Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The manicure!

I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate getting my nails trimmed. Mum says we have to do it tomorrow, 'cause they are a bit long for me running three days at this weekends agility trial. She tries ever so hard to make it a pleasant experience with the clicker and treats - and I have to admit, I'm getting better about it all the time.

Because I don't like it so much, Mum did some research. What are the best ways to trim a pups nails? What are the different ways? How do you help a pup like nail trimming? And what are the best tools?

She found out a lot of cool stuff, that you may or may not know. And she put all the info into our Squidoo Lens - Trimming your dogs nails!

Be sure and check it out. There's a cool instructional video, all kinds of tools available, resource and information articles about trimming a pups nails, and a terrific vid on helping a dog to like nail trimming - from my very first obedience trainer, Laura! She's awesome and taught me all about the clicker, being a better pup in public and helped me and Mum be a great team.

Check it out - and here's to happy nail trimming!


  1. I hate having my nails trimmed too! I'm going to check out the site you mentioned!
    Thanks, Johann!

    Love ya lots,

  2. I plan to check out the nail trimming info. Abby and Rosie hate it as well Johann- you'r enot alone. And with Abby's black nails, I can never really tell where the nail quick is-very nerve-racking for her and me both.
    Thanks for the tips.

  3. Johann, I'm with you buddy...I just don't like it. The worst part, is my human mom trys her best to do it and because i squirm so much, she's cut my kwik twice!! So now, she leaves it to the professionals! Funny thing, I don't squirm for them...they are super fast and very gentle..and before you know it I'm off the table with a cookie in my mouth! ;o)


  4. I have my celebrity posse do my nails for me, when i get my hair trimmed.
    it saves me giving bimmy a hard stare!

  5. Johann, I'm off right now to look at your squidoo on nail-cutting because just today I've decided that I don't want to trust strangers to groom Penny. I thought that I might pay to have one of those mobile pet grooming companies come to my house so I can be there as they work. But I'd rather do it myself and the only thing I lack the confidence to do is the nail trimming. So thanks!!!


Thanks for barking in!

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