Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dog safety in cars!

After our car accident on Sunday, we've been thinking a lot about, and asked a lot about, how to keep your pup the safest they can be in a car when traveling.

There is much debate about restraining dogs in cars, and Mum and her other dog friends talk a lot about it. Seatbelts, wire crates, soft crates, dog car seats, which are the best?

We don't have an answer for you, it's a personal decision and takes into account many individual factors. But we thought we would talk about it today and give you the options available.

The options:

Dog Seat Belts - Dog seat belts have been around awhile and come in a very wide assortment of types. It is true that you get what you pay for. We have a lot of friends who use the Ruff Rider from There are many, many other companies that make them and they come in various sizes, strap widths, lengths and styles.

Dog Car Seats - Dog car seats have become more and more popular recently. They are similar to dog seat belts but come with an additional enclosed area for the dog to sit. These car seats are primarily made for smaller breeds and, again, come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Crates - There are many types of crates available for pups now - soft, plastic and wire. They all have their advantages and disadvantages in certain situations. And, again, you get what you pay for. Crates will help protect your pet from flying objects inside the car during an impact, which gives them an advantage in my book.

The important thing is that you need to restrain your dog while in your car. Some type of restraint system for your dog is imperative to no restraint at all. The higher the quality and protection, the higher the price tag, but please don't skimp when it comes to your pup's safety.

I'm sure glad that Mum didn't!

Mum secures us in NoztoNoz crates when she travels. And we do this for several reasons - to keep us safe from the other equipment in the car, they fit in our car, they keep us secure in a confined area, and they are made of very sturdy construction. She also tightly secures the crates to the floor of the car for even more security.
Here are some interesting articles for further reading:

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And, if you are looking for a dog friendly car, here is a great site that reviews cars and their dog friendliness!

Be safe out there, K?


  1. Yeah my momma makes wear my seat beat harness all of the time when I'm in my truck...

    She is a purdy crazy driver and used to make me fall on the floor when she stopped so I like my seat belt a lotnow

  2. We're glad that all you guys are ok after your accident. Dogmom sometimes doesn't restrain us in the car, except to click our leashes onto the circle-thingy on the bottom of the Explorer... that's just for short trips to the park, tho.

    She uses the soft-sided crates with the spring-loaded frames for the long trips now. Her brother is a mechanical engineer, and he rigged a way to bungy-cord them to the bottom and sides of the Explorer, too.

    Wuf Ya!
    Gomer & OPie

  3. HMM -

    Thanks Johann - after my human read about your accident on DWB she was worried as we have a Jeep Cherokee and travel loose in the back with a dog barrier keeping us out of the rest of the car.

    Thanks for the links and info - I'm going to pest my mom to make us safer!

    Love Dory and Mac

  4. I'm so glad that you all are being aware of the safety of us pups in the car, blogging dogs ROCK!!!!

  5. A friend evaluated seatbelts and posted a review a while back. Take a look & see whether you want to link to that, too.



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