Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Muddy paws!

After just about the driest summer on record, we are getting some rain. And dog, it's a lot of rain! Mum didn't used to have to worry too much about my muddy paws, 'cause they are kind of little. But now with Gracie's big 'ole mitts, we've got lots of muddy paws to clean up.

And Mum's been cleaning us and the floor a lot the last day or so - with much more to come.

Here's a cool idea that may just help - it's a personalized doormat. One that soaks in all the wet and goo. We could even have our names put on it! Maybe Santa will bring me one, if I'm a good boy.

This site also has other neat personalized items like a custom address plaque, and address signs. And they have really cool personalized slates with all kinds of dog breeds. Would make a nice plaque for the front door.

And whata ya know they have cute bird houses. Maybe I can talk Mum into getting one of those to feed my bird herding habit. Hmmmm.....

Well we are off to get dirty, wet, and slimmy - just so Mum can clean us up again in about 10 minutes. It's gonna be a long day!

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