Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Oprah show today!

Several folks have asked me what happened on the Oprah show today. Well, we had to DVR it, but we finished watching it a bit ago. I'm sure this was a repeat of a show that aired earlier, but we had missed it before.

The sad part is it showed Oprah's Golden Retriever, Gracie (my sis's namesake) on the show. Many of you may know that Oprah's Gracie passed recently. They added a clip to the show in her memory. Very sad.

Here is a link with quite a few vids of clips from the show. If you have to be selective, be sure and watch the training ones with Tamar Geller, the one with Dr. Martin Goldstein, and the one with the Gibson - too cute! Sadly I can't get the vids on Oprah's site to work right now. Hope you can!


  1. Johann, you are exemplary! And I'm sorry about Oprah's loss. Woof.

  2. We watched the video about preventing jumping. We do this all the time! Now mom says we have to work at this just like Oprah did with her Goldens! Thanks Johann for posting about the show!

    Love ya lots,

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