Friday, August 31, 2007

Gracie attacks!

Gracie absolutely loves the sprinkler. She could play with it for hours, jumping and biting and howling at the darn thing.

Since it's been so hot here this year, she's gotten in a lot of practice, and continues to perfect her technique, and she gets a great bath at the same time!

Now all Mum has to worry about is getting those darn hoses back in the Garden Hose Reels.


  1. Sounds like fun Gracie! Don't make holes in the hose or you will be in big time trouble!

  2. Hey, Gracie!

    We've never seen a sprinkler but that looks FUN!!! Have a great weekend!

    Woofs and licks,
    Wiley & Fievel

  3. Woof! That's the cutest - my dog is so scared of water, I think the sprinkler would keep her in the house! That's also why she doesn't get baths as often as she should. Stinky!

    She's here:

  4. hehehe, it sure looks like Gracie's having all the fun! =)

  5. BOL! Soo funny!! Gracie is very brave..I would have run the other direction!!


  6. Oh i know those garden hose wheels cna be tricky! Gracie is too funny! Jingles, my little yorkie will jump in the lake, or a pool, but is scared to DEATH of the sprinklers! LOL! You pups can be rather funny! I guess you probably think the same thing about us 'two-leggers' though too! Take care and Jingles sends her best!


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