Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's a contest!

One of my best blogging buds - - is having a really cool reader appreciation contest! And the prize is a $30.00 gift certificate from Wow!

Now I am always up for a challenge! To enter the contest I need to write a blog post about why I should win. I've been thinking, and thinking a lot about this. And then it hit me, right in the face, literally!

June 25th is my sis Gracie's birthday. Yep, she will officially be two (well, best guess anyway) years old. Being that I'm just a pup myself, it's kind of difficult for me to get out and shop for a gift for my sis. And since I'm pretty Internet savvy, it would be easy for me to log on to, order her a new treat bag (since she tore up the other one) and new toy. And I could do it all pretty much without her knowing about it. And I wouldn't have to ask Mum for money!

Now some of you may know my sis' story. But if you don't we're gonna share it with ya. Gracie was born in a very unpleasant place. After she was born, she lived on a rural farm with 70 other dogs. She lived with a hoarder, grew up wild, had to beg and fight for anything and everything. It was a rough place to live.

One day the Sheriff of the county went to the hoarder and took away all her dogs. She just couldn't take care of them all. The adults were euthanized because of illness and aggression, we were told. A nice lady that lived in the county worked with the Sheriff and a local vet to help the remaining pups find homes. The local vet took in the 20 puppies until the nice lady could list them on and get them all adopted.

Well, staying with a vet sounds like a great place to be. But they didn't have the facilities, room or staff to take care of 20 puppies. So they put them four to a crate, never took them out and fed them all they wanted, so they wouldn't fight with each other. Four weeks later, Mum found Gracie on

We drove two hours to see Gracie. And boy did she smell real bad. She was so loving and happy playing with my Mum and my Mum's friend that went with us.

Then when I met her, I gave her a little warning bark ('cause I'm the boss, you know) and she backed right off. That was a great sign. I'm not always the easiest to get along with, so we knew should would be a great addition to our family. So we took her home.

Now Gracie and I are the best of buddies. Mum even swears that I run better in agility when Gracie is there to support me. It's amazing she turned out to be so sweet after all she went through. She is the best playmate and sis a pup like me could ever ask for.

So here's to our Gracie girl. The goofiest, funnest, funniest, happiest, craziest, most loving pup on the planet. And here's hoping that I win the contest so I can get her a great present!


  1. Sad story--turned out well. Attention getter. Good luck.

  2. Aww, sweet Gracie! It is amazing she turned out so well after going through all of that! Good luck! :)

  3. I'm voting for you, Johann, cause Gracie's birthday is the same as Piper's.

    Piper's Mom

  4. Happy Birthday, Gracie. May Johann the Dog give you a big slurpy kiss! Love, DidL

  5. Happy Birthday Gracie. I'm watching over you.



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