Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beach bike!

Mum loves the beach and after doing beach agility not too long ago at a trial, I kind of like all the sand too! And the surf, and the water. All sounds really fun. Unlike most shelties, I kind of like the water. I get in the pool on a hot day, don't mind the rain, and love to go wading in the river when Mum and I go canoing, and I run loads faster in agility when it's raining.

It sure wouldn't be to shabby to live on the beach. We could go running every day! Play fetch, and get real dirty and smelly. Yum!

Mum's been putting some thought recently to getting me in top shape and putting together a conditioning program for me and Gracie. One of the things she's been considering is taking me for a run with a bike. But she worries about how the asphalt road would be on my joints. So beach bicycles and a beach would be just the ticket! We wouldn't have to worry about my joints and would get a great workout, both of us.

My friend Sammy the Surf Dog talks about the chirpy birds that live there and how he wants me to come and herd them away for him. I could do that! Cool!

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