Monday, September 24, 2007

NQ's and pushing progress!

We are back from the three day trial, and boy are we beat! Driving four hours each day kind of took a toll on all three of us - Mum, me and Gracie! But we still had a blast, met some new friends, spent some time with current friends, and got to do my favorite thing - agility!

Today we are taking it easy, and Mum is spending loads of time in the chair with the computer, working to earn more of that money stuff.

After Friday's spectacular showing, we totally went downhill from there. We ran Saturday Standard and JWW, and Sunday Standard and JWW, and not one Q. Some interesting stuff happened - I started pulling out of my weaves at the 10th pole, then I got a little spooked on the dog walk, and I completely ignored a jump on our last JWW run. Mum says, since she has started really pushing me out there, we got a little off our cues, and I was a little surprised at the change in Mum's way of pushing me out there.

One time when I pulled out of the weaves, I just looked up at her like WHAT'S GOING ON HERE???? She gave me a wink, smile and then we bolted off to the next jump. With Mum giggling under her breath all the way.

Mum expected a little adjustment period and knew that what I was doing and how I was acting was all connected to her pushing me harder, and that's OK. I like to be pushed!

The best part was on our last run of the weekend and after pulling out of the 10th pole weave three times in a row, Mum put me back in the poles, and I did them great - then we were off to the finish of our JWW run and I was the happiest, fastest and most driven since my first run of the weekend! So Mum thinks we got over our little adjustment period pretty darn quickly, even in 90 degree heat. And it was totally worth working on this at a trial.

Training tomorrow, then next weekend it's off to Terre Haute for a two day AKC trial. Mum says she's gonna continue to push me, so I guess I better be ready!

Hope all of you had a great weekend!

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