Friday, June 01, 2007

WARNING! All birds in Central Indiana, stay out of our yard, or else!

Mum is getting pretty mad at us. First I spend my evenings manically herding birds in the yard, they drive me crazy and I drive them crazy.

Now it's getting way out of hand! On Tuesday, Gracie and I cornered one of those birds and, yes, tragically killed it. Then this morning, the same thing happened. And just a few minutes ago, we got another one. That's three this week.

Mum is sending out a warning to all birds in Central Indiana - STAY AWAY FROM OUR YARD - 'cause she can't take another bird killing!


  1. Opy chomps birds too! I dont know he she does it, she's so fat she couldn't even catch a cold :-)

  2. Oh no! Our cat, unfortunately, has left a dead bird inside a time or two. :(


Thanks for barking in!

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