ up in the sky
Distract and attract me, I’m not sure why
How do they stay up over my head all the time
I jump and jump but I don’t stay up any time

I have a sister and Mom that live in my house
There are two cats here too, but not one mouse
Gracie isn’t really my sister by birth
We were adopted and ready to go to work

I’m the most hyper of all my roomies
They stand way back when I get the zoomies
I snap at Gracie when she does bad things
Not even I can hold it when that doorbell rings

I don’t know why Mom thinks they came to see her
They came to see me, now get the beverages served
If you just did everything my way all the time
It would be more peaceful here, it would be fine

Gracie likes the sprinkler and eats her poop
She is just not refined and so uncouth
I’m more classy and petite in form
My coat is sharp and Gracie’s looks worn

She’s good company and I’m glad she came
But sometimes I want her to play another game
I’m on the Internet too and I’ve won awards
I like the celebrity train---All Aboard!!

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