Sunday, September 09, 2007

My ABCNews segment submission!

The nice folks at ABCNews contacted me recently asking if I would submit a vid segment for the upcoming online program "Talk Back". They are working with 20/20 correspondent and dog trainer Tamar Geller on this new program. We submitted our vid today, hope they pick it up!

BTW - Mum really needs a new video camera, yuck! She's been using the vid function of her digital camera and the quality isn't so good. But here you go!

Hope you like it!


  1. Johann-You just look great in the video! Don't worry about the camera quality, they will know a star when they see one! Looking good my friend! How did the yard work go? Take care!

  2. hope that ur mum will get anew videocam to shoot u soon...

    btw, thanks for ur best wishes for my agility trail...however, my trials doesn't go as smooth as expected....i still like to runaway..

    but i manage to set a high jump recrd of 44"


Thanks for barking in!

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