Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back from the trial and an update on my tummy!

Last night I was feeling pretty good. Did a little bird herding and jumped all over the neighbor. And this morning I felt pretty good too. So we took off for the trial this morning. Mum thought I was getting kind of depressed and needed some fun.

The trial was only 20 minutes away and only two runs; so we thought we'd play it by ear. I had my breakfast - cottage cheese and brown rice and off we went. My first run (Standard) was at about 9:00 AM and we ran pretty well; clean and a Q. I didn't run my usual fast, but I did OK for not feeling so hot the past few days. Then we ran our JWW run about Noon. I was pretty slow, but we were running good. Then I came up on the triple and plowed right into it. Just could get my 'ump' going. But otherwise it's wasn't too bad a run.

After that I was really tired and we headed home. Slept for a while, then went out to check on the mice that have made their home at the corner of the fence. Yep they are still there! One day I'm gonna get me one of those little squirmy things.

Mum talked with a few folks at the trial about gastroenteritis. Seems a few dogs have gotten it lately. Although it was a more dangerous form, called hemorrhagic gastrenteritis or HGE.

One of our buds got that nasty form when she was boarded at the kennel, and had to stay overnight in the ICU with an IV. Yikes, very scary for her and her Mum. And we found out that about two years ago an agility sheltie died from HGE. It's pretty dangerous stuff.

Here are a couple of links for HGE, if you'd like more information:

Veterinary Q & A: HGE
Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

Luckily I don't have that form, and am getting well pretty fast. Still have to stay on the bland diet for a few more days. Then Mum is going to gradually get me back on my Fromm's Chicken Ala Veg - regular food.

Gotta get well, 'cause I have another trial next weekend!


  1. Glad you're feeling better Johann. I've been having tummy troubles this week too, I think it's from the heat. I'm on a similar diet as you now. Hope you keep having fun at your trials!

  2. hello!! I just wanted to let you know I changed the link on my blog as you requested.

    I'm sorry to see you are not feeling well! :( get better soon!

  3. I think oyu did well considering you must be feeling weak after your illness. I'm sure you'll be back on top form before you know it. Thanks for your kind words on my agility.

    Oscar x

  4. I Dare You!
    Come on over to The Cat Realm and check it out!
    I bet you look fabulous in pink!
    Glad you feel better!


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