Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SAGLE, Idaho -- Charlie the black lab drove his owner's car into the Pend Oreille River.

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As Mark Ewing walked home this week after returning from picking up a pizza, Charlie jumped into the car through an open window, and apparently knocked the vehicle into gear."He somehow got the car into neutral," Ewing said.

"My car just went boom, down an incline and into the drink."Ewing could only watch as his Chevy Impala sank into the river. No dummy, Charlie jumped out of the window as the car went downhill.

"There's nothing weirder than looking at your car cruising down your driveway when you're not in it and seeing your dog jump out and then watching your car go splash," Ewing said.

Actually, things got a little weirder when the tow truck driver showed up. Before the driver dove into the water to hook the car up to his truck, he asked Ewing to hold his dentures.

"My car's in the drink, I've got dentures in my hand and this guy Keith ... goes swimming," Ewing noted.
Charlie seems pretty talented, but someone needs to teach him to use the break! So glad everyone is OK, whew!


  1. This is too funny...really not that guy's day. First his dog sinks his car and then he has to hold some guy's dentures! Yuck! Good thing he didn't give the dentures to the dog - he probably would have tossed those too ;-)

    At least it wasn't us getting in trouble :)

    Newfie kisses!

  2. I locked my momma out of her truck on accident once... she was pumpin gas and I stepped on the lock buttons...good thing she had On-Star


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