Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thank you!!! And keep it coming!

UPDATE: You can vote again! Yeah! So be sure and vote everyday, K?

Hi everyone, Mum and I sure are grateful that you are voting for me in the contest! We're not sure if you can vote multiple times, we're checking. But if you get a minute click here and see if you can vote again, K? I'm just a tad behind, last time I checked.

Our great friends Gomer and Opie, and their DogMom, at Dogs' Aye View were every so kind to post on their blog about me being in the contest. Thank you guys/gals!!!!!! Welcome home, we are glad you are back safe and sound from your long road trip.

We are off to train with our friend in Columbus, south of Indy, today. We're taking a little road trip of our own. Mum's got lots of work to catch up on before and after. So I have to give up the computer. Wish she would get that laptop fixed so we could both get our stuff done, grrrrrr.

Later! And thanks again!


  1. Road Trip! Yay!

    Have fun!

    Gomer & Opie

  2. I voted for you Johann, I'll do it every day! Gracies story is sad at first, but with a great ending!

    Oscar x

  3. Hi Johann... Sorry i haven't been around but I was workin on a plan to git rid of the bad beach birds... got it all figured on now u should check out my plan... its in my surfin report today

    Oh and I vote for you a bunch of times too cos u r a nice dog and u r my friend.

  4. I voted for you, Johann! And I'll vote every day! :)

  5. Best of luck with the contest, Johann!

    You're already a winner with me - I've tagged you for the Blogger Reflection award - you can pick it up on my blog. Thank you for new friends!

  6. I vote for u again... and will a bunch more times cos u is my favorite bloggin dog


Thanks for barking in!

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