Thursday, September 06, 2007

Can you say 'swamped'?

This week Mum has been absolutely swamped with work. First she worked for her clients helping them out with marketing stuff, now she's working on my monthly newsletter (which is late, BTW).

And she decided she and I should create a bunch more Squidoo lenses, because Squidoo was having a kind of 'contest' for GiantSquid status. If you make 50 real good lenses before the deadline (which was September 4) you would achieve GiantSquid status and receive all sorts of real cool stuff - like preferred lensmaster status and some advertising. So we went for it and got in 51 lenses by the deadline! Yeah!

We made lenses all weekend and some of this week. Some of the subjects we wrote about are:
  • Animal blessings and dog holidays
  • A great lens on keeping your canine athlete fit, healthy and happy, for the serious competitor
  • Series of lenses on positive pup trainers that we admire and like
  • Also a few lenses on health related subjects, like dogs with disabilities, dog blood donation, cpr, massage, acupuncture, and lots more.
We will be featuring one of these lenses once a week or so, so watch for more, K? And if you just can't wait - here is my Lensography where you can see all my lenses!

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  1. I just took a quick look at your lens on pet blessings, and I plan to go back and check it out more tomorrow. I attend a Lutheran Church, and we have a Blessing of the Pets each year. :)


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