Friday, July 13, 2007


Mum and I headed off for the agility trial this morning. It was cool and damp and a little drizzly. We have never been at this venue before, but we heard it may be kind of neat! Well it was!!!

A great horse arena, under cover from the sun, and about 3 inches of sandy dirty to run through. Mum's kinda sore from running in it. But when I saw that stuff for the first time, I thought I was in our Winter training barn. Yaaahoooo!!!!

Our first run was Exec B Standard. The course was open, no real discriminations (that have been killing us). So we were hopeful. Mum led out a bit, good thing, because once I started running on that sand, it was like I was shot out of a cannon! She barely made it to the end of the dog walk to manage my contact. But we did, ran the rest of the course pretty well and with good speed. I even got a good sniff in after the chute. Just for ole times sake.

Then we had Exec B JWW. The course had - count them - three pinwheels. That means we have to run in a circle doing three jumps when our handlers pretty much stay in the same spot. Well they are the most demotivating things on earth. I like to run with my Mum! Well she tried some new stuff - some of that backing up stuff when I was in the pinwheel and I kept my speed up pretty well.

The course were good, but the times on the course were really tight. Some that have Q'd in the past didn't make time today. Good thing I'm feeling better and running pretty fine.

We ended up Q'ing both runs, another DQ! Yippee!!!! That makes 5 DQ's and 141 MACH points. We on our way.

And the best part - is we get to go back tomorrow and Sunday!

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