Sunday, September 09, 2007

Can you say sheep?

Most of you who know me know I love sheep. Since I've been concentrating on agility, I haven't been able to see sheep much recently, accept the eight or so grazing out at Trainer J's house, that Mum has to pull my attention off of to do agility. And whenever Mum starts talking about herding lessons I end up with one of my November injuries, and am in recovery all winter. (Which isn't going to happen this November, right?)

Mum and I were perusing YouTube the other day. (Do you peruse YouTube, or get sucked in?) Anyway, we found this vid described as "Join the'border collie' herding dogs and cute pups of Kings Green Farm at work and play in this collection of short clips from our DVD movie: Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty!"

So we just had to check it out. Well, I went nuts seeing the sheep of course, and Gracie went nuts seeing all the pups and BC's and sheep. So it was quite an exciting six, or so, minutes at our house. Wolfie and Wiggy, the cats scrambled, 'cause they didn't want to be mistaken for sheep when our redirected herding instincts kicked in. (Smart cats!)

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And put a plea into Mum, K? We want to be on sheep again, very soon!

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  1. Sheep are the best! I saw my first sheep last week, and can't wait to go visit them again.

    Thanks for sharing that video!

    Turbo Taj


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