Thursday, September 13, 2007

Saturday is Puppy Mill Awareness Day!

This is Top Secret, an adult terrier who was used as a breeder at a Missouri puppy mill. Due to a lifelong lack of veterinary care, Top Secret suffered from painful and severe dental infections.

All of his teeth rotted and he lost part of his lower jaw. Top was rescued and has been treated, but he can no longer shut his mouth all the way and does not have full use of his jaw.

Top Secret has now been adopted into a loving home.


This Saturday is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. Throughout the World there are thousands and thousands of breeding facilities that produce puppies in incredibly large numbers, with the sole purpose of selling these pups to the public through the Internet and newspaper ads, at auctions, or to brokers and pet shops.

The problems with puppy mills are the extensive over- and in-breeding of these poor pups, the lack of medical care, poor food and shelter, overcrowding and sometimes killing of unwanted animals. There is much suffering occurring in these horrible places, and the suffering often continues outside through inherited genetic diseases, illnesses and afflictions.

So much needs to happen to stop this cruel practice. What can you do right now?
  • Stop buying pups from pet stores, and don't buy a puppy through the Internet or advertised in a newspaper ad, and tell your friends to do the same. Get your next pup from a dog shelter or rescue or a well-screened reputable breeder.
  • Contact your member of the U.S. House of Representatives and your two U.S. Senators, asking them to urge the USDA to strictly enforce the Animal Welfare Act and to support efforts to increase funding for USDA/Animal Care.
  • Encourage state and federal officials to stop the mass production and exportation of sick and traumatized dogs.
  • Share this flyer and spread the word about puppy mills.
  • Read this and share information on how to find a good dog breeder!
  • And download this pdf on finding and recognizing a reputable breeder.
Help end the suffering of these pups. Be aware, be educated and pass the word. For more information, please visit these links:

Get the facts on puppy mills - from the Humane Society of the US
FAQ's about puppy mills
Read more about what you can do to help stop this cruel practice
Visit this site and learn all you can about stopping puppy mills

Below is a video showing the horrors of puppy mills. *Warning* this video contains distressing and upsetting footage of animal abuse and neglect and should be viewed with caution.


  1. Great post Johann...stop the puppy mills now! BTW Squirrel awareness week? Really???!!!

  2. What a eye-opening video! My brother Mitch was rescued from a pet store when he was 4 months old! It wasn't a planned thing - it just happened that way! I love my brother and I'm glad he now lives with us. We ache for all of the other doggies in this situation. What a horrible life!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Thanks for reminding us about Puppy Mill Awareness Day Johann.
    A friend of mine has a Westie that was a breeding dog at a mill here in NZ.
    For the first time in her life she now plays outside, goes for walks, gets bones to chew on and receives love and attention. Unfortunately she can't share her thoughts about her new life because she was debarked at the Mill.

  4. great awareness...

    there r still many ppl who r not concern about this seriousness

  5. Hi Johann ... Great post, thanks for reminding us all about Puppy Mills !!
    It an eye openner!

  6. Oh dear.. I wish the hoomans will treat pets better and give them the appropriate care they need. Thanks for highlighting this Johann

    ~ Girl girl

  7. Hi Johann!

    Thanks so much for blogging about such an incredibly important issue. It's so hard to believe anyone would let animals get to the state they are in that video, but it's so easy just to fall in love with a sweet face at a pet store and not know where it might come from.

    Great post, and good work, thank you!

  8. Hi Johann!

    Just wanted to let you know our Dog Blogger Joy blogged about this (and linked to you), here:




Thanks for barking in!

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