Thursday, July 19, 2007

Trimming the shrubs!

Gracie was helping Mum trim the shrubs the other day. Her method of trimming is to take a limb and tug, tug, tug, and tug until the limb is ripped from the main trunk of the shrub. Not Mum's preferred method, but it works really well for Gracie! Since we got her, Mum rarely has to get out the trimmers anymore.

Here's Gracie with one of her big 'catches'.....

But it doesn't take her long to get distracted....

That's when I swoop in to grab it away.....

And sit back and enjoy a good chew......

But, as predicted, Gracie is right in there with another one of her big 'catches'....and quickly distracted by the pups next door.

Mum thinks she needs to provide more exercise for the Gracester, she's bored!!!


  1. Gracie, wanna come help me do some yard work? I have plenty of shrubs that need trimming!

  2. Hi Therese - I'll talk with Gracie for ya, but she's getting pretty booked up, BOL!

    BTW - can you put a link in a comment sometime, we can't find you! It says 'blog not found' when we click on your name. And we want to say hi!

  3. We need to have Gracie come over and trim our hedges! You have the right idea Johann, let Gracie do the hard part and then get the stick, BOL!

  4. My dogs aren't into the whole yard work kinda thing, so if Gracie can't make it I'll just have to do it myself. lol

    I'll have to see what's up with my link, but here's my website:


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