Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Agility, Wubbas, bird herding, it just doesn't get any better!

We had a great time today. Started out early this morning just after 7:00 AM as we left for Trainer J's house for our 8:00 AM class. After what seemed like forever in the 90's turned into 60 degrees this morning! WaaaaHoooo! My favorite type of weather for agility. And to make it even better, it was drizzly, yummm.

Gracie went first in training this morning and she had the 'cool bug' just like me. She did an Exec level jumpers course, with no running off, and, accept for Mum's fault on a few things, was incredibly focused throughout the course. She ran it again, and was flying through the straight away of jumps, so much that Mum just couldn't get in that cross she wanted to. But was really happy to see Gracie with so much speed and enthusiasm.

Then Gracie was off to practice the standard course. She had five jumps in a straight line to a tunnel, so Mum led out. She went flying through those jumps and into the tunnel with amazing effort. She did the rest of the course like a pro, never running off. She slowed down a little by the end of her 30 minutes, but I know it was because Mum slowed down. She was exhausted running wild Gracie that much, especially that early in the AM.

Then it was my turn. And I was raring to go! After a little poop job and lightening my load, I went to work. Mum did the jumpers course with me first and since I was speedy she timed a couple of front crosses wrong. But Trainer J helped out on the second run, by cuing Mum a bit, helped tighten me up a lot.

Then I was off to the standard ring. Mum led out again on those five jumps and I bolted off the start (after Mum's cue of course, 'cause I'm a good boy). She wanted to practice some rear crosses but got her timing wrong, AGAIN! Mum!!!! But the second time was nice and smooth with a rear cross on a jump out to the weaves. Very nice! The rest of the course was great and we had a blast.

After that I worked a couple of times on a gamble, into the macaroni tunnel, then a turn out to three jumps behind the tunnel. Mum messed up and turned me out too early on the first one, but the others were great! A little more weave speed practice and Mum was a goner! After 8 full speedy runs in an hour, plus some sequences, she could hardly breath.

Then it was off for a few errands. Mum picked us up a couple of new toys, that we hopefully won't try and eat, some treats for Wiggy, some pet screen from Lowes. Then it was off to the alterations lady to get Gracie's soft crate mended from the rip she put in it recently. Nice folks there to mend her crate for us.

Home for a little nap, then up again and we were ready for some fun with our new toys. Mum got me a small Wubba and Gracie an AirDog. Gracie wanted my Wubby, so Mum got out Gracie's and we had a blast. I got bored with the Wubba pretty fast 'cause it was prime bird herding weather. So I had a go of it.

The days not over and we're still having a blast! Hope you had a good day, too!

Here is a vid of me herding those nasty birds. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Johann-You sound like the MOST pleasant pup! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Sounds like Gracie is getting better! I bet you two wore your Mum out! I hope she got a nap too! LOL! GREAT video on the bird herding! Great job! You really showed those birds ... huh! All the best my friend!


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