Saturday, August 11, 2007

The interview!

Oops she did it again! My friend Tish tagged me. But this one is fun (oh, and imaginary too, btw. Well, at least the questions are).

This meme originated from Brown Baron at Brown Thoughts. Baron asks, “How would you respond if you were interviewed by another blog right now while you’re still undiscovered?”

Undiscovered? Me? Naw!

The rules:

Make a post about being interviewed by an imaginary blog. To see an example, check out Brown Baron’s imaginary interview. Try to make it a question and answer sequence. It can be serious or silly, or both. Please link back to the original post. And be sure to tag a few other bloggers!

Now, for my interview…

Imaginary Blog: From what I understand, you are a pretty famous pup? How does that feel and what do you think of all this hoopla?

Johann: Well I certainly don't consider myself famous, by any means of the imagination. I just really enjoy my life - work and play. I love bringing 'cool stuff to cool dogs' through my website and our ability to donate 10% of our profits to dog shelters and rescues. And I enjoy my agility, blogging, getting to know other pups through cyberspace. But famous? Not me!

Imaginary Blog: But we see you all over the Internet? Why the Internet?

Johann: The Internet is THE forum for getting to know lots of other pups. Pups have very fulfilling lives now, and are very busy. I find the best way to get to know them and share info, is through the Internet. That way we can be pup pals, meet up when we get the chance and communicate on a regular basis. I've met some very interesting pups this way, and some that even look and act like me.

Imaginary Blog: So what other Internet activities are you involved in?

Johann: Of course I have a MySpace and Dogster page. I've been involved in creating educational and fun pages through Squidoo. I also have many sites out there including, WindowsLiveSpaces, (where Gracie and I teamed up with Kevin Bacon to raise money for pup charities), CafePress (where we sell a few items and hope to expand to more), WetPaint, Wikifido, PetPlaces, Petster, and, of course, our new blog, Rescue Me, that helps pups in need find their forever homes.

Imaginary Blog: I understand you are quite an accomplished agility dog? What's up with that?

Johann: I guess some folks may say that, but I just go out there to have fun, each and every time I run. I've been training since June of 2006 and competing since December 2006. I compete in USDAA and AKC (where I have my ILP as a Bi-Black Sheltie), and I have the titles of AAD, AXJ and AX. I'm very close to getting my MAD and MX, MXJ, which is very exciting. and I've recently become a Grand Prix national qualifier for the 2007 Cynosport Games.

Agility is my absolute favorite thing in the world, besides my Mum of course. I love the thrill of competing, not against other pups, but achieving my personal best. And I love the time Mum and I have out on the course. We are becoming a real team. The best part is that I'm young and we have so much more we can do, learn and accomplish.

Imaginary Blog: I understand you have a Squidoo lens devoted to Dog Agility?

Johann: Yes I do. It's a great resource for those interested in getting involved in agility, or even for any level of agility enthusiast. It includes resources for competing, getting started, learning new training techniques, and much more. We've recently added a lens for agility equipment, books and other resources, and a lens on dog agility shirts. We are planning more.

Imaginary Blog: So what can we see for the future of Johann?

Johann: It is my hope that we continue to bring joy, fun, entertainment, education, and much more to the pups (and their 2-leggers) out there. I love sharing my life, with all the ups and downs that come with it. And we hope that all that we do enriches the lives of other pups.

Imaginary Blog: Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with us, Johann. Good luck and well wishes for your continued endeavors!

I now tag:, Sammy the Surfdog, SpeedcatHollydale.


  1. Wonderful interview, Johann! Wow. You're hanging out in internet places I wasn't even aware of! I'm going to add you to my MySpace page. :)

    Have a wonderful day, and thanks for playing along!

  2. Oh oh I have a question.... When is u comin to the beach to help me get rid of them bad cheepy cheepy cheepy birds?

  3. Great interview! I had blast reading it. Thanks for participating! :)

  4. How about this idea? It's OK if you do not have the time.
    What if we did a real interview? Send me a short list of questions (of any nature) and I will answer them complete and honestly.
    If you like the idea, you can email the questions to , and I will publish the end result with links to you from every question!
    Again - just an idea.

    Great to see you again Johann :-)


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