Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gracie went to agility practice without me!

Since I've had a couple of weeks off from training and agility to rest up from the car accident bruises, Mum took Gracie to an open practice at Pawsitive Partners Dog Agility Training Center. And I didn't get to go! What!!!!

Mum wanted to get Gracie in a building and work on her focus, contacts and weaves, since our next USDAA trial is this weekend in an air conditioned building, and the following weekend Gracie is signed up for two runs on Saturday at the CPE trial, also in a building.

So they took off and left me. But Mum told me that Gracie did real well! Mum tried her out on a full course first, working on her focus before the run. She was doing real great with a one jump warm up, but then ran off. Mum got her back pretty fast, but had to run out of the ring to get her. Grrrrr.....

Then they ran a full course, about open level in difficulty. Gracie ran around the first jump, but took the second. So Mum brought her back to start at the beginning. Then Gracie did real well! She took all the right obstacles, was pretty fast, (although not zoomie speed), and did real well with a couple of hesitations on the table and in a tunnel. But Mum was proud.

Mum ran her in the same course a couple of more times and Gracie got more and more speed and more and more focus as time went on. And she did great weaves, even independently with not any help from Mum, that was great!!!!

So we are off to a USDAA trial this weekend. Mum and I are pretty excited to run in this new facility. Not only does it have air conditioning, but the flooring is new soccer flooring with black rubber pellets in it for extra cushioning. I'm signed up for all the runs accept Grand Prix. And Gracie is signed up for Standard on Saturday and Standard and Jumpers on Sunday.

Woo Hoo, we get to go do agility this weekend!


  1. have fun this weekend!! an indoor air conditioned agility trial sounds so cool ( in more way than one) !! have a great weekend and report back to all us agility lovbers.

    Woofs, Casper, Buddy, Nikki and Winnie

  2. i'm a fast agility dog too....but fast when comes to jumping off from the contact obstacles n run off d course @ d same time..

    that's really get to annoy my owner...hahaha


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