Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Going the extra mile!

We are so happy for these two! We applaud the pups owners, family and friends for doing whatever it took to save their dog; and for the pup for hanging in there and trusting his owner.

We know lots of pups and their owners who go the extra mile, we hear stories nearly everyday!!! Thank you, thank you, all of you, we salute you!

Here's the story....

After days of digging, a family found their buried dog alive.

Larry Thompson first noticed his 14 year old dalmatian was missing on Thursday night. Over the weekend, he heard noises and realized the dog, Alex, had fallen in a storm drain. Family, friends and a back hoe, that dug another hole 30 feet deep helped in a rescue fueled by hope.

Larry Thompson says, "A lot of people wouldn't give it a time of day or even attempt to get the animal out. I wanted to get him out alive or dead, either one. The effort was worth it both ways."

After four days underground, Alex was rushed to a vet in Huntington to be checked out. And is a-OK!

The Thompson family is grateful for all the messages of support, received from around the region, on Alex's rescue.


  1. That is so incredible. I'm so happy to hear the pup made it out safe!

  2. That is awesome. I would focus on the 'alive' part but no way I'd leave my dog down there!

  3. Thanks for sharing this story. Hooray for Alex for being a brave dog and a bigger hooray for his owners for not giving up on him. Woof!

  4. My nose just got all tingly and my eyes watered. I had to purse my mouth so I wouldn't get all wobbly.

    What a great story and Love had everything to do with it. I am so proud of his Papa for rescuing him, and working tirelessly. His not giving up makes him a real DOGgone hero.

  5. I can't imagine NOT doing that for your dog...or and trapped and frightened dog or cat.


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